Walmart Car Battery Return Policy Explained

You bought a car battery from Walmart, but after using it for several weeks, you realized that it was not working as it should, or perhaps it had already developed some issues. Can you return the battery without any questions? I’ll explain Walmart’s car battery return policy in this article.

You can return your battery to Walmart. They accept car battery returns within 90 days of purchase. The battery must be in its original packing, and you should present a valid purchase receipt. After fulfilling these requirements, Walmart will refund your money.

You can still return your battery even if you don’t have a receipt or even if it is not in its original packing. There are conditions or situations where Walmart can process your battery return even if you can’t satisfy these requirements.

Read on to learn more about the battery return policy of Walmart, its requirements, and how its return policy works.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy Explained

walmart car battery return policy

Walmart’s car battery return policy allows battery returns as long as the item is returned within 90 days of its original purchase.

For your return to be promptly processed, you should present your original purchase receipt, and the item must be in its original packaging. The company will return your money through its original method of payment.

Even if you don’t have your original receipt, or perhaps you lost it somewhere, don’t hesitate to return the battery. They may still be able to process your return without it, even if the battery is not in its original package.

Remember, however, that the final decision to refund your money will depend on the assessment of the store manager. They will accept your return if the battery does not work, is not in good working condition, is not suited for your car, or is bad in the first place.

Walmart would process the return of defective or non-working batteries if you didn’t cause its problems. In addition, they will not accept battery returns through email. You should return your unwanted Walmart battery to the store where you bought it originally.

Even then, Walmart will make its final decision on a case-to-case basis. If your battery return request is approved, Walmart will give you two options. You can either have your money refunded or choose a new battery of the same size.

More Details About Walmart’s Battery Return Policy

Walmart Staff Will Test the Battery

A Walmart Auto Care Service Center staff will assist you in returning your battery, who will test the battery and determine if your return request is valid.

If they find that your request is valid, you will pretty soon get your refund by choosing between the two options I have previously mentioned.

Walmart Also Accepts Household Batteries

Walmart also accepts different kinds of household batteries in their battery return policy. For instance, if you bought a battery for residential use at Walmart, they will also accept your return request.

Like car batteries, residential batteries should also be returned within 90 days of their original purchase. For household batteries, Walmart follows the same conditions that they require for car batteries, including the original packaging of the unit and, preferably, its purchase receipt.

Provide the Original Purchase Receipt

You are entitled to a full refund if you provide the original purchase receipt. If you used a credit or debit card with a chip, the refund you will receive would also be in the form of the same card that you used.

Exchange the Batteries or Choose a Store Credit

You can also exchange batteries if you don’t have the original receipt, or you can choose a store credit. Additionally, if you can’t produce the receipt and the value of the battery is below $25, Walmart says you are eligible for a cash refund.

Walmart Recycles Old Batteries

So you will be encouraged to recycle your old batteries; if you buy a new battery at this store, you must pay a core charge. But this is not forced on you. If you purchase a new battery and don’t want to pay this core charge, bring your old battery and recycle it at Walmart. 

Based on your state, you can save from $5 to $20 if you recycle your old batteries at Walmart. This store claims you can save as much as $10,000 per year if you recycle old batteries and buy new ones at Walmart.

But let’s be clear on this. Walmart will not give you cash in exchange for your batteries. However, you can exchange old batteries when buying a new one. Walmart will not charge you any core fees. That’s how you can save money at this store.

When to Return the Batteries at Walmart?

walmart car battery return policy no receipt

Walmart has defined several instances where you can return your car batteries to their store. The accepted circumstances are the following:

  • The battery cannot fit into the battery mount of your vehicle.
  • The battery reads 12.45 or less, which is lower than usual.
  • The battery has not been installed or used yet.
  • The battery is not working, or it cannot hold a charge. 

If the old battery is damaged or defective due to abuse or misuse, Walmart will refuse it if you return it to any of their stores. You can’t expect an exchange or refund.

You have to understand that Walmart does not accept every battery returned to them. Understandably, Walmart wants to protect itself from deceitful buyers. That is why it sets certain conditions to see if your return request is valid.

However, you need not fret if you can satisfy their requirements. If so, you will get the total amount you’ve paid for the battery. Even if you have lost your receipt, Walmart may still be able to reimburse you somewhat through store credit.

Will Walmart Accept an Unused Battery?

Yes, Walmart will honor your return if the battery is still unused. All they need to see is if you have satisfied all their standard requirements for battery returns which are as follows:

  • Returns should be within 90 days of the original date of purchase
  • Preferably it should be packed in its original packing
  • You have the original purchase receipt

If you can satisfy all these requirements, Walmart will promptly refund your money as you have paid for it. You will receive a cash refund if you’ve paid it in cash. But if you’ve paid for it through your credit or debit card, you will receive your money through your credit or debit card.

In addition, you need to prepare a valid identification card. Walmart may require a photo ID card to process your battery return request if you can’t present your original purchase receipt.

Will Walmart Exchange a Battery Without a Receipt?

Don’t worry if you don’t have or have lost your original receipt. Your battery warranty could still be valid. There are other methods that Walmart can use to honor your return. For instance, they can identify your battery by double-checking its serial number with their computer records.

However, the final decision will rest on the Walmart store manager where you bought your battery. Walmart stores have their respective managers on duty all of the 24 hours they are open for business.

If your 90-day return period lapses, you can still return your battery if it is still under warranty. It should come with the standard warranty if you bought your battery from a legit Walmart store. The battery warranty is included in your purchase.

If you have not violated any provision in the warranty, you can return it to Walmart, and you will get a replacement without any charge. They will not refund your money but replace the original item you bought.

You may ask: what are Walmart’s warranties for its batteries? Here are some of the warranties that this store provides for its batteries:

  • EverStart Maxx – free battery replacement within three years of purchase
  • EverStart Plus – free battery replacement within two years of purchase
  • EverStart Maxx – free battery replacement within one year of purchase

How Do You Return a Battery to Walmart?

walmart car battery core return policy

If you find that the car battery you bought from Walmart is defective after a couple of months of using it in your car, you are perfectly in your right to return it to the Walmart store where you bought it:

1. Remove the Battery from Your Car

You need to remove it from your car. To avoid having an accident, carefully observe the proper way of dismounting a battery from its cables in the vehicle.

2. Put the Battery Back in Its Original Packaging

Then put the battery back in its original package. It pays to keep the battery’s original packing, so if this kind of thing happens, you can satisfy the return policy of Walmart.

3. Present the Receipt to the Store

Retrieve your original receipt from where you stored it. You have to present it at the store. Now you are ready to take it to the Walmart store.

Go to the Auto Care Service Center of that particular Walmart. Then give them your defective battery and present its original receipt to the attending Walmart staff.

4. Allow the Staff to Test the Battery

The attending staff will test the battery to check if your complaint is valid. They are just protecting themselves because so many buyers have deceived them by complaining things about their batteries that are not true.

Don’t worry about anything if what you tell them is true. You have all to worry about if there is no truth in them. If everything you are saying is confirmed, you will get your refund in cash or a free battery replacement.

Does Walmart Pay for Old Batteries?

Walmart does not give money in exchange for old car batteries. However, you can still make some cash for your old battery. Use it to save money when buying a new battery at Walmart.

Most people are unaware that Walmart includes a core charge to every piece of battery that they sell to buyers. They do this to encourage car owners to recycle their old and unusable batteries.

It works this way: if you buy a new battery at Walmart and bring along your old battery, you can save from $5 to $20 because Walmart will not bill you any core charge.

In Closing

You can return the battery to Walmart, and they will honor your return if you return it within 90 days from your purchase date.

Your return will be processed promptly if you present your valid purchase receipt and the battery is in its original packing. Walmart will refund your money if you fulfill all these simple requirements.