Valucraft Battery Review, Specs, Price – Is It Good?

Like the most expensive batteries, a low-priced battery that can provide good performance is worth your consideration. This is the reason why many car owners use Valucraft. If you want to know more about this battery, you will want to read this Valucraft battery review, which includes the specs and price.

Valucraft batteries may not provide the performance of top-tier batteries, but they are certainly not the worst. These batteries have some excellent features that are found in pricy batteries. For instance, their reserve minutes are around 110 minutes. So, they can sustain loads for about 110 minutes until they are fully charged.

While Valucraft batteries are not the most popular battery brand, they are not the worst either. These batteries are made by Johnson Controls, a battery manufacturer that also makes several battery brands sold in the market. As many car owners have found, Valucraft batteries work just fine.

Read on to learn more about Valucraft batteries, their specs, features, and if they are worth your consideration.

Valucraft Battery Review

valucraft battery

Middle-range Battery Brand

Valucraft is a middle-range battery brand. It does not belong to the top-tier battery brands, but it is not among the worst. Valucraft batteries have some good features, such as their 110 reserve minutes. This means they can sustain loads for around 110 minutes until they get fully charged.

Johnson Controls Makes Valucraft Batteries

Johnson Controls makes Valucraft batteries. This battery manufacturer also produces batteries for other battery brands. These battery brands are:

  • EverStart,
  • Champion,
  • Motorcraft,
  • Bosch,
  • Kirkland,
  • Optima,
  • Interstate, and
  • AC Delco.

Has High Cranking Power

Valucraft batteries are not the best in performance, but they still work fine. For instance, Valucraft batteries come with high cranking power.

They can start any engine, even in cold conditions. These batteries can deliver what they promise with high cold cranking amps and high reserve capacity.

What Are Valucraft Batteries?

Among the Cheapest Battery Brands

Valucraft batteries are ranked among the cheapest battery brands. But that does not mean that they are poor performers. These batteries are made by one of the best battery manufacturers in the world – Johnson Controls. So, you can also depend on them.

Offer Value at Very Affordable Prices

What makes them attractive to a particular market segment is their price. They offer value at very affordable prices. Valucraft batteries also offer decent starting power, with average regular use.

Require Minimum Care and Maintenance

Valucraft batteries can be used for a long time with just a minimum of care and maintenance. These batteries use a technology that they call LifeGrid.

Consistent Due to Proprietary Grid Tech

It is the brand’s proprietary grid tech that can guarantee its consistency. This patented technology also enhances durability throughout the battery’s entire service life.

Ergonomic Design with a Flat Handle

These batteries also have an ergonomic design with a flat handle that lets you hold and transport them easily. They will give you no difficulty mounting and dismounting the batteries, making them portable.

Use Dense Cells to Enhance Driving Experience

These batteries are also worth their prices because of their inside components. Valucraft batteries use very dense cells designed to enhance your driving experience.

Come with 1-year Free Replacement Warranty

Valucraft batteries come with 1-year free replacement warranties as far as warranty is concerned. Depending on your care and use, you can expect your Valucraft battery to last from 3 to 5 years. You can extend the life of your battery by using it properly, taking care of it regularly, and not abusing it.

Can Still Provide Adequate Performance for Average Use

Valucraft batteries are targeted toward car owners who are not so much concerned with power generation. That is why this battery is built with components that are not expensive but can still provide adequate performance for average use.

Specs and Features of Valucraft Batteries

When you look at the features and specs of a Valucraft battery, you will see that it is not that different from other more expensive batteries.

Here are some of the key features and specs of these batteries:

1. Ample Reserve Capacity

All Valucraft batteries have reserve capacities or additional minutes that can mean a lot when you are out there driving. This means that you don’t have to worry that your battery will run out of charge while driving, even if its charge is consumed.

Valucraft tests the reserve capacity of their batteries before they are fully charged. The reserve minutes of every Valucraft battery is 110 minutes.

This means that you can still use the battery for 110 minutes before recharging. In the majority of the cases, the sustained load is around 25 amperes, or even more.

2. High CCA

Valucraft batteries are designed to have higher CCA or cold-cranking amperage. CCA refers to the battery’s capacity to start at low temperatures. Most 12 volt batteries can develop an amount of energy in 30 seconds at 0°C.

A battery with higher CCA gives it a greater ability to provide the engine’s required starting power. The CCA’s usual rating of Valucraft batteries is 690 amperes. That means these batteries can provide adequate power needed by your car during the starting process.

3. LifeGrid Technology

Valucraft batteries use LifeGrid, the brand’s patented grid tech that guarantees the batteries’ consistency. So, you can use your Valucraft battery for a long time. This also means that these batteries are also durable. Valucraft may not be the best battery, but in its price category, it is the best.

4. Low Cost

If you are limited by your budget and need a good-performing battery, a Valucraft battery could be what you’re looking for. These batteries are inexpensive, yet they are good in terms of quality. They will be able to give you the starting power your car needs at very low costs.

5. Lead-Acid Battery

Valucraft batteries belong to the lead-acid type batteries. These batteries have a lot of applications and have capabilities that are very beneficial to many types of vehicles.

6. Efficient and Durable

Valucraft batteries offer a perfect combination of performance and power. These batteries are resistant to corrosion in whatever environment or weather condition they are used. In this respect, these batteries are also durable.

7. Decent Service Life

These batteries also have a long service life. You can use it in multiple applications without worrying about replacing them anytime soon. At very affordable costs, this translates to more savings on your part.

8. Additional Features

Valucraft batteries offer quick ignition, reducing vibration caused by engine vibration at the initial ignition. This enhances the durability of the engine and the ride comfort of your vehicle.

Valucraft batteries come with vent caps which make them safer to use.

Again, is Valucraft a good battery brand? Valucraft batteries are lightweight and have excellent performance and lifespan. However, they lack Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). But you can rely on Valucraft 34DT-VL since it has a 690 CCA, plus it is powerful, durable, and needs little to no maintenance.

Best Valucraft Battery Models and Their Prices

valucraft battery review
65-VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Valucraft Battery

There are several sizes or models of Valucraft batteries. Each is made for a particular type of engine. As such, these batteries also have different CCAs.

Here are some of the best Valucraft batteries available in the market today:

1. 65-VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Valucraft Battery

Designed to Provide 650 CCA

This Valucraft battery is designed to provide 650 CCA, making it very applicable to the cold regions of the country. It can provide all the required 110 minutes of reserve capacity that your car needs to start its engine on the first try.

Comes with a Flat Handle

This battery also comes with a flat handle that can be folded. So, you can easily transport it if you need to. It can provide starting power for any vehicle, even a big RV. You are also covered in case anything happens to this battery because it comes with a 1-year warranty.


The 65-VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Valucraft Battery is available at a discounted Valucraft battery price of just $84.99. Its regular price plus core is $106.99.

2. 35-VL Group Size 35 520 CCA Valucraft Battery

Belongs to Valucraft’s Group 35 Batteries

This Valucraft battery belongs to Group 35 batteries of Valucraft. Its available power is also good enough to start your vehicle with just the minimum accessories. This is what you need for your car that you often use, but you don’t want to spend more than what you want on a starter battery.

Has a 520 Amps

This 35-VL Valucraft battery has a CCA of 520 amps. That available cranking power can jump-start your vehicle even on a freezing winter morning. This battery will also provide the best output in its entire life.

Comes with Valucraft’s Proprietary LifeGrid Tech

It comes with Valucraft’s proprietary LifeGrid tech ensuring the best output each time you start your car. The 110 minute RC of the battery also provides the easy start of your car, even on winter mornings. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


The discounted price of one 35-VL Valucraft battery is $99. Its regular price plus core is $121.99

3. 34DT-VL Group Size 34 690 CCA Valucraft Battery

One of the Most Powerful Valucraft’s Batteries

The 34DT-VL Valucraft battery is one of the most powerful batteries of this brand. It has a very high CCA of 690 amps. This battery also has an RC of 110 minutes. It’s a wonder why this battery’s price is lower than comparable batteries.

Comes with the Brand’s Proprietary LifeGrid Technology

The 34DT-VL Valucraft battery also comes with the brand’s proprietary LifeGrid technology, a 1-year warranty, and a universal flat handle, making it portable and easy to hold. You can expect this battery to last from 3 to 5 years.


One unit of 34DT-VL Valucraft battery costs $99.99. This is the battery’s regular price.

4. 78-VL Group size 78 630 CCA Valucraft Battery

Can Provide Enough Power to Start Any Passenger Vehicle

This is the Valucraft battery that you will surely get your money’s worth. The 78-VL Valucraft battery also comes with the brand’s LifeGrid tech. It can provide enough power to start any passenger vehicle, even as big as an RV.

Adequate for Starting Cold Engines Amid Cold Winter

The CCA rating of this battery is 630 amps which is also very adequate for starting cold engines amid cold winter. It is also equipped with a foldable handle that is easy to hold, making it very portable.

Provided with a 1-year Warranty

The RC of this battery is also 110 minutes. That is quite remarkable for a battery that only weighs around 35.31 pounds. You are also provided with a 1-year warranty if you buy this battery.


As for its price, you can get the 78-VL Group size 78 630 CCA Valucraft Battery at just $99.99. Its regular size plus core is $121.99.

Valucraft Batteries’ Service Life

Factors to Estimate a Car Battery’s Life

In general, the lifespan of a car battery is difficult to determine. You have to consider many factors to estimate its service life. You have to consider the following:

  • Type of vehicle used,
  • Weather condition,
  • Quality of care and maintenance, and
  • Other related things.

Can Last from Three to Five Years

So, the service life of a Valucraft battery will largely depend on you, the car owner. A typical car battery used in normal driving conditions can last up to three years.

If you have a new Valucraft battery and you will do everything that can prolong its life, such as regular care and maintenance, proper use, and all that stuff, you can expect it to last from 3 to 5 years.

Who Is the Maker of Valucraft Batteries?

valucraft battery warranty

You may assume that AutoZone is the manufacturer of Valucraft batteries since Valucraft is its private label brand. However, Autozone is just selling these batteries and other battery brands. The actual manufacturer of Valucraft batteries is not AutoZone.

The main manufacturer of AutoZone Valucraft batteries is Johnson Controls. Some of the battery models of Valucraft are also manufactured by Exide and some other battery manufacturers. AutoZone is selling the Valucraft brand of batteries, so you are confused that it is also its manufacturer.

Where Do They Make Valucraft Batteries?

Valucraft batteries are made around the world. Johnson Controls, its main manufacturer, has several manufacturing plants worldwide using millions of employees to make batteries of different brands. This company operates many manufacturing facilities on six continents.

Battery Plants

It operates three battery plants in China:

  • Zhejiang Province in eastern China;
  • Chongqing in western China, and
  • Shenyang City in northeastern China.

However, most of the factories of Johnson Controls are located in the United States.

Headquarters and Main Office

Exide, the other manufacturer of Valucraft batteries, also has several battery factories around the world. It has two headquarters, one in the USA and another in Europe. Meanwhile, their main office is located in Milton, Georgia. Lastly, its European headquarters is located in Gennevilliers, France.

Exide operates seven battery manufacturing facilities and three recycling plants in the United States. In Europe, this company operates ten battery factories and three recycling facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading the answers to the questions often asked about Valucraft batteries will help you get a better picture of what these batteries are capable of doing:

Are Valucraft Batteries Any Good?

With their attractive price points, yes, Valucraft batteries are good. They are very affordable but can still provide the services that you expect from a good battery. These batteries have high CCA ratings and high Reserve Capacities. This means they offer more value for their price.

How Long Are Valucraft Batteries Suppose to Last?

The average life span of a Valucraft battery can range from three to five years. At their price, these batteries offer good value for your money. More expensive batteries will naturally last longer because they are built with more expensive components and materials.

If you have the budget and many electrical gadgets inside your car, your best option is to buy a pricier battery. They will last longer. However, if your budget limits you, the best battery that can offer you good performance, and long life is a Valucraft battery.

What Is the Warranty of Valucraft Batteries?

All Valucraft batteries are provided with a 1-year full replacement warranty.

What Are the Best Valucraft Batteries to Buy?

There are four models of Valucraft batteries that have captured car owners’ hearts in the US. They are the following:

  • 65-VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Battery
  • 35-VL Group Size 35 520 CCA Battery
  • 34DT-VL Group Size 34 690 CCA Battery
  • 78-VL Group size 78 630 CCA Battery

Where Can I Buy Valucraft Batteries?

Valucraft batteries are available at all AutoZone outlets. You can also get them at AutoZone’s online store on the web. These batteries are also sold in other retail stores, automobile shops, and probably at your local battery store.

Are Valucraft Batteries the Best?

Considering their price points, Valucraft batteries are the best in their class. However, these are low-priced batteries.

So, you can’t expect them to give the performance and durability of higher-tiered batteries, which are more expensive. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly battery, you can consider Valucraft batteries.

Conclusion: Valucraft Battery Specs and Review

Valucraft batteries may not be able to provide the performance of the top-tier batteries, but they are not the worst either. They also have some remarkable features usually found in more expensive batteries. These batteries have reserve minutes of about 110 minutes.

This means they can sustain loads for around 110 minutes until they get fully charged. They also have high CCA ratings. This means you will not fail to start your car even during wintry mornings.

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