What Color Rims Match a White Car? White, Black, Bronze, Other?

In the US, most people choose white for the color of their vehicles because white looks sophisticated and smart and is okay for male and female drivers. But white cars need spicing up with the right colored rims. What rim colors match a white car? White, black, bronze, other?

Some rim colors look good on white cars: black, chrome, bronze, and white. Other rim colors that can complement the look of white cars are copper, gunmetal, silver, and two-tone colors. If you use red rims, your white car will stand out on the road.

Most people prefer white cars because the color perfectly contrasts with the road’s black asphalt, even when it’s already dark. With the right rim color, your white car will stand out even more as you pass by every car and driver on the road.

Read on to learn more about the rim colors that best match a white car.

What Color Rims Match a White Car?

what color rims match a white car

White is a neutral color with which you won’t have any problem matching other colors. That’s probably why many car owners in the United States prefer white as the color of their vehicles.

But what color rims look best for a white vehicle? If you own a white car, you have plenty of color rim choices. You can choose bronze, chrome, black and don’t forget, white. Other rim colors that go well with a white car are gunmetal, copper, silver, red, and two-tone colors.

If you use red rims, your white car will stand out on the road.

The white color of your car provides a stark contrast to the black asphalt road, and the red rims will catch the attention of other drivers on the road. Your car will be a fantastic sight as it slips past every driver and car on the highway.

Looking at the current situation, many car owners want a harmonious look for their cars, so they choose white rims. Meanwhile, car owners who wish to emphasize the contrast between white and black seem to prefer black color for their rims.

Best Rim Colors for White Cars

Choosing the best rim color for a white car is similar to choosing the paint colors of your house. The final choice of color will depend on your personality, style, and preference.

You don’t want your car to look cheap and tacky, so you have to choose the rim color that you think will best complement the white color of your car:

1. White

In the United States, white rims on a white car are what most car owners prefer. White rims can make your white car look even more expensive and upscale.

Don’t worry if they can quickly get dirty than rims with darker colors. Just keep them clean as often as possible, and your car will look very good.

You can still provide a certain contrast level in a white car with white rims. By using bright white wheel rims, you will achieve this contrast. But if you don’t want this pure white hue, you can also choose cream, off-white, beige, and other whiter shades of pale.

2. Black

Black and white are complementary colors. They also provide a stark contrast with each other. White and black are also neutral colors. They can go well with other color hues without any problem.

So, don’t think black rims on a white car are out of order. It is also a perfect combination because of the color contrast that they can achieve. A white car with black rims looks very stylish. This is a great color combination for people with bold personalities.

To be perceived as courageous, you must choose black rims for your white car.

3. Bronze

Bronze rims are one of the best rims that can also complement white cars. Admittedly, not many people see bronze rims on a white car as their best option. Even then, many car owners are beginning to like the idea.

A white car with bronze rims can be eye-catching if the car is a coupe. White sedans will also look amazing if they are standing on bronze rims.

4. Gold

Are you in a quandary about what rim color you will use on your white car? Why don’t you consider gold rims on a white car? If you use gold-colored rims, your car will look gorgeous. This setup will give your car a premium look.

A white car with gold rims is lovely to look at. White and gold are popular colors because they are symbols of status and wealth. If you want to be perceived as somebody who is on the way up or who has already arrived, then gold should be the rim color of your white car.

5. Blue

Do you want your white car to stand out from other vehicles in the parking lot? Then, why not consider blue rims. Not so many people have seen blue rims on a white car, so your vehicle will stand out.

If you are a person who wants to start a trend, why not equip your white car with blue rims? There are rim manufacturers who are already selling these types of rims online.

Check them and see how gorgeous looking these blue tire rims are. They will make your white car stand out in the parking lot.

6. Silver

Another rim color that you can consider if you are at a loss as to what color you will choose is silver. This color hue is somewhat neutral, so that it can go very well with a white car. Silver is one of the most popular rim colors today.

Silver is so popular and accepted by the car market that many new cars released from the factory are stock-equipped with silver rims, whatever color the vehicles have. You won’t go wrong with silver rims on your white car.

7. Gunmetal

Gunmetal rims are getting very popular these days. They are sleek-looking and exude a specific type of character – that of strength and stability. Why is this? Gunmetal is a strong material. Its color is also exquisite.

The color of the gunmetal also helps to conceal imperfections and stains. So, if you have them in your white car, your car will always look pure and clean. While great for white cars, a gunmetal rim can also make black cars look even more elegant.

8. Red

If other people say your white car looks dull, you can spice it up by equipping it with red rims. Your car will be an incredible sight to your unbelievers. Red is a vibrant color that contrasts with white, considered by many a cool and serene color.

Red rims in your white car will shut the voices of all your bashers. This color also suggests sportiness. If you are active physically, then red perfectly blends with your character.

9. Copper

You don’t see too many cars with copper rims, not even white cars. So, if you put copper rims on your white car, your vehicle will be like, one in a million. In other words, your car will be unique even if its color is white.

Are you ready to turn heads? Then don’t be shy. Put copper rims on your white car, and you will be driving a vehicle in a class of its own. 

10. Chrome

Chrome is used as car trimmings. It makes a car look stylish and modern. So, why not use chrome rims on your white car? Chrome imparts an elegant and refined finish to white cars. It is one of the most popular rim colors nowadays because they suit almost any car color.

Chrome rims will complement the white color of your car. It will look smart, clean, stylish, and modern without being too bold and showy.

11. Yellow

You may be surprised that I am including yellow rims for white cars. Any bright color that will make a white car more vibrant is welcome. The combination of yellow and white imparts a happy disposition. If that’s the kind of person you are, this combination is right for you.

There are not too many yellow rims in the market today. That means if you find one, then your white car will be the only one among the few with this kind of rim. Would that not make your vehicle stand out among the crowd?

12. Bronze

Do you want your white car to be different from the white cars you see on the road? If you do, put your tires on four bronze rims. These types of rim colors are very still rare today. So, if your car has bronze rims, you are among the few.

Bronze rims look good on coupes such as the BMW M5, the Lancer Evo, and the Nissan GTR. They also look good on sedans.

13. Two-Tone

A two-tone rim will break the monotony of white in your white car.

The two color tones of these rims can be black and white, chrome and black, silver and gold, blue and gold, copper and white, red and gunmetal, and so forth. There are a lot of combinations for two-tone rims that are available in the market.

Again, what color rims match a white car? Some rim colors that match a white car include bronze, black, two-tone, gunmetal, and silver. You can also choose red rims if you want your vehicle to get attention.

Tips on Choosing the Right Rim Color

what color rims look best on a white car

You can achieve a custom look for your white car if you carefully choose the color of its rims. Here are some general tips that will help you select the right rim color for your white car:

1. Choose the Rim Color That Reflects Your Personality

It is wise to choose a rim color that will make you happy. If you are pleased with your color choice, you will be satisfied with how your car will look with the rims. The best way to be happy with your color choice is to consider your personality.

Are you outgoing, or are you reserved? Do you want to start the conversation, or do you want to listen and only make comments occasionally? Psychologists have already narrowed down people’s favorite colors according to their personalities.

It would be wise to familiarize yourself with this concept and how it applies to you before choosing the color of the rims you will use.

2. Go for the Brighter Shade

If you are leaning on a dark color like black, go for the lighter shade of black. Black rims make the contrast between white and black more pronounced. If that’s what you want, then it’s okay.

However, if you want your white car to have a more harmonious look, choose a brighter black shade instead of midnight black.

Choosing brighter colors like yellow, red, blue, or green will break your white car’s monotonous nature (color-wise). If other people say that your white car looks unappealing and almost lifeless, you can breathe life into it by using rims that will make white look alive.

3. Consult a Color Specialist

White is popular since it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. So, for white cars, white rims are just the natural choice. However, your white car will look monotonous if you choose plain white rims.

To break the monotony, you need a shade of white that can coordinate rightly with the white hue of your car. If you can consult a color specialist, you can choose just the right white hue for the particular white shade of your car.

4. Go with the Classic

Perhaps you’re too busy to set aside some time to choose the proper rim color for your white car. If so, then choose what most people choose for their white cars. Follow the consensus, and you won’t go wrong.

Most people with white cars choose to have chrome or black rims or their combination. Black is popular because it is an elegant color used by those who are in control of themselves and of others. This color blends well with the white body of a car and the black color of the asphalt top.

Chrome is usually chosen because it is a classic color used by custom wheel makers. This rim color blends well with any car paint. So, if you don’t have time to choose the right rim color, go with chrome. It is a safe choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

what color rims look good on white car

With so many rim colors to choose from, it will be hard to choose the right one for your car. So, you may have some questions you want answered to make your decision easier. Perhaps the answer you are looking for is down below:

What Rim Colors Are Best for a White Car?

Several rim colors can blend well with your white car. Black, chrome, white, and bronze are some of the most popular rim colors used by owners of white cars.

If you want your car to stand out in the parking lot, you can use red rims on your tires. These rims will create an excellent contrast to the white color of your car.

Do Black Rims Look Good for a White Car?

Yes, black rims are natural for white cars. It is a neutral color, just like white is. Black rims present the best contrast to white cars because of their dark hue. The black wheel gets attention when you have a white car with black rims. It is like a punctuation mark to the whiteness of your car.

Can You Color Wheel Rims?

Yes, you can color your wheel rims any color you want. If you can’t find the right color hue you want for your white car, you certainly can paint the color hue that you want on your rims at home. But you will need the right tools and materials to do it.

Or better yet, you can ask a paint professional to do the work for you. Just be sure they are experienced in painting wheel rims so that the paint on them will last a long time. Painting wheel rims are for those who would like their cars to stand out from the rest of the crowd,

In Closing: Color Rims that are Good Matches for Whit Cars

Bronze, chrome, and black are some of the rim colors that will make white cars look even better. Other rim colors that make white cars look more sophisticated include silver, copper, gunmetal, or two-tone colors.

The rim color that will make your white car look more striking on the road is red. Try red rims, and you will see the effect on the other drivers on the road. Gold is another rim color that will make your car look upscale and expensive.

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