SuperTech Oil Filter Review [Who Makes Them? Are They Good?]

A good oil filter will ensure only clean oil enters the engine. One of the most popular oil filters is the SuperTech Oil Filter. This article will review the SuperTech Oil Filter, including how it compares to other brands.

Many car owners have testified that the filtering capacity of the SuperTech oil filter enabled their engines to run efficiently. This oil filter was tested by Popular Mechanics and was found to be a reliable filter that can keep dirt and other impurities from the engine oil, provided that you have an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Who makes SuperTech oil filters? SuperTech oil filters are made in the USA by Champion Labs. They are manufactured in six different states through the collaboration of Wix and Walmart. Their prices range from $2.97 to $4.27 per filter and have a service life of around 30,000 miles.

Read on to learn more about SuperTech oil filters, if they are good or not, their different types, and other essential information you should know about them. 

Are SuperTech Oil Filters Good?

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The reviews for SuperTech oil filters are good. These filters can be relied upon when it comes to ensuring that only clean oil enters the engine. Popular Mechanics has also tested its filtering capacity.

Prevent Dirt and Impurities from Spoiling Engine Oil

This oil filter was good at preventing dirt and impurities from spoiling the engine oil, provided that you change the oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. These filters are made in the USA through a collaboration of Wix and Walmart. 

Currently, Walmart has enlisted the help of Champion in manufacturing these oil filters. There are several kinds of SuperTech oil filters. Their average price is around $2.97 to $4.27 each. They have an average life of about 30,000 miles. 

Basically, a SuperTech oil filter is used to screen the dirt and impurities from the engine oil to prevent these contaminants from entering the engine’s insides. This ensures that the engine will always operate efficiently. The presence of impurities inside the engine will compromise its performance and damage its parts.

Met the Strictest Quality Requirements

If you perform a SuperTech oil filter lookup, you will find that these oil filters are manufactured alongside some of the world’s best OEM (original equipment manufacturer) oil filters. In this way, SuperTech filters can meet the strictest quality requirements. 

This also ensures that these filters will provide maximum protection required by the current models of car engines. They don’t meet the requirements but exceed them as well. The car warranties given by car makers remain in effect when these filters are used.

Equipped with High-Performance Media

These filters are equipped with high-performance filtering media to provide increased dirt-holding capacity and 99% filtering efficiency. Plus, they are engineered with different kinds of synthetic and natural fibers.

This material composition enables them to perform optimally and minimize flow restrictions. In addition, the structural strength of these filters allows them to withstand harsh conditions brought about by a 10,000-mile service interval. 

Each SuperTech oil filter is equipped with an extreme center tube that provides superior filter integrity and strength. This tube also ensures the proper flow of engine oil as it enters the engine.

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Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters?

SuperTech oil filters are made in the USA by Champion Labs. They are manufactured in six different states through the collaboration of Wix and Walmart.

Three separate companies have banded together to make SuperTech oil filters. First, there is Wix, the original manufacturer of this type of oil filter. Then there is Walmart which helped Wix make these filters because it was triggered by the entry of Bosch in the automotive maintenance industry. And then there’s Champion, which Walmart has now enlisted to do the actual production of these filters. 

Some think that Walmart makes these oil filters. However, Walmart is just using its marketing superstructure and reach to get the SuperTech brand to the top of the market. 

What happened is that Wix was able to get the support and economic strength of Walmart and Walmart to get the oil filter specialization and technology from Wix.

When Walmart stopped distributing Purolator, they started promoting SuperTech oil filters. This setup enabled Walmart to sell top-tier brands of oil filters at affordable prices. Their objective is to be the top oil filter brand in the market. 

But Walmart didn’t stop there. To improve their market reach further, they used all the things they learned from Wix and partnered with Champion Laboratories. At that time, no oil filter can provide all the benefits that are now standard with all SuperTech oil filters. So with its partnership with Champion, Walmart has enabled car owners to get their hands on such filters quite easily. 

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St10575 Oil Filter

There are different kinds of oil filters because there are different kinds of car engines. For instance, a specific car engine model requires a certain type and size of filter.

So, SuperTech oil filters are available in different types and sizes. The most popular SuperTech oil filters are the following:

1. St10575 Oil Filter

This is a SuperTech oil filter equipped with a new ECore style made by Champion Laboratories. This new style is designed so that these filters will be more sustainable in terms of their production cycles. 

These filters are perfect for those who want to protect and preserve the cleanness of their environment. But, unfortunately, they are not for car owners who are after a performance in their vehicles.

2. St6607 Oil Filter

This SuperTech oil filter is smaller in size but not in quality. It is designed for smaller engines. The same steel stamped cover plates are used to protect the main filter inside the canister. This filter uses a filtering media that is made of stiff synthetic material. 

The filtering material can filter out impurities with sizes of up to 27 microns. Its filtering efficiency is 95%. Unfortunately, the small size of this filter only enables it to last less than the 10,000 miles minimum usage of its bigger siblings. However, if your car’s engine bay is severely cramped, this filter is the best.

3. St9688 Oil Filter

This is one of the most popular oil filters of SuperTech because of its size, which is generally compatible with most vehicles. So if your car’s engine bay is not cramped, you can use this oil filter. 

The drum of this oil filter is three inches in diameter. That translates into additional filtering mileage that can last up to 10,000 miles. It is also able to filter out 95% of contaminants in the oil. Plus, the features of this filter have improved with the use of high-quality filtering media.

Its cover plate is very different from the plates used ten years ago. Then, other brands use cheaper plates made of paper. Instead, the cover plate of every St9688 SuperTech oil filter is made of durable steel. 

SuperTech Oil Filter vs. Other Oil Filter Brands

When compared to some brands of oil filters, SuperTech oil filters are better. However, about a decade ago, SuperTech oil filters are not much different from the other brands. In the past, the filter media of the different brands are very similar to each other because they used the same materials and components:

SuperTech vs. Fram and Other Brands

With Walmart’s participation in their production, SuperTech oil filters are much better. For example, they have better and sturdier cover plates. Plus, their filtering media are made of higher-quality synthetic and organic fibers. 

SuperTech’s nearest rival, Fram, is using a metal mold spring instead of a coiled wire spring. Fram also uses paper cover plates instead of canisters made of steel. They use low-quality rubber for their sealing rings and anti-drain valves too.

The other brands also use similar components and materials being used by Fram. While other oil filter brands like the Purolator (which was acquired by Bosch) are stepping up their features, the new SuperTech oil filters already have these improved features as their standard. 

SuperTech Oil Filters vs. OEM

Comparing SuperTech oil filters with the OEM filters depends on the type and model of the vehicle. High-performance cars require more advanced filtering systems than what the oil filters of SuperTech can provide.

While Walmart and Champion Laboratories have tried their best to upgrade their oil filters to satisfy conventional consumer-grade standards, SuperTech oil filters are still not designed for performance supercars. But the same can be said for the other brands of standard oil filters.

To put everything in perspective, the oil filter made by Mercedes or Audi is generally of higher quality than the oil filters made by Kia. The higher quality oil filters have obviously higher prices compared to cheaper quality oil filters. 

However, it is not wise to give low regard to oil filters just because of the brand’s name. Some of the “reputable” brands are also guilty of cutting corners by producing inferior quality OEM components. So, you are not really sure just going by brand name alone.

The point is you cannot really make an accurate comparison between every OEM oil filter and SuperTech oil filters. Instead, you need to assess the quality of the OEM filter to determine whether you should upgrade to an OEM oil filter or save money with a SuperTech oil filter.

With that said, for the majority of car types and models, you can assume that most of the aftermarket oil filters will do a better job than OEM oil filters. On average, OEM filters are only able to filter out 72% of contaminants.

In addition, OEM filters allow larger amounts of impurities to enter the engine because their filters have larger micron sizes. In other words, their filtering efficiency is less than those of aftermarket oil filters.

Why Do You Need to Change the Oil Filter?

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If you don’t change your car’s oil filter regularly, the engine’s performance will suffer. Over time, clogging happens due to contaminants on small micron pores of the filtering media.

A partially clogged oil filter will result in a loss of engine efficiency. Plus, with contaminants entering the engine, its wear and tear will accelerate, and lifespan reduction happens.

The rate by which the engine will pick up contaminants will depend on the make and model of your car, the efficiency of your filter, as well as your driving habits, and your typical driving conditions. Even if you have a very efficient filter, in time, it will be clogged with impurities.

Signs of a Clogged SuperTech Oil Filter

You should replace your SuperTech oil filter before dirt clogs it. To help you, here are the signs telling you that changing your oil filter is a must:

1. Black and Dirty Smoke Coming from the Car Exhaust

If the exhaust gas is already black and dirty, likely, there is already a buildup of sludge in the lubricating system. You will smell the burning oil as it goes out through the exhaust pipe.

2. Loss of Performance

When your car is no longer running as fast as it did before, one cause is a clogged oil filter. As a result, there is not enough lubricating oil circulating in the engine to help its performance.

3. Oil Pressure Gauge Drops

If the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard drops down excessively, be concerned. Normally, the gauge will only drop slightly if there’s no problem with the engine oil filter.

4. The Engine Sputters

The engine will only sputter if the oil circulating inside it is not sufficient. It means there is a blockage happening somewhere, perhaps in the oil filter itself. 

5. Metallic Sounds from the Engine

The sound can be a pinging or knocking sound. If you hear this sound, it means a lack of engine oil. A clogged oil filter could cause the lack. Another possible cause is metal shavings in the oil.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is high time that you replace the oil filter with a new one. Preferably, a SuperTech oil filter that is suitable for your car.

Conclusion: Is SuperTech Oil Filter Good?

Many car owners have said that SuperTech oil filters have filtering abilities that enabled their engines to run efficiently. Popular Mechanics has tested this oil filter. They found it to be a dependable filter that prevents dirt and impurities from contaminating the engine oil, provided that you change the oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Again, here are the signs that tell you it’s time to change your oil filter:

  1. Black and Dirty Smoke Coming from the Car Exhaust
  2. Loss of Performance
  3. The Engine Sputters
  4. Metallic Sounds from the Engine

And here are some of the most popular SuperTech oil filters in the market:

  1. St10575 Oil Filter
  2. St6607 Oil Filter
  3. St9688 Oil Filter