Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive?

Are you wondering if the cost of the oil change that you’ve just paid at Take 5 is too much? Perhaps someone told you that other shops don’t charge that much for an oil change. So, why is Take 5 oil change so expensive?

Take 5 oil change price will depend on the type of motor oil your car engine needs. For instance, if your car requires full synthetic oil, your oil change cost will be more expensive. If the charges are more than what you expected, perhaps they performed other related services required by your vehicle.

There are three different types of oil that you can choose at Take 5. They are full synthetic, semi-synthetic, synthetic blends, and conventional or regular motor oils. The most expensive of the three is full synthetic. If you change the oil yourself at home, you will probably spend around $35. But you need decent mechanical skills and tools to do that.

Read on to learn about why oil changes at Take 5 can be expensive, the types and prices of Take 5’s oil changes, and critical things you may not know about this company.

Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive?

why is take 5 oil change so expensive

The cost of your oil change at Take 5 depends on the motor oil that the engine of your car needs. If it’s just regular oil, it would not be as high. However, if your engine requires full synthetic oil, your oil change bill will naturally be relatively high.

If the bill is very high, probably, there were additional charges because the car mechanics have performed other related services to your car and its engine. These are valid reasons why your bill is high.

Admittedly, the oil change price of Take 5 is generally higher than other car service centers that offer oil change services to their customers. That is also why your oil change bill from this company is more expensive.

So when you think that Take 5’s oil change service is quite expensive, consider the types of oil that they put in your car. Depending on your car’s requirements, Take 5 can pour in the following types of motor oils inside your engine and their respective prices:

  • Conventional or regular – $42.99
  • Semi-synthetic or synthetic blend – $62.99
  • Full synthetic – $79.99aga

You can do it at home if you have decent mechanical skills and the proper tools to do the job. You will only spend around $35 to do it. Comparing the price of doing it yourself and the cost of Take 5, obviously, the DIY is more affordable, much more so if you use full synthetic oil.

What Are the Types of Oils Take 5 Uses?

At Take 5, three types of motor oils are used for their oil change service. The type of oil that will be used in a particular car will depend basically on the motor oil required by its engine. Additionally, the accumulated mileage of the vehicle is also considered in the choice of motor oil.

Why is this? Even if the engine only requires regular motor oil, Take 5 car mechanics may use full synthetic oil instead because it’s what the old engine needs to help it operate as if it’s still relatively new.

So, here are the types of motor oils used at Take 5:

1. Conventional Oil

These are motor oils that are sourced from nature. They are oils that come from the accumulated fossil oils buried and extracted from the ground. There are no chemical substances contained in these oils. They are all composed of natural substances.

2. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

These are engine oils composed of a mixture of regular and synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are formulated in the lab by oil chemists. There are also many types of synthetic oil blends.

They are differentiated from each other by the ratios between their regular oils and synthetic oils. These engine oils offer better protection to the engine than conventional or regular oils.

3. Full Synthetic

These are motor oils that oil chemists in the lab formulate. They are the engine oils that offer the most protection for the engine because their formulations were adapted to the specific requirements of the engines.

Full synthetic oils offer the most protection to engines. They are much better than synthetic blend oils. The brands Take 5 use include the following:

  • Mobil 1 Oil: $9.97
  • Edge Oil – $8.97

4. High Mileage Oil

In addition to these three basic oil types, Take 5 also uses high-mileage oil ($6.97).

How Much Do Most Places Charge for an Oil Change?

is take 5 oil change expensive

To give you an idea of how the prices of Take 5 are relatively higher than other car service centers, look at the following table:

Car Service CenterRegular OilSynthetic BlendFull Synthetic
Take 5$42.99$62.99$79.99
Pep Boys$18$28$48
Jiffy Lube$46.99$76.99$99.99
Redline Auto Sportsn/a$41.00$59.00

As you can see, the oil change price at Take 5 is higher than other companies, but it is also lower than the others. That indicates how Take 5’s oil change service is positioned in the market. In short, it is not the most expensive oil change service in town.

Again, why is the Take 5 oil change so expensive? Take 5 offers oil that your car needs. No need for an appointment since they have a drive-thru service. If the price is expensive, perhaps they performed other services your car requires.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Full Oil Change at Take 5?

If you take your car to a Take 5 oil location for an oil change, the service staff will offer you their full oil change service. This means your total oil change bill will be based on several factors, which are as follows:

  1. Cost per quart of the motor oil required or the oil you want
  2. Total quantity of motor oil that is used
  3. Additional services that your engine or car may require

Here are the prices of motor oils that you can use at Take 5, arranged from the highest to the lowest:

  1. Castrol Edge Extended Performance (synthetic) – $84.99
  2. Castrol Edge (synthetic) – $76.93
  3. Castrol GTX Magnetic (blend) – $58.93
  4. Castrol GTX High Mileage – $56.93
  5. Castrol GTX Ultra Clean – $41.93
  6. 5-Minute Conventional – $41.93

Why Choose Take 5 for an Oil Change?

If you want to know the reasons why choosing Take 5 for an oil change is the best, consider the attitude by which this company conducts its business:

  1. Take 5 aims to set high service standards in their oil change service and other car services
  2. Customer satisfaction is a priority.
  3. Take 5 provides the best staff training so their customers can get the best service from them.

In addition, other things Take 5 tries to provide their customers every time they come in for an oil change:

1. Take 5 Will Attend to Your Concern Immediately After You Arrive

To ensure that you will be attended to as soon as you drive your vehicle in their service shop, Take 5 assigns two inspectors to every location. This means two inspectors are always on duty where ever Take 5 outlets you go.

2. No Need for an Appointment

You don’t have to make an appointment before you go because there will surely be someone who will attend to your needs at Take 5. It’s better if you will schedule an appointment so you can go there precisely at the appointed time.

However, this is unnecessary because with two service staff on duty daily, someone will perform the oil change for your car.

3. Quick Oil Change

You won’t spend more time than necessary at Take 5. This service company takes pride in giving their customers fast oil change services. Take 5 has simplified its oil change process to do it faster than other car service shops.

This enables them to check and inspect the fluid levels under your car’s hood. On average, the oil change service at Take 5 only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Staff Won’t Sell You Products You Don’t Need

Another reason it is better to have an oil change at Take 5 is that their service staff will not sell you anything except the items you need to change your motor oil. You can’t say that with other oil change service companies.

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Who Is Take 5 Oil Change?

what does a take 5 oil change cost

In a nutshell, Take 5 offers not just an oil change but a complete and detailed vehicle inspection, as well as vital components and fluid level checks. They inspect the following:

  • Engine oil and engine coolant levels,
  • Exhaust system,
  • Head and tail lights, and
  • Serpentine belt.

Take 5 was established in 1984. It opened its first location in Metairie, Louisiana. Initially, this company’s name was Rapid Oil Change. They offered fast oil changes, minor vehicle repairs, and related maintenance services.

Today, there are more than 500 Take 5 locations in 18 states. In 1996, Rapid Oil transformed its oil change service into a five-minute format. They did it to advertise their dream of emphasizing their oil change service.

A significant reason why many customers around the United States choose Take 5 for an oil change is the convenience that it brings. If your car has no pressing issue besides a simple oil change, you won’t spend more than 5 minutes inside a Take 5 service outlet.

Other service shops of other companies usually take about an hour or even more to perform an oil change, especially if it is unscheduled.

In Closing

The cost of your oil change at Take 5 depends on the oil type that your car engine requires. An oil change will cost more if your car engine needs full synthetic oil. Then if other related services were performed on your car, they would also be added to your final bill. 

The reason why Take 5 is famous among oil change customers can be gleaned from the brand name. They always try to provide their customers with the fastest oil change service they can get in the market. If it is only a straightforward oil change, they will only spend 5 minutes doing it.