Supertech Oil Review – Who Makes It and Is It Good?

Are you undecided about which motor oil brand you will use for your car? If you are looking for the cheapest brand, there’s Supertech. But is it good? In this Supertech oil review, you will know who makes it and is it good?

Warren Oil Company International makes Supertech motor oil. You can buy it at Walmart. It seems that this store is exclusively selling this brand of motor oil. Supertech oil is also manufactured by two other companies, Pennzoil and ExxonMobil.

The formulation of this oil satisfies all the requirements of oil regulatory bodies in the United States. It is considered one of the best motor oils in the country. The quality of this motor oil is guaranteed by its seller and manufacturers. Its 100% synthetic formulation can protect engines in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Read on to learn more about Supertech oil, who manufactures it, and if it is good for your car.

Supertech Oil Review – Who Makes It?

Supertech Oil

Produced by Several Manufacturers

Supertech oil is not the creation of only one motor oil manufacturer. Most research will tell you that Warren Oil Company International manufactures it.

But when you research it further, you will find that Supertech oil is also produced by two other motor oil manufacturers, Pennzoil and Exxon Mobil.

Warren Oil is one of the biggest independent lubricant manufacturers in North America. Car mechanics mostly recommend the motor oil they produce because it is high quality. The other two manufacturers are also well-known and well-respected in the oil industry.

One of the Motor Oil Brands with the Highest Quality

What makes Supertech oil attractive to car owners and mechanics is that it is also very affordable. Many car mechanics and car owners consider Supertech oil as one of the motor oil brands with the highest quality.

Satisfies All the Requirements of Oil Regulatory Bodies in the U.S.

The formulation of this motor oil satisfies all the requirements of oil regulatory bodies in the United States.

100% Synthetic Formulation

This is a good motor oil to use in your car because its synthetic oil has a 100% synthetic formulation that can protect your engine from extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Exclusively Sold at Walmart Stores

It seems that Supertech oil is exclusively sold at Walmart stores. However, other people say that you can also get it at Amazon.

It is somewhat tricky to buy Supertech oil. This is because you don’t know which of the three manufacturers, Warren, Pennzoil, and ExxonMobil, have made the can of Supertech oil that you are buying.

If you know which of them supplies Walmart Supertech oil in your state, then you have solved the mystery.

Is Supertech Oil Good?

As I’ve mentioned, many car mechanics and car owners consider Supertech oil as one of the best lubricants you can buy in the United States.

Here are some of the reasons why Supertech can be regarded as a good motor oil:

1. Satisfies All Regulatory Requirements

The formulation of this motor oil has satisfied all the oil regulating authorities.

That means the quality of this oil is guaranteed. The synthetic oil of Supertech is made with 100% synthetic formula that can protect your engine even in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

2. More Affordable

You can buy Supertech Motor Oil at Walmart. Supertech full synthetic SAW 5W-30 motor oil price is around $20. That price is lower if you compare it with other motor oils with similar features and capacity at other stores.

3. Good Lifespan

You might be wondering about the lifespan of Supertech oil. Its manufacturer says that Supertech synthetic oil can last about five months. This is equivalent to about 7,000 miles of driving. You have to change this oil this often so your engine can keep on running smoothly.

4. High Quality

Supertech oil is perhaps one of the cheapest motor oils you can buy. This causes people to assume that it is not good quality motor oil. But if you consider that it has met all the requirements of the government, it means it has the highest quality.

5. Licensed Dexos 1 Brand

This lubricating oil is also a licensed Dexos 1 brand. You will not void your vehicle’s warranty if you use this motor oil. Nevertheless, you should still check the operator’s manual of your car to see if Supertech oil satisfies its motor oil requirements.

6. Environmental-friendly Formulation

For high mileage cars, Supertech oil is very beneficial. It contains lubricating properties that can prolong the life of an older engine and make it run as smoothly as possible. In addition, Supertech oil will not hurt the environment because its formulation is environment-friendly.

7. Earned Many Positive User Reviews

Available in Almost All SAE Grade

Supertech Motor Oil is available in almost all SAE grades. It comes in different variants that cover nearly all ranges and types of engines. Supertech also shows hundreds of positive customer reviews about it.

Few Negative Reviews

Users of Supertech oil say that they have their engines running for thousands of miles using Supertech oil. Of course, there are a few negative comments. But most of them are caused by poor shipping, such as leaky Supertech oil bottles.

One Supertech synthetic oil review tells about a user who said that they have their car engines running for 200,000 miles with this motor oil.

Compared to the most expensive motor oils in the market, Supertech oil is in the middle range. The difference between expensive and affordable oil brands is not that great in this range.

8. Earned Two Respectable Certifications

When determining the quality of motor oil, there are two certifications that you need to consider. One is the ‘API Starbust’, and the other is the ‘API Donut.’

API Starbust

The API Starbust is a star stamp with “American Petroleum Institute certified” indicated around the star and the words “For Gasoline Engines” indicated in the middle.

This is a certification given to motor oil that satisfies the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) standards. This proves that motor oil can be safely used on engines and positively affects emissions and fuel economy.

API Donut

The API Donut is also a star stamp with “Resource Conserving” indicated around the stamp’s bottom half. Additionally, the words “API Service” is also indicated around the top.

The oil grade (i.e., SAE 5W-30) is also written in the middle of the stamp. API is the acronym for American Petroleum Institute. Any motor oil with its stamp has met all its stringent quality standards.

Supertech Motor Oil has satisfied both the ILSAC and the API specifications. That means the quality of this lubricating oil is excellent.

Again, is Supertech a good oil brand? Warren Oil Company International, a company established by William K. Warren, is one of the manufacturers of Supertech Oil. At present, Supertech is one of the most respected oil brands available.

Why Is Supertech Oil Cheaper Than Other Motor Oils?

supertech oil good or bad

Walmart and Amazon Order Them in Bulk from the Manufacturers

One of the biggest reasons Supertech oil is very affordable is that their marketers, such as Walmart, and Amazon, are ordering them in bulk from the manufacturers. So, that gives the sellers the ability to offer them at lower prices than ordinary brick and mortar stores.

Walmart Has Storage Facilities

Walmart has no problems ordering big volumes of this motor oil from Warren, Pennzoil, or Exxon Mobil because it has a lot of storage facilities where they can store the many barrels of oil. This retail chain also has many retail outlets across the county where they can sell them.

No Advertising Expenses

Walmart does not have to spend too much on advertising to sell Supertech. They attract customers due to their very affordable prices. So, Walmart can sell the motor oil at a lower profit but still make a handsome profit.

Walmart Repackages Supertech Motor Oil with Dull Labels

Additionally, Walmart repackages this motor oil with dull labels and near-boring names to hide the identity of their manufacturers.

This is a good business sense because if you knew that the Supertech oil is the same as the Mobil 1 motor oil, which is more expensive, you would not buy Mobil 1 again.

But if you will find a way of figuring out where the motor oil you are buying at Walmart is coming from, you will be able to save a lot of money on your oil changes. That would be a lot considering that you can’t avoid changing your engine’s motor oil while using it.

Pros and Cons of Supertech Oil

One of the ways to determine if Supertech motor oil will be good for your engine or not is by considering its pros and cons:


1. Cheaper

when compared to other motor oils of the same grade, features, and capabilities, Supertech is a lot cheaper.

2. Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Supertech oil can provide lubricating properties even in extremely cold and hot conditions. It will not react the same way as conventional petroleum-based motor oil.

This oil will not thicken when the temperature gets too low. It will never break down when the temperature gets too hot. Additionally, Supertech oil will not evaporate as fast as conventional oil.

3. Reduces Friction

as a lubricant, Supertech can reduce friction in the engine’s components. By doing this, it maintains the engine’s health and prolongs its service life.

4. Reduces Acid Build-up Inside the Engine

Supertech prevents the formation of harmful deposits inside the engine so it can last longer.

5. Consistent Viscosity

this property enhances the fuel economy of the engine.

6. Reduces Wear and Tear of Engine Parts

This translates to lesser maintenance costs.


1. Not Recommended for Brand New Vehicles

brand new vehicles need breaking in to function optimally eventually. Only petroleum-based motor oils can provide the lubrication that brand-new vehicles need.

2. Need for Proper Disposal

Synthetic oil will hurt the environment if not disposed of properly.

3. Supertech Is More Expensive Than Conventional Oils

It is a synthesized lubricant, meaning it was manufactured using a synthetic formulation. That is why it is more costly.

4. Not Suitable for High-performance Cars

5. It Has Shorter Oil Change Intervals

Supertech Oil Vs. Mobil 1

One of Supertech’s Rivals Is Mobil 1

In the motor oil market, one of Supertech’s rivals is Mobil 1. Mobil 1 is highly regarded by many automotive experts because of its high quality and longevity. Nascar has named Mobil 1 as its official motor oil.

These are why Mobil 1 is much more expensive than Supertech oil. But are they different in quality and capabilities?

Share Several Characteristics

It’s hard to tell if Mobil 1 and Supertech are identical, but both motor oils share several characteristics. One of their similarities is that they are both licensed by Dexos 1. Both motor oils are classified as synthetic oil.

Both Fully Satisfied the Regulations and Safety Standards of the Government

Supertech and Mobil 1 have both fully satisfied the regulations and safety standards of the government. Many people consider these two motor oils ideal for gasoline engines. One major difference that separates these two – is their prices.

Supertech Is Cheaper Than Mobil 1

Supertech is much cheaper than Mobil 1. The cost of Mobil 1 is almost double that of a can of Supertech. For this reason, many people assume that Supertech is inferior to Mobil 1 in terms of quality. Is this true?

This is a wrong assumption. Just because a particular brand is more popular than the other, it doesn’t mean that it is already of higher quality. That is only because of the impression made by the more popular brand on the minds of consumers.

All Motor Oils Are Interchangeable

An analysis recently performed by Blackstone Laboratories reveals that you can interchange all motor oils. As long as you choose the right oil that satisfies your vehicle’s technical requirements and oil grade, your engine will be okay.

More Expensive Motor Oils Can Hold Up Longer

In other words, it doesn’t matter which brand of motor oil you use. Nevertheless, more expensive motor oils can hold up longer and may be more effective in preventing sludge formation inside the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

supertech oil review

We are now down to the last section of this article which is the faqs of Supertech motor oil. The answers to the often asked questions about this oil will help you determine if you can use it in your engine:

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

The most commonly known manufacturer of Supertech Motor Oil is Warren Oil Company International. Since the twentieth century, this company has been producing motor oils for different oil brands.

However, two other companies also manufacture Supertech oil. They are Pennzoil and Exxon Mobil. So, if you are trying to find the real maker of a can of Supertech oil that you are buying from a store like Walmart, it will be tough to tell.

Is Supertech Oil Any Good?

Supertech motor oil is full synthetic oil. Whether Warren makes it, Exxon Mobil, or Pennzoil, if the bottle tells you that it is of this oil grade and has these properties, you can bet that the motor oil will provide the protection and performance that it promises.

This motor oil has satisfied all the stringent requirements of the motor oil regulating bodies. Also, it has earned two certifications from the government’s oil regulating bodies, namely the ‘API Starbust’ and the ‘API Donut’ certifications.

Any motor oil with these two stamps has met stringent quality standards. This means that you can depend on Supertech oil to deliver what it promises.

How Long Does Supertech Oil Last?

You can expect Supertech oil to last from five to seven months. This translates to around 7,000 miles of smooth driving, depending on your driving habits and conditions.

Why Should I Use Supertech Oil?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to use Supertech motor oil:

  • It is cheaper than the more popular brands in the market, with all things considered like the oil grade and the oil specs.
  • It offers the same benefits as higher-priced oil brands, including friction reduction, resistance to extreme temperatures, engine performance enhancement, and overall protection against the formation of engine sludge.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Supertech Oil?

While Supertech has many advantages, being full synthetic oil creates a problem at its disposal. You can’t dispose of it like any other engine oil. You need a special disposal system because it can pollute the environment. However, this is also the problem with all full synthetic oils, no matter what brand.

Another downside to Supertech oil is that its change interval is shorter than other full synthetic oil. Supertech is also not recommended for brand new cars.

In Closing: Who Makes Supertech Oil, and Is It Good?

Warren Oil Company International manufactures Supertech motor oil. It seems that this motor oil is exclusively sold at Walmart. If you do a little more research, two other motor oil manufacturers produce Supertech. They are Pennzoil and ExxonMobil.

Supertech’s formulation meets all the motor oil requirements of the motor oil regulatory bodies in the United States.

That is why it is considered one of the motor oils with the highest quality. Supertech’s synthetic oil has a 100% synthetic formulation that can protect engines even in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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