What Do LS, LT, and LTX Stand for on a Chevy?

Chevrolet gives their vehicles different name tags, such as LS, LT, and LTX, to distinguish them from one another. This isn’t very clear to consumers because they don’t know what these acronyms mean. What do LS, LT, and LTX stand for on a Chevy?

The tags LS, LT, and LXT that you see on Chevy vehicles stand for three different models of this car brand. “LS” means Luxury Sports, while “LT” stands for Luxury Touring, and “LTX” means Light Truck Experimental. These are three distinct variants of Chevy vehicles, each with its distinct Chevy engines and features.

The Chevy LS is more affordable than the Chevy LT. However, it doesn’t mean it has cheap features since its tag name, “LS,” means Luxury Sports. The LT variant is more expensive than the LS because it offers better features. Chevy LTX is an engine developed by GM and is otherwise called GM V8 small block LTX Crate engine.

Read on to learn more about the meaning of LS, LT, and LTX in Chevy vehicles, detailed descriptions, and how they differ.

What Do LS, LT, and LTX Stand for on a Chevy?

what does ls lt and ltx stand for on a chevy

Vehicle’s Variant

The LS, LT, and LTX stamped on the front, and rear ends of certain Chevrolet vehicles stand for the vehicle’s variant. The LS stands for the “Luxury Sports” model, while LT represents the “Luxury Touring” model, and the LTX is for “Luxury Truck Experimental.”

Chevy LS

The Chevy LS is less expensive than the Chevy LT, but that doesn’t mean its features and engine are cheap. Remember, the meaning of LS is “LUXURY SPORT,” so how can it be affordable?

The Chevy LS offers more amenities than any standard vehicle model of other car brands. In other words, its interior and exterior features offer superior technology. While the LS has luxurious offerings, the Chevy LT provides even better amenities.

Chevy LT

To satisfy fuel economy standards set by federal laws, GM developed the Chevy LT to replace and take over the position that LS models previously occupied. Overall, the features of the LT variant are more luxurious than the LS models. That’s one of the reasons why it has a higher MSRP.

So, you can consider the LT as the better option than the LS, especially if you have the money and are looking for a vehicle with more to offer in terms of comfort, power, reliability, and longevity.

Chevy LTX

Meanwhile, the Chevy LTX engine was developed by GM. It is specifically called GM V8 small block LTX Crate engine. According to some news articles, this engine is designed to be a member of the LT family and features critical technologies as part of the brand’s 5th gen.

Interestingly there are Chevy LTXs in other parts of the world, like the Philippines. However, they are powered by a different engine than the LS and the LT engines. For instance, the Chevy LTXs in the Philippines is powered by Duramax diesel engines.

These engines can crank up to 200 hp and 500 Newton meters (Nm) of torque. A 6-speed automatic transmission distributes power to the four wheels of the vehicle.

To repeat, the LS, LT, and LTX in Chevy vehicles mean:

  • LS = Luxury Sport
  • LT = Luxury Touring, and
  • LTX = Luxury Truck Experimental

What Is the Chevy LS?

what does lt and ls mean on a chevy

Luxury Sports Engine

The vehicle tag LS originally came from “LS engine,” a shortened Luxury Sports engine that General Motors developed for its 3rd and 4th generation small block Chevys, with V-8 gasoline engines. It was the third generation engine GM used to manufacture the Chevrolet Corvette with RPO code LS1.

Before the LS variant, the Chevy engines they used were those of the CL or Custom Luxury package. Later on, GM later replaced the LS with the small block, 5th generation engine they called LT or Luxury Touring engines.

Chevy LS Vehicles Use Coil-over-plug Ignition and Electronic Fuel Injection

The engines of Chevy LS vehicles use coil-over-plug ignition and electronic fuel injection. All the Chevy LS models equipped with this engine have pushrods with aluminum blocks. The majority of the trucks with the LS tag have cast-iron blocks.

Although most Chevy LS engines are considered small blocks, some of these engines, such as the LSX 454 crate engine, have big blocks.

LS Engine Upgrade

In addition, several upgrades were performed on some of the features of the LS engine. These upgrades included the following:

  • Four-bolt main bearings
  • Deep side skirts
  • Addition of structural aluminum pan

Popular Among Engine Swappers

By combining high availability, low cost, and small package size, the Chevy LS engine became popular among engine swappers. The advantages of the LS engine led to the development of a cult-like fever which earned the Chevy LS the catchphrase “LS Swap the World.”

While LS means “Luxury Sport,” as time passed, the meaning of the name became irrelevant. The term became known more commonly as the base model for many Chevy cars.

Now, those in the know believe that when you buy this Chevy variant, you get the most value for your money.

Chevy Vehicles with LS Engine

Chevy LS models still offer great features in addition to being the market’s most affordable car in its class. In the matter of the LS engine, today, several Chevy vehicles use it. Following are some of the Chevy vehicles powered by the LS engine:

  • Chevy Camaro
  • Chevy Trailblazer
  • Chevy Malibu
  • Chevy Trax
  • Chevy Traverse
  • Chevy Spark
  • Chevy Equinox
  • Chevy Suburban
  • Chevy Tahoe

Again, what do LS, LS, and LTX stand for on a Chevy? The tags LS, LT, and LTX mean Luxury Sport, Luxury Touring, and Luxury Touring Z, respectively. Z signifies the Chevy’s highest trim level.

What Is Chevy LT?

what does ls stand for on a chevrolet engine

Equipped with a More Powerful Engine Than Chevy LS

The Chevy LT is better than the Chevy LS if you will consider its better features and more powerful engine.

Luxury Touring

The meaning of LT is Luxury Touring. However, much like the LS, this word lost its meaning later. “Chevy LT” usually means a Chevy vehicle better than the base Chevy LS vehicle model.

The LT is a step higher in all Chevy LS model elements. Most Chevy owners take pride in their cars, but the LT variants bring a higher quality and performance to the brand name. The reason is the Chevy LT brings some extra features to the table.

LS Replacement

As mentioned earlier in this article, GM developed the LT to replace the LS to satisfy the ever-growing strict federal government requirements regarding fuel economy and fuel emissions.

So, the LT engines that power Chevy LT vehicles are more advanced, more fuel efficient, and emit fewer pollutants in the environment. All of these upgrades come with a cost. That’s why the Chevy LT is more expensive than the Chevy LS.

LT Trucks

Previously, the term “LT” was used not just for cars but also for trucks. These vehicles include the following:

  • LT All-Star
  • 2LT Coupe
  • 3LT Coupe
  • Malibu LT
  • LT Trail Boss
  • 1LT Convertible
  • 2LT Convertible
  • 3LT Convertible


LT engines can deliver 460 horsepower at 6,000 revs per minute and 465 pound-foot torque at 4,600 rpm. Its engine block is made of cast aluminum. The main bearing caps of this engine are fitted with six bolts of nodular iron.

Chevy LS Vehicles with LT Engine

While the LT is an upgrade of the LS, the LS is the base engine for some of Chevy’s truck models. The following are some of the Chevy LS vehicles that are powered by the more expensive LT engine:

  • Chevy Bolt EV & EUV
  • Chevy Trailblazer
  • Chevy Colorado
  • Chevy Suburban
  • Chevy Corvette Stingray
  • Chevy Trax
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Chevy Camaro
  • Chevy Equinox
  • Chevy Spark
  • Chevy Malibu
  • Chevy Malibu
  • Chevy Tahoe
  • Chevy Blazer

What Is Chevy LTX?

GM V8 Small Block LTX Crate

The LTX engine is specifically called GM V8 small block LTX Crate. Unfortunately, as of now, GM has not divulged any official information about its LTX engines.

Engine Family

This engine will be a member of the Chevy LT family. It will be equipped with key technologies that are part of the car brand’s 5th gen. This engine will be closely related to the LT1, the LT4, and the yet-still-to-be-launched LT5.


The engine block of this fifth generation is classified as a Small Block engine. It will come with a Variable Timing transmission and Direct Injection fuel system.

Trademark Filling

The LTX engine is called a trademark filling by the car manufacturer. It was General Motors that filed the LTX trademark. GM filed it on Apr. 23, 2013, with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The carmaker lists it as “engines for automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and vans.”

Interestingly, there are Chevy LTXs in some parts of the world, such as the Philippines. One of the most popular Chevy LTXs in this country is the Chevy Trailblazer.

The other one is the Chevy Colorado. According to a press release, Chevy Trailblazer has achieved massive success in the Philippines. 

Going back to GM’s LTX, it could use the brand name for a new V8 crate engine family member of the Chevrolet Performance.

LSX Replacement

It will replace the present LSX family, a family of high-performance crate engines that come with cast-iron blocks with added materials in some components. The LTX engine is well-fitted to engines with high horsepower.

Meanwhile, the Chevy LTXs in other countries like the Philippines are designed to fill the gap between the Chevy LS and the Chevy LTZ.

This Chevy LTX is equipped with a Duramax CRDI VGT diesel engine that can crank up to 2300 hp. and 500 newton meters of torque. A 6-speed automatic transmission will distribute its power.

In Closing

The LS, LT, and LXT are three different tags of Chevrolet vehicle models. They represent three different variants of the Chevy brand.

“LS” stands for “Luxury Sports,” while “LT” means Luxury Touring, and “LTX” is for Light Truck Experimental. Each of these variants of Chevy vehicles has its engines and features.

Among these three Chevy model variants, the most affordable is the Chevy LS. But that doesn’t mean that its features are cheap.

The LT has better features and a more powerful engine, that’s why it is more expensive than the LS. Chevy LTX is an engine developed by GM and is otherwise called GM V8 small block LTX Crate engine.