Walmart Car Battery Prices – How Much Are Walmart Batteries?

Most people know that Walmart sells very affordable consumer goods. But not too many know that Walmart also sells car batteries, and they sell them cheaply. So, let’s discuss Walmart car battery prices – how much are Walmart batteries?

The prices of new batteries at Walmart are more affordable than at other battery suppliers and battery shops. On average, car battery at Walmart sells from $65 up to $140 per unit. On other battery suppliers and stores, those same batteries have higher prices. The actual price depends on the size, grade, and brand of the battery.

Walmart’s car batteries are reliable, of good quality, and can last for a long time. These batteries were made originally by Johnson Controls, a battery manufacturer that builds the best batteries on the planet. In late 2019, Clarios LLC took over the production chores from Johnson.

Read on to learn more about the prices of car batteries sold at Walmart and the different kinds of batteries you can buy there, along with their respective prices.

Walmart Car Battery Prices

Walmart Car Battery Prices

Best Price on Car Batteries

To those who know it, Walmart has the best price on car batteries. The price for Walmart car batteries, in general, is lower than other battery stores and shops. Prices of batteries at Walmart range from $65 to $140. Other battery shops sell the exact car battery sizes at higher prices.

Good Quality Batteries That Can Last a Long Time

But make no mistake, Walmart car batteries are also good quality and can last a long time. They are also very reliable. They are made by one of the trusted manufacturers of car batteries, Johnson Controls. This battery manufacturer also produces the best batteries on earth.

Clarios LLC Produces Walmart Batteries

The majority of the car batteries that Walmart sells are Everlast Batteries. Johnson Controls makes these batteries. This company also makes several premium branded batteries. In late 2019, Clarios LLC took over the production of Walmart batteries from Johnson Controls. 

The Brookfield Business Partners formed Clarios when they acquired Johnson Controls. So, in essence, it is still the original company that manufactures Walmart batteries. Only the owners have changed.

Excellent Batteries at Very Affordable Prices

The Batteries sold at Walmart can provide excellent performance at very affordable prices. Before these batteries are released for sale in the market, they undergo a testing period of one month to ensure that they will provide the service they are supposed to give.

These Walmart batteries are designed to function efficiently in extreme temperatures such as cold climates.

Walmart Auto Center

Summary of Walmart Car Battery Prices

If you know your battery prices, you will be surprised at how Walmart can offer low prices for their batteries. Here is a table that will show you how attractive the prices of Walmart batteries are:

Battery BrandBattery SizePrice per Piece
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive BatteryGroup Size 35$299.97
UPG 12V 35Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid BatteryUB12350 U1 Group$74.99
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive BatteryGroup Size 75/25$239.99
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive BatteryGroup Size 34/78$269.99
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 65N$102.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 35N$129.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 24F$112.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 51R$135.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 78N$98.76
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 35-3$85.00
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 65$99.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 124R$129.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 34N$122.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size T5$149.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 24$131.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 121R$132.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroups Size 59$136.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 51$129.76
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 151R$149.84
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive BatteryGroup Size 56$99.84
XS POWER 1000/2000W12V AGM BATTERY 2000A MAX AMPS$199.99
Braille G5 Lithium-Ion Battery12 Volt$179.99

Autozone vs. Walmart Car Batteries Prices

are car batteries cheaper at walmart

Some people are surprised when they learn that Walmart is also selling car batteries. They also can’t believe that these batteries are priced lower than other battery shops. If you compare Walmart’s battery prices with other battery sellers, you will see this is real.

For example, a new EverStart battery with Group Size HB (12 volt/900 CCA) sells at $129.76 at Walmart.

This same battery size is sold at Autozone at $159.99. Autozone sells this battery as the Duralast brand. There is a cheaper alternative sold at Advance Auto Parts, but its warranty is shorter than the warranty given by Walmart.

Who Makes Walmart Batteries?

Walmart exclusively sells EverStart batteries in their outlets across the country. They also sell other brands, but EverStart is their leading battery brand.

So, who makes EverStart batteries? There are several battery manufacturers that Walmart uses to produce its EverStart batteries.

Johnson Controls

Initially, these batteries were produced by Johnson Controls when they partnered with Walmart in 2010.

Clarios LLC

But when a business interest group acquired JC in 2019, Clarios started the production of the EverStart batteries. This company is now the official manufacturer of EverStart batteries.

Alien Power Systems and East Penn Manufacturing

However, other companies also make certain EverStart battery grades. They are Alien Power Systems and East Penn Manufacturing.


Previously, Walmart also used a company called Exide to produce EverStart batteries. But since Exide filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Walmart can no longer use them to manufacture their batteries.

Are Walmart Batteries Good?

Those who bought their car batteries from Walmart say they could last even longer than the warranty period. Even then, note that there is a possibility that a battery will fail before it reaches the end of its guaranteed life.

You don’t need to worry because Walmart will replace it with a new one if that happens. Some Walmart customers say that you don’t even have to present your original receipt to get the replacement.

Many buyers of Walmart batteries also say they are as good, if not better, as the car batteries sold at Autozone and Advance Auto Parts.

Again, how much are Walmart Batteries? You can get a car battery at Walmart for $65-$140, depending on grade, size, and brand. You can get the same battery brand at different stores but higher.

Do Walmart Batteries Last Long?

Service Life Depends on the Car Batteries’ Grade

The length of service a Walmart battery can give you depends on its grade. There are three main types of batteries you can buy at Walmart:

  • EverStartMaxx,
  • EverStart Value Plus, and
  • EverStart.

Walmart also sells other brands of car batteries, but these three main types are their main car battery products.

EverStart Maxx Has the Longest Service Life

According to some customer reviews, the longest-lasting battery among the three is the EverStart Maxx. This battery can provide service from three to five years, with the EverStart Value Plus as the second longest-lasting battery. EverStart Value Plus has a service life of about two to three years.

Battery’s Life Depends on Usage and Maintenance

The one that provides the shortest service life is the EverStart. But it’s not that short because it can run from one to two years, just like any brand of battery sold on the market. But again, always remember that the battery’s life depends on how you use and take care of it.

If the battery is always used in extreme conditions, it doesn’t matter if it’s the strongest and the most expensive battery in town. Be thankful if it will even last within its warranty period.

How Long Does Walmart’s Battery Warranty Last?

There are several types of car batteries you can buy at Walmart. All of them have their particular warranty periods. Their warranties are based on their battery grades.

The battery grades and their warranties are as follows:

Battery GradeWarranty Period
Value PowerFree replacement within one year of purchase
EverStart PlusFree replacement within two years of purchase
EverStart MaxxFree replacement within three years of purchase. Prorated warranty from 3rd to 5th year. The warranty expires after five years.

The process of returning a bad battery is straightforward at Walmart, but you should do it at the store’s automotive service desk. Walmart’s battery tech may check your old battery to see if it is malfunctioning or not.

How Walmart’s Battery Warranty Works

You should know how the battery warranty of Walmart works before buying one piece for your car. You will see why their warranty is advantageous to you as a consumer. So, this is the way Walmart battery warranty works:

Swap for a Replacement

If the battery fails within its warranty period, swap it for a replacement, and Walmart won’t charge you anything. Perhaps your battery is not able to hold any charge. So, return it to a Walmart outlet and request a replacement, and they will give you a new one for free.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember when you bought your Walmart battery. If you check the sticker on the side of the battery, you will see the date and month that you bought that battery.

Check If You Have a Valid Warranty Claim

Before returning the bad battery, be sure that the issue that caused you to claim the warranty is valid. For that matter, here are the battery issues that warrant a replacement at Walmart:

  • Car won’t start due to battery
  • Cannot hold a charge
  • Battery is not charging to its full capacity
  • Leakage or corrosion
  • Battery case is bulging

Be Fair With Walmart

It is not good to ask for a replacement if you know that you have badly abused your battery. What are situations that can prevent you from claiming Walmart’s battery warranty?

  • Incorrectly installed, or you have misconnected the battery’s terminals.
  • Carelessness or neglect.
  • Exposure to the elements leading to its damage.
  • Car crash damaged the battery.

Walmart Has the Final Say

So as not to be disappointed, you also need to remember that whether your warranty claim is valid or not, the final determination still rests on Walmart. Even if your battery warranty claim is valid, they will still be the ones who will determine the extent of the warranty that you will be entitled to.

Is Battery Installation Free at Walmart?

does walmart check car batteries for free

If you buy a car battery at Walmart and have your car with you, their tech will remove your old battery for free. They will install the new battery, again, free of charge. However, this service is only available at Walmart stores with an automotive service department.

Most Walmart Supercenters have their automotive service department. Unfortunately, some of them don’t have this department. So, be sure that there is an automotive service department in the Walmart outlet where you go to buy a car battery.

How to Choose the Right Walmart Battery for Your Car

Match the Old Battery’s Group Size

If you are due to buy a Walmart battery for your car, be sure that it will match the group size of the old battery. You will see the battery group size printed on the top of the old battery.

When there is no group size printing on the battery, or it is different from what Walmart is using, you can ask for Walmart staff’s assistance.

Walmart’s Battery Finder

You can find the correct Walmart battery for your car if you will use the Battery Finder developed by Walmart. This is a convenient tool that you can use to find the exact battery type that will fit in your car.

Choose a CCA Battery

Additionally, Walmart recommends that you choose a CCA battery. This is a cold cranking amp battery that offers better starting properties. The cranking amps should be as close as possible or equal to the old battery that you are using in your car.

FAQs – Walmart Car Battery Prices

Here are some of the FAQs about Walmart batteries that may help you decide if it’s the battery for your car:

Are Walmart Batteries Good?

Walmart batteries are reliable, good quality, and long-lasting. They are initially manufactured by Johnson Controls, one of the best battery manufacturers in the world. Walmart batteries provide excellent performance at very affordable prices.

Who Makes Walmart Batteries?

Initially, Johnson Controls produced Walmart batteries when they began their partnership in 2010. However, in 2019, JC was acquired by Clarios LLC. But essentially, it is still the same company that produces Walmart batteries. Only the name of the company has changed.

Is Battery Installation Free at Walmart?

If you bought the battery at Walmart, and the outlet has a Walmart Auto Care Center, their battery tech will install the battery for free.

But if you bought the battery from a Walmart store without an auto center, you will be charged a $10 installation fee. So, it’s better to buy the battery in a Walmart store with an auto center so you won’t pay for its installation.

Where Is the Battery Aisle at Walmart?

Walmart categorizes car batteries as specialized batteries. You can find them in the Auto Department of any Walmart outlet.

Does Walmart Check Batteries for Free?

A Walmart store with an Auto Care Center offers free battery testing and installation as long as you bought the battery from the store.

If the auto center is busy, it may take them from 20 to 45 minutes before they can test your battery. Walmart will also recycle your old battery no matter where you bought it.

Can I Return a Battery to Walmart?

Walmart allows you to return the car battery you bought from the store as long as it has never been installed or used. Walmart will know it has been installed or used because its terminals will have marks made by the battery posts.

Can I Get a Replacement Battery at Walmart If I Lost My Receipt?

Even if you have lost your original receipt, Walmart will still replace a faulty battery. Just be sure that it is still under warranty and that you bought it from a Walmart store. The store associate will look up the battery’s serial number.

They will use this serial number to check where you bought it. If the battery checks out fine, you will get your replacement according to the warranty provisions of Walmart.

Conclusion: Walmart Car Battery Prices

Battery prices at Walmart are typically more affordable than the prices of batteries that you can get from other battery centers and battery shops.

A car battery model that sells only from $60 to $140 at Walmart will have higher prices at other battery shops. The actual cost of a battery depends on its type, size, and brand.

Car Batteries sold at Walmart are manufactured originally by Johnson Controls. However, Clarios LLC bought Johnson, the new maker of the Everlast Batteries.

While car batteries at Walmart are cheaper, they still have the same, if not better, quality than more expensive car batteries sold at other battery shops. Walmart’s batteries are also of good quality, and they can last for a long time.

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