Who Makes Icon Tools? Where Are Icons Tools Made? [Icon Tools Review]

A good set of tools makes the job of an auto mechanic easier. One of the most popular tools in the market is Icon tools. Who makes Icon Tools? Where are Icon Tools made?

Harbor Freight Tools is the company that manufactures and distributes Icon Tools. Icon tools are made in Taiwan. Harbor Freight introduced Icon Tools in the market in 2018 with its two torque wrenches.

Harbor Freight launched a complete line of premium Icon hand tools, automotive specialty kits, and tools storage the following year. All tools under the HF brand are made in Taiwan, and they all come with lifetime warranties.

Read on to learn more about Icon Tools, who makes them, where they are made, and other things about them that will help you decide if they are really a good buy.

Who Makes Icon Tools? Where Are Icons Tools Made? [Icon Tools Review]

who makes icon tools

The company that makes and markets Icon Tools is Harbor Freight. In 2018, Harbor Freight introduced Icon Tools with its first two Icon torque wrenches. You can buy their tools on the Harbor Freight website or in most hardware stores across the United States.

With the initial success of its first two wrenches, Harbor Freight launched the full line of Icon Tools in 2019, along with their automotive special kits and storage units for hand, automotive, and special tools. All the tools that they sell are made in Taiwan. They all come with lifetime warranties.

There are many competing brands of tools in the market today. Choosing a particular brand can be quite difficult if you don’t know how they compare with each other. And after buying your chosen tools, you have to keep them somewhere safe. Icon Tools have an answer to this: they also sell different kinds of tool storage units. 

Harbor Freight designed its Icon Tools for mechanics who are looking for high-quality but affordable tools. As premium tools, they can withstand the rigors and stress they will be subjected to on the floors of auto mechanic repair shops.

Icon Tools markets a full line of high-quality hand tools, automotive specialty kits, and tool storage units. The company’s complete line of tools includes wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, and sockets. As an adjunct to their premium tools, Icon Tools also sell storage systems that can keep sets of tools safe in one place.

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Icon Tools Price (Are They Good Value?)

You will find that Icon Tools are easy on the pocket. The prices of these tools range from $19.99 to $199.99. For the price of $19.99, you can get a set of six-piece sockets, and for $199.99, you will get a set of 12-piece ratcheting wrenches.

Icon Tools also sells different kinds and sizes of tool storage units. They offer overhead cabinets, end cabinets, and rolling cabinets. The most affordable storage unit of Icon Tools is an overhead cabinet that is priced at $799.99.

The prices of their end cabinets start at $1,199.99. Rolling cabinets are the most expensive of all, but they are still cheaper than their nearest competitors. The highest price of their rolling cabinets is $3,799.99. Deliveries for these storage units are for free.

You can purchase these cabinets at a discount of 20%. On their website, you will find a 20% off coupon for these storage units. So, if you require a storage unit for your tools, whether it’s for your home shop or auto repair shop, use this coupon. Twenty percent off from the original price will truly help you save a lot of money.

If you don’t have the cash right now, you can pay the amount in installments. Harbor Freight offers their storage units at 0% financing. There’s no need to postpone your purchase if you really need a storage unit right now.

There are plenty of Harbor Freight stores across the United States where you can buy Icon Tools and storage units. You can also buy these tools online. Unfortunately, the storage units are not sold online. You can only buy them from Harbor Freight stores. There should be one in your area because there are HF stores in 48 states across the US.

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Icon Tools Product Lines

where are icon tools made

Icon Tools’ full product line consists of hand tools, automotive special kits, and storage units. Following are the essential details of each product line:

1. Icon Sockets

Iron Tools sockets are made of high-quality Chrome Vanadium steel. They come with a high polished finish that makes them great to look at and easy to clean. The polished finish will help these tools maintain their great appearance even after many years of use.

The sockets are designed with six points so you can achieve maximum torque each time you use them. Each set comes with different socket sizes and a storage tray to keep them well organized.

2. Icon Wrenches

Icon Tools wrenches are available in different lengths and styles. It will not be difficult for you to choose which one you will need. They are made of materials that resist corrosion. You can also clean them easily. A great wrench set is the Professional Metric Combination Wrench Set.

3. Icon Ratchets

Ratchets are the go-tools of professional car mechanics. In that vein, you can use Icon ratchets in difficult and tight spaces. They can withstand massive amounts of torque and still be viable and useful.

4. Icon Torque Wrenches

These torque wrenches are sold pre-calibrated and come with their calibration certificates and neatly tucked in their own storage cases. Each Icon torque wrench comes with a 90-tooth gear mechanism. This will enable you to use it within a smaller arc swing.

There are easy-to-read markings on every torque wrench. They also produce a clear click to let you know if you are already over-torquing.

5. Icon Storage Units

Icon Tools storage units are made for professional mechanics. It is more affordable than other brands of storage units. They come with modular designs to give you maximum flexibility. You can modify these storage units as your need for storage grows. Storage units of Icon Tools are available in green, black, blue, and red.

Again, who makes Icon Tools? Icon Tools are manufactured and distributed by Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight introduced Icon Tools in the market in 2018 with its two torque wrenches.

Where are Icon Tools made? Icon tools are made in Taiwan.

Are Icon Tools Worth the Money?

In general, Icon Tools are more affordable than other tool brands. And yet, their materials and manufacturing qualities are equal or even more than these expensive brands. So, the lower price point of these tools makes them attractive to those looking for more affordable yet high-quality tools.

With Icon Tools, you will get more value for your money. This company is confident about its products that it is backing them up with lifetime warranties. A lot of online reviewers have written about their positive experiences in using these tools in their work.

In the past, Harbor Freight has been known to sell some cheaply made Asian imported tools. But now, with Icon Tools, HF is offering tools comparable to other more expensive tools in terms of functionality, durability, and strength at a fraction of their costs. 

Harbor Freight started its operations in 1977 as a reseller of salvage freight. Then they engaged in buying tools made in Asia. They resold these tools through the mail ordering system. However, these Asian-made tools were shunned by mechanics because they are not strong and durable.

As their business grew over the years, HF could buy better tools made by Asian manufacturers. They began selling tools made from Chrome-Vanadium steel alloys. These tools have the strength, durability, and looks that merchants and mechanics were looking for.

But they are less expensive. HF was able to sell these high-quality tools at meager prices compared to the top dominant brands. They are cheaper, partly because labor is cheaper in Asian countries.

Icon Tools User Reviews

icon tools review

What do professional mechanics think about Icon Tools? You need to know because they are the people who put these tools to test every time they use them in their shops. Here are some Icon Tools reviews from professional mechanics:

Mechanic A

This mechanic says that it’s a mixed bag for him, but mainly it is positive. They have most of the wrenches and sockets of Icon Tools. According to this mechanic, the Icon sockets are pretty good. These sockets never gave them any problems after about 9 months of daily abuse.

They also said that Icon tools feel nicer in the hand because they are a bit thinner. Generally, they felt that the combination ratcheting wrenches are fine. Their anti-slip teeth fold over very quickly. They are thinner and are nice to use in tight engine bays.

This mechanic is very happy with Icon’s double end box and end flex ratcheting wrenches. They said these wrenches offer the convenience of exchanging them at any HF outlet that carries them on stock.

The screwdrivers are generally fine, according to this mechanic. They have handles that are more comfortable to hold. Their profiles are also slimmer, making them accessible.

But this mechanic has issues with the ratchets of Icon Tools. They say these ratchets lock up and have high back drag. From their experience, these ratchets also have the habit of self-reversing.

Mechanic B

This Icon Tools review shows a mechanic’s different experiences with the ratchets. They absolutely love Icon’s ratchets saying that they are buttery smooth, especially the 90-tooth 4-degree heads. They felt that the traditional scalloped polished grips of the ratchets are comfortable. However, they wish that they were quick-release. Apparently, they weren’t.

This mechanic also said that the finish and fit of the Icon tools are top-notch. They said they are OK with a socket or ratchet that is 90% good but costs only 25% of the money. This mechanic refers to comparing the Icon tools to the tools of a more expensive tool brand.

They also found the markings or stampings on the tools easier to read. According to them, other expensive tool brands have markings that are so small that you need to use a microscope to read them.

Icon Tools Warranty

Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty on their Icon Tools set. This warranty provides a no-questions-asked and hassle-free replacement on all Icon tools. They guarantee that Icon tools coming out of their factory are free from defects in artistry and material for the product’s life.

Some customers say that the description of their wrenches says that: “replacement sizes available with proof of purchase.” From this statement, it appears that you can order separate sizes only if you can show proof of purchase.

A Short Background of Harbor Freight

The original name of the company that makes and distributes Icon Tools is Harbor Freight and Salvage. Originally, this company started as a small family-owned business in 1977. Initially, they specialized in returned and liquidated merchandise. As their business grew, they changed their name to Harbor Freight Tools.

Harbor Freight now has a network of over 1,000 stores in 48 states across the country. This company endeavors to provide its customers with quality tools at prices they can afford. They are fully confident about the quality of their products. They back them up with a no-hassle return policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The initial success of their first two wrenches launched in 2018 gave Harbor Freight the confidence to expand their product offerings to a full line of Icon Tools available online and brick and mortar stores. These tools are great for professional mechanics who are looking for premium and yet very affordable tools.

Conclusion: Where Are Icons Tools Made? Who Makes Icon Tools [Icon Tools Review]

The company that makes and markets Icon Tools is Harbor Freight Tools. This company first introduced the Icon Tools in 2018 with its two torque wrenches. These tools are available online on harborfreight.com and in most of the hardware and handyman stores in the country.

Harbor Freight is famous for making and marketing Icon Tools that range from hand tools, automotive special kits, and storage boxes for the proper safekeeping of these tools. All their products are made in Taiwan.

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