Super Start Battery Review – Who Makes Them and Warranty Explained

If you find a car battery that holds many patents for innovative technology that you can’t find in other batteries, then that’s the one you should use in your car. There’s a battery like that being sold in the market right now. You will know what that battery is in this Super Start battery review – which company makes them and warranty explained.

The Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls) and East Penn Manufacturing make the Super Start batteries. East Penn also makes Deka batteries, another battery brand. Their battery factory is located at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania.

Super Start batteries, specifically Super Start Extreme batteries, have a 12 to 36 months warranty. Johnson Controls and East Penn Manufacturing produce at least 16 different Super Start battery models or grades that people can use for all types of vehicles and machinery.

Read on to learn more about Super Start batteries, which company makes them, their warranty policy, and their different types.

Super Start Battery Review

super start battery

East Penn Manufacturing makes the Super Start batteries at their manufacturing facility located at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania. East Penn also makes Deka, another brand of battery.


Super Start battery warranty ranges from 12 to 36 months. For instance, the Super Start Extreme battery comes with a 12 to 36-month warranty. East Penn produces 16 different batteries, ranging from car batteries to batteries designed for machinery.

Super Start Group 65 Car Batteries

Super Start has Group 65 car batteries which are AGM-type batteries equipped with handles for ease of installation. Plus, these batteries have a Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA) of 750 amps and a 36-month replacement warranty.

Main Seller of Super Start Batteries

O’Reilly Auto Parts is the main seller of Super Start batteries. One of their high-end car batteries is the Super Start Platinum battery. They are specially made for high-performance and luxury vehicles. These batteries also come with the best build construction and the best warranties.

Who Makes Super Start Batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing Manufactures Super Start Batteries

Right now, records show that East Penn Manufacturing manufactures Super Start batteries. They make all their battery models at their factory in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania. But this company was not the original maker of Super Start batteries.

Super Start Batteries’ Original Manufacturer

The original manufacturer of Super Start batteries was Johnson Controls. However, Clarios, LLC acquired Johnson Controls. Apparently, after that, ownership of the company again changed hands until the responsibility of making Super Start batteries fell into the hands of East Penn Manufacturing.

Super Start Batteries Are Only Available at O’Reilly

Now, the confusion in people’s minds came about because O’Reilly, an American auto parts chain of stores in the United States, sells Super Start batteries. So, people thought that O’Reilly made super Start batteries.

And then, there’s another story that says an Australian company makes the Super Start batteries. To know more about their history, you can read more about it here.

This article will focus on the Super Start batteries made and sold in North America and not in Australia.

What Is O’Reilly’s Role in Making Super Start Batteries

Auto Parts Seller with Thousands of Outlets

Initially, Johnson Controls made batteries for O’Reilly, an Auto parts seller with thousands of outlets all over the U.S.

Many people thought that O’Reilly was making Super Start batteries because it seems that this is the only place that sells this battery brand. As such, they assumed that these batteries were made at O’Reilly’s factories.

Made an Arrangement with Johnson Controls

In reality, O’Reilly is not the one manufacturing these batteries. They were only selling it. O’Reilly has an agreement with Johnson Controls to make the batteries they will sell in more than 1,000 outlets in the United States.

Johnson Controls started making batteries for O’Reilly in 2009. But in 2019, Clarios, LLC acquired Johnson Controls. This acquiring company has become a global leader in producing batteries for all kinds of vehicles.

East Penn Manufacturing Also Makes Batteries for O’Reilly

It is estimated that Clarios, LLC produces around one-third of all the low-voltage batteries used in the automotive industry. Aside from Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing also makes other O’Reilly batteries.

Since 1999, East Penn has produced a wide range of high-quality batteries for O’Reilly and some related accessories. These include O’Reilly’s Silver Alloy premium battery series.

Johnson Controls’ Manufacturing Facilities

As to where exactly O’Reilly batteries, including Super Start batteries, are made, we are not sure. Johnson Controls has many factories around the world. They have manufacturing facilities on six continents employing around 2,000 people. 

Almost 105,000 people work with Johnson Controls around the world. Their company’s net worth is around 11 billion dollars as of 2021.

East Penn Manufacturing’s Facilities

On the other side of the coin, East Penn, the other manufacturer of Super Start batteries for O’Reilly, produces these batteries in their factory at Lyons, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

It is a single manufacturing plant with an area of 520-acres complete with world-class facilities, which are the most sophisticated in the battery industry.

Lastly, East Penn produces only the best quality batteries for O’Reilly. Proof of this is the Special Merit 2002 Vendor of the Year award that East Penn got from O’Reilly.

Super Start Battery Warranty Explained

super start battery review

Warranty is important for a battery because it quickly wears out. The majority of vehicle batteries are warrantied for a maximum of four years. Some battery reviews say high-quality batteries are usually warrantied for over six years.

Super Start batteries, on average, are designed to last over four years. This is the estimated life span of the premium models such as the Super Start Platinum and Super Start Extreme batteries.

The standard variants of Super Start battery have the least warranty in terms of years. You can use them for one year without encountering any problems.

Super Start Warranty Coverage

Super Start gives a 1-year warranty for its regular batteries and a three-year warranty for its premium-grade batteries. If you have any issues with a battery and the cause of the malfunction is not your fault, you can return the battery where you bought it, and it will be replaced with a new one.

Length of Warranty Coverage for Super Start Battery Models

Super Start batteries are available in different models. The list of Super Start battery models is extensive. So, the warranty of each battery varies by model.

Here is a list of the warranties for each model of Super Start battery:

Batteries with 12 Months Warranty

  • Fusion AGM – Cyclic
  • Fusion AGM – General Purpose
  • Auto Start
  • SSB PowerSport – Lithium Ultralite
  • SSB Power Sport – V-Spec
  • SSB PowerSport – XR Series
  • SSB PowerSport – Motorcycle
  • SSB DryCell- Motorcycle
  • SSB LawnMower

Super Start Batteries with 24 Months Warranty

  • SSB PowerSport – Pro Series
  • SSB PowerSport – Lithium
  • SSB Marine
  • SSB i-Start EFB
  • SSB Automotive – ES
  • Super Start Conventional
  • SSB Truck & Tractor
  • Deep Cycle – Marine

Super Start Batteries with 36 Months Warranty

  • SSB Automotive
  • SSB 4WD & Truck
  • SSB i-Start AGM
  • SSB European
  • SSB DryCell (Semi-Traction Sizes)
  • SSB DryCell (HVT-50D – HVT-270D)
  • Challenger

Again, who makes Super Start battery? Clarios, LLC (previously Johnson Controls) and East Penn Manufacturing make the Super Start battery. East Penn, with a battery factory located at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, is famous for making Deka batteries.

How to Ensure Your Super Start Battery Will Last Long

The majority of modern batteries require only minimum maintenance, especially AGM batteries. The Platinum models of Super Start batteries are AGM batteries.

They are absorbent glass mat batteries, which are different from conventional batteries in that they don’t use liquid electrolytes. Instead of liquid electrolytes, AGM batteries have sealed, and non-spillable gelled electrolytes.

However, some batteries still do require some amount of care and maintenance. For your Super Battery to last long, you should still perform annual maintenance work. Also, you can ask O’Reilly’s staff to check your car’s battery.

Where Can You Buy Super Start Batteries?

All the models of Super Start Battery are available at any O’Reilly Auto Parts store. You can also order them at their online store.

Note that Super Start Battery is only available at O’Reilly. This means you cannot find this brand on Amazon or any other independent online store.

O’Reilly can provide you with any automotive battery that you need. On their shelves are batteries for cars, trucks, and machinery. They even have marine batteries for use in boats and yachts.

O’Reilly has car batteries with high-quality materials. So, the said batteries can withstand the stresses of your daily drives.

Where Are Super Start Batteries Made?

One of the producers of Super Start batteries for O’Reilly, Clarions (Johnson Controls), previously made these batteries in different parts of the world. They use manufacturing facilities in the following locations:

  • United States,
  • Belgium,
  • Argentina,
  • Australia,
  • Brazil, and
  • Austria.

Today, Clarios manufactures Super Start batteries in its manufacturing plants in Wisconsin, Monterrey, South America, South Korea, Hannover, and Shanghai.

The other maker of Super Start batteries, East Penn Manufacturing, produces their Super Start batteries in their manufacturing plant in Lyons, Berks County, Pennsylvania. This company has been making batteries for other companies since 1946.

Types of Super Start Batteries

super start battery warranty

While the battery models of Super Start are many, you can divide them into four general classifications. O’Reilly calls them sub-brands. These four sub-brands of Super Start batteries are the following:

1. Super Start Platinum

If you are looking for the best Super Start battery, you need to consider the Super Start Platinum battery. This is the high-end model of Super Start batteries that you can buy at O’Reilly. Choose this sub-brand of Super Start battery if you have a high-performance and luxury vehicle.

These batteries have the best build construction of all Super Start batteries. They also have the best warranty that O’Reilly/Super Start Battery can give.

2. Super Start Extreme

Get the Super Start Extreme battery if you need a battery for your off-roader. They are the best for active vehicles since the manufacturer designed them for harsh driving conditions.

They are tougher, very durable, and can provide superior starting power. Naturally, their prices are higher than the rest of the Super Start battery models.

3. Super Start Premium

The Super Start Premium battery’s quality is between the standard and higher grade’s quality. Whether you use it for a new car or an old one, this battery will provide the best value for your money.

4. Super Start Economy

If you are looking for a Super Start battery that you can easily afford, Super Start Economy is for you. This battery is for those working on a budget but needs a battery for their older vehicle.

Pricewise, this battery is around 30% cheaper than most average-priced batteries available in the market.

Super Start Battery Problems

Even though many buyers of Super Start batteries testify that they are excellent, some car owners still experience issues with their Super Start batteries. What are they complaining about in their reviews?

One buyer said that the Super Battery they got was junk. It seems a Chevy dealership installed a Super Start battery in their Chevy Impala SS.

This customer says that it is trouble from day one. It fell into the habit of going dead several times. Plus, the dealership hesitated in replacing it.

Another customer said O’Reilly Auto Parts does not consider a leaking battery eligible for a warranty. They said they had the impression that the battery is supposed to have seven years of life in it.

This buyer also said that the store does not want to replace the battery because it is still rechargeable. Long story short, this customer vowed to never again shop at O’Reilly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Super Start Batteries?

Super State batteries are made by Clarios, LLC (Johnson Controls) and East Penn Manufacturing. They are made according to the orders of O’Reilly, one of the largest auto parts chain stores in the United States. These batteries are available in-store at O’Reilly or on their official website.

What Is the Warranty of Super Start Batteries?

The warranty of Super Start batteries depends on the model or grade of the battery. Generally, there are three types of warranties provided by Super Start to their different grades of batteries.

There are battery grades that are provided with just a 12-month warranty. They are the most affordable of all the Super Start batteries. Next are the batteries with a 24-month warranty. These batteries are pricier than the first one.

And there are the Super Start batteries that are provided with a 36-month warranty. These batteries have the best build quality of the lot and can last long. That is why they are the most expensive batteries in the Super Start model lineup.

Is Super Start Battery a Good Brand?

On average, Super Start batteries are good quality batteries that can deliver good performance. But then good quality is also subjective.

You can get the best Super Start battery which is the Platinum model. It is the high-end model of this battery brand. Of course, their prices are the most expensive in their model lineup. But they are provided with an extended warranty of three years.

There are other less expensive Super Start batteries. They are provided with warranties ranging from one to three years. So, you may say that the Platinum model has better quality. But that doesn’t mean that they are bad batteries.

Where Can I Buy Super Start Batteries?

You can buy Super Start batteries at any outlet of O’Reilly. They are what you can call the exclusive seller of these batteries since they are the ones that order their products from either Clarios (Johnson Controls) or East Penn Manufacturing.

These two manufacturers are producers of OEM batteries for vehicles. They also produce batteries for other companies. The companies that order batteries from them stick their brands to the batteries that they make.

Conclusion: Super Start Battery Review

The makers of Super Start batteries are Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls) and East Penn Manufacturing. East Penn also makes another battery brand, the “Deka” battery. East Penn’s battery factory is located at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania.

Every battery in the model lineup of Super Start comes with a 12 to 36 months warranty, including the Super Start Extreme battery.

The company produces 16 different kinds of Super Start batteries. They make batteries for all kinds of vehicles and batteries for machinery.

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