Who Makes Supertech Oil? [Walmart Supertech Synthetic Oil]

Supertech Oil is a great value motor oil that is exclusive to Walmart. But Walmart doesn’t make Supertech. Who makes Supertech Oil?

Highline Warren LLC makes Supertech Oil and provides it as an exclusive product for Walmart. The oil was manufactured by the company Warren Distribution. In 2020, there was a merger between Highline Aftermarket and Warren Distribution.

Warren Distribution, family-owned since 1922, is the biggest private-label lubricants manufacturer in North America. In 2020, Warren was acquired by the company Highline Aftermarket. So the newly merged company, who manufactures Supertech oil, is now called Highline Warren LLC.

All genuine bottles of Supertech Oil had “WPP” stamped on the bottom, which stands for Warren Performance Products. Since the new company is now called Highline Warren, that stamp may change to HW or something similar.

Who makes Supertech oil filters? Champion Laboratories make the blue Supertech oil filters. Nowadays, the blue filters are slowly being replaced by Supertech oil filters with a white outer shell. Wix makes these white Supertech oil filters.

Read on to learn more about Supertech Oil and how it compares with other motor oils.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

who makes supertech oil

Supertech Oil is a Walmart-exclusive brand, but the retail giant is not the one that manufactures the lubricant. The company that manufactures and provides the oil is Highline Warren LLC. Supertech is just the brand name of the line of automotive products exclusively sold by Walmart.

You might not have heard about Highline Warren. However, you may be familiar with their other products. The reason is that they also provide the products for other store-brand motor oils of other retail outlets, like Amazon and Sears.

Although Supertech motor oils are not as prestigious as Mobil 1 or Valvoline, they do their job well. If you have a tight budget but need to change your car’s engine oil, Supertech motor oils are a good choice.

Is Supertech Oil Good?

Any good car owner knows that one does not simply put any oil in their engine. More often than not, cheap oils can do more harm than good. Since Supertech motor oils are among the most economical brands, you may be wondering about whether it’s safe.

Supertech Oil is only a fraction of the cost of some of the popular brands of motor oils. Note, though, that it certainly does not fall behind when it comes to quality. Before anything else, Supertech oil met and surpassed all the US government standards in quality and performance.

Another reason to trust Supertech motor oils is that they met all the specifications to become a Dexos1-certified brand. Meaning if you own a relatively new car, you will not be voiding its warranty by using Supertech oils. Many carmakers would void their warranty if the car owner used motor oil that did not pass their minimum quality requirements.

If you have an older model car and want affordable and reliable motor oil, you cannot go wrong by choosing Supertech.

Can You Mix Supertech Oil with Other Brands?

If you are in a pinch, like when you are in the middle of a long drive, and you discovered too late that the oil level is a bit too low, you can use another brand to top up and prevent your engine from knocking.

However, I strongly advise that you get your oil changed as soon as you can. This time, use only Supertech engine oil. It would be bad to let your car run with a mixture of two different oil brands. They might contain additives that would react negatively with each other.

Do Brands Matter When It Comes to Motor Oils?

who makes supertech oil filters

Motor oil plays a huge role in the proper functioning of your vehicle. If you use too little or the wrong kind, your engine will seize. There will also be considerable damage to all its moving components. With that in mind, car owners prefer only to use the best engine oil they can afford.

Is using a famous brand of motor oil better than a store brand lubricant? Other than the brand name, many other factors affect the price of the top motor oils. What makes them so expensive is that they usually have chemical additives that significantly improve the lubricant’s performance.

However, you can usually find that some store-brand motor oils are not too far behind the top brands’ quality and performance. For instance, Supertech fully synthetic motor oils work quite well, considering that they are a fraction of the cost of the top brands.

However, it can be tough to determine if they are equivalent in quality to the top brands. If you are not a big car nut, though, you might not even notice any difference.

Supertech Oil Vs Mobil 1

One of the most famous motor oil brands in the world is Mobil 1. If you have the budget for it, it comes highly recommended by the who’s who of the automotive industry. Most car specialists recommend that car owners use Mobil 1 if possible. The main reason is that it can last a long time. It is also compatible with most, if not all, makes and models of cars.

One of the reasons why Mobil 1 is so popular is that it is the official motor oil of NASCAR. Also, in the Formula 1 circuit, Mobil 1 is the official oil used by the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team. Like Aston Martin, Bentley, and Cadillac, many top automakers also recommend Mobil 1 engine oils for their top car models.

However, Mobil 1 motor oils are not just popular. They are also quite expensive. With that, not that many regular car owners can afford to use them for every oil change. For the common folks with little room in their budgets for top-of-the-line lubricants, brands like Supertech are their go-to options.

The most common concern of new car owners is if cheaper motor oils, like Supertech, are far below Mobil 1 in terms of quality. Some drivers think that store-brand motor oils will damage your car’s engines.

The truth is that both brands share a couple of characteristics, namely:

  • Both are Dexos-1 certified.
  • They both comply with the safety regulations and environmental standards set by the US government.
  • Both fully synthetic motor oils.
  • Work well with gasoline engines, both new and old.
  • Both are relatively high-mileage.

Practically speaking, unless you take precise measurements using professional instrumentation, you may not even notice a change in performance when you switch from Mobil 1 oils to Supertech. The only difference is your wallet will remain significantly heavier. Mobil 1 synthetic motor oils are more than twice the price of Supertech synthetic oils.

What to Consider Before Buying Supertech Motor Oil

who makes walmart supertech oil

Rather than the brand, you should focus more on what type of oil you put into your car. If you use engine oil that is too light, it may not provide enough protection for the moving parts. However, too heavy oils might make the engine work harder. Before buying motor oil, consult your mechanic first to get some advice on the type of oil to use.

Another mistake that some beginner car owners make is that they bought the wrong kind. For instance, you see a bottle that says it’s “A/T oil.” You bought it because you thought it would work for your car. After all, it has an automatic transmission. You just made a serious mistake.

What you got is transmission oil, and you use this lubricant on the gearbox. Putting transmission oil in the engine will cause all sorts of damage. The reason is that the transmission oil is much thicker than engine oil.

You will find that the market is chock-full of different brands of motor oils. The ones purported of higher quality will always command a higher price. However, some store-brand lubricants are much easier on the wallet while still providing respectable performance.

Again, who makes Supertech Oil? Supertech Oil is made by Highline Warren. Highline Warren provides the oil as an exclusive product for Walmart. All genuine bottles of Supertech Oil had “WPP” stamped on the bottom, which stands for Warren Performance Products; but, since the recent 2020 merger between Highline and Warren, that will change.

How Often Should You Change Supertech Motor Oil?

The general rule in oil change, regardless of whether it is Supertech, is that you should do it after a certain amount of time passed or total miles driven. The frequency of oil changes is still a hotly debated topic today. Some experts say to change the oil once the odometer hits 5k miles. On the other hand, others say that you have to do it every 4 to 6 months.

Generally, though, you have to get an oil change for your car when:

  1. The “replace oil” indicator on your dashboard is continuously blinking;
  2. The oil on the dipstick is extremely black and almost completely opaque;
  3. The oil feels gritty in hand; and
  4. There is a strange noise coming from the engine – If you hear a knocking sound, your engine is already seriously damaged.

Tips on Changing Supertech Oil

If you will be changing your car’s engine oil at home, here are some tips to make it a bit easier and less messy:

1. Allow the Engine to Run for a Couple of Minutes Before Changing the Oil

This will warm up the old engine oil, making it flow faster out of the oil pan.

2. Have a Bunch of Sawdust at the Ready

If you accidentally spill any oil on the garage floor, sprinkle some sawdust over it. The sawdust will absorb all the oil, so you can easily sweep or vacuum it away. If you don’t have any sawdust, kitty litter will work even better.

3. Place the Used Oil Container Directly under the Oil Pan Drain Plug Before You Loosen It

Never do it after. This will ensure that you will be catching every last drop of used oil. Don’t worry if the plug falls into the oil container; you can fish it out later.

4. Use an Air Compressor

Do you have an air compressor in your garage? You can use it to make the used oil flow out faster. Unscrew the oil fill cap on the engine, then insert the air hose an inch or so inside. Stuff some rags around the air hose to keep it from moving. It can also make a bit of a seal so not much air will escape. Turn on the compressor. The air will push out the used oil out of the oil pan drain much faster.

5. Remove the Oil Filter Before or after You Start Draining the Oil

Just be sure that you have a drain pan underneath it because quite a bit of oil will surely spill. To make it easier to remove the oil filter, punch a hole on the top using a large nail. This will release most of the pressure trapped inside the filter, making it easier to remove.

6. After Replacing the Drain Plug (and the Gasket Too), Install a New Oil Filter

Refill the engine with oil. Let the engine run for a couple of minutes so you can check for leaks. You can place some newspapers underneath the engine. That way, you can see if there is any oil dripping out of the oil pan or around the oil filter.

Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters?

You would think that the Walmart Supertech oil filters would share the same manufacturer as the engine oil, and you thought wrong. As mentioned earlier, Supertech is not a lubricant or parts manufacturer. It is just the brand that Walmart slaps on products provided by their partner merchants. In the case of the Supertech oil filters, there are two.

Who makes Supertech oil filters? Champion Laboratories make the blue Supertech oil filters. It has been supplying high-quality engine oil filters since the 1930s. Nowadays, the blue filters are slowly being replaced by Supertech oil filters with a white outer shell. Wix produces these.

Conclusion – Who Makes Walmart Supertech Oil?

Highline Warren is the company that manufactures and supplies Walmart with the engine oil for the retailer’s Supertech brand. Aside from Walmart, Warren Distribution also supplies the oil for Amazon’s and Sears’s store brands.

If you check the bottom of the bottle, you will find “WPP” stamped on it. It stands for Warren Performance Parts. However, since the recent merger between Highline and Warren, that stamp may now not be there or might be HW perhaps.

Despite being a fraction of the cost of high-end engine oils, Supertech motor oil is still a viable option. If your car needs an oil change, but you cannot afford top brands, like Mobil 1, Valvoline, and Castrol, then Supertech is an affordable alternative.

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