Yamaha FZ6 Specs and Review

A high horsepower motorcycle like the Yamaha FZ6 can be intimidating to a novice rider. But even if you are a beginner, you will be able to manage the Yamaha FZ6 reasonably well. In this article, I’ll describe the FZ6 motorbike, including all of its specs and features. 

The Yamaha Motor Company produced the Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle from 2004 to 2010. It is powered by a 600cc in-line, four-stroke gasoline engine. On average, the FZ7 can generate 94.54 to 98 horsepower and achieve a top speed of 135 miles per hour.

Despite its high power, the Yamaha FZ6 is a great bike for novice riders. It is a comfortable middleweight bike, having a wet weight of around 459 pounds or 208 kilograms. Its riding position is more upright and touring-friendly. Overall, the FZ6 looks sharp, has excellent handling, a brilliant motor, and offers huge versatility.

Read on to learn more about the Yamaha FZ6, its background, its specs and features, and its pros and cons.

About the Yamaha FZ6

yamaha fz6

The Yamaha FZ6 enjoyed a reasonably lengthy production run that began in 2004 and lasted until 2010. Through these years, Yamaha was able to produce five models of the FZ6 before they decided to stop its production.

From 2006 to 2007, Yamaha made some major makeovers on the FZ6. These included the modifications on the engine itself and the conversion to fuel injection. After these major upgrades, Yamaha did not perform any more changes in the FZ6. There were only minor, aesthetic changes that were done on the bike until 2010.

For those who have a good sense of control, the FZ6 can be a great starter bike. This bike has enough power that can get you in some difficult situations easily. However, if you can keep its horsepower under control, your ride will be comfortable.

If you can manage its power well, you will find that the Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle offers good handling and braking. Overall, it is a great bike for novice riders that you can use to go everywhere. In that sense, you can say that it is a good all-around bike.

The FZ6 2007 model, in particular, is very versatile. It is middleweight because of its light but the strong aluminum frame. The FZ6 has a fuel-injected R6 engine which gave it more midrange power than its carbureted predecessors.

This Yamaha motorbike was also fitted with a new swingarm, revised injection mapping, seat, fairing, and four-pot brake caliper. It was regarded as an all-around bike because you can do almost anything with it. It can take you anywhere you want to go.

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Yamaha FZ6 Production Runs

Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. produced the FZ6 from 2004 to 2010. During its 5 to 6 years production runs, this motorbike model went into 5 revisions. The years it was modified were in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and lastly in 2010. Here are the revisions are done on the FZ6:

1. FZ6 2006

  • The engine was revised along with some parts of its frame
  • Fuel injection mapping was optimized to increase its torque at lower revolutions per minute

2. FZ6 2007

  • The fairing and windscreen were upgraded
  • Fuel injection was again updated
  • The bike received a new instrument cluster complete with a digital speedometer and an analog tachometer.
  • The bike also received new passenger footpegs.

3. FZ6 2008

The FZ6 European model, known as the FZ6 Fazer S2, received the ABS (anti-lock braking system) and the electronic immobilizer.

4. FZ6 2009

The seat is upgraded to make the motor bike more comfortable

5. FZ6 2010

The fully-faired variant of the FZ6, the FZ6R, was launched. It replaced the naked FZ6 in the middleweight sport motorcycle lineup of Yamaha.

Yamaha FZ6 Features


The Yamaha FZ6 has many features that make it a good buy at the time it was introduced. Even now, there are many used FZ6 that are still in good running condition that is still worth buying. Here are some of the essential features of the Yamaha FZ6:

1. Very Capable Engine

The Yamaha FZ6 is fitted with a 600 cc, liquid-cooled, inline, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine. In the mid-range, the engine of the FZ6 is quite strong. You’ll be able to rev this engine up to 12,000 rpm to produce its maximum power of 98 hp.

It can carry you uphill if you rev it up to 10,000 rpm. At this rpm, it can produce a maximum torque of 46.5 lb.-ft or 63.1 Nm. It will be easy for you to overtake the slow vehicle at the front since you can rev up its engine to reach its maximum speed of 135 mph.

2. Great in Fuel Economy

The engine of the Yamaha FZ6 is very frugal in its consumption of gasoline. From actual tests, it achieved 40 to 50 miles per gallon of fuel. With a full tank of about 5.1 US gallons, you will be able to drive this motorbike for 200 miles.

Many have found this as an excellent fuel economy for a middle-weight motorbike. But its Fazer version is much more fuel-efficient. This version has a more aerodynamic fairing than the stock Yamaha FZ6.

3. Comfortable Ride Over Long Distances

The Fazer version of the FZ6 offers better touring because of its half-fairing, which is essentially a windscreen and an extension under the handlebars. You can get your naked FZ6 with an aftermarket fairing to achieve the same degree of comfort.

While the seat of this bike is firm, it is not that hard. The riding position is also comfortable. Along with the fairing, ride quality is excellent. This bike can be a lightweight tourer if you fit it with a top box or tank bag and a set of throw-over panniers. At 70 mph, the Frazer can help you cover big miles.

4. Great Handling and Ride Quality

All the generations of the Yamaha FZ6 have excellent handling capabilities. The FZ6 has ample ground clearance even if you don’t adjust the stock suspension. This is made possible because Yamaha FZ6 is a bit stiff compared to the standard setting.

With its low seat height, you can maneuver the FZ6 quite easily in the city. It also has a perfect turning circle because of the engineering that went into its design. However, the shocks have to be replaced once the FZ6 nears the 20,000-mile mark since this is the time when their damping will be gone.

5. Riding Dynamics

The Yamaha FZ6 has a softer suspension system compared to many sportbikes. So, it has quite a bit of lift and dive when you squeeze on the brakes or give it a throttle. It is possible to lift its front wheel off the ground, but you need to be careful.

Don’t worry because it won’t accidentally happen. The high-revving engine of the FZ6 can only achieve full power at 12,000 RPM. Even with its robust strength, the FZ6 is very rideable at lower revs. It can offer you a spirited ride even at the low 4,000 to 9,000 rpm range.

6. Dependable Braking System

The front and rear brakes will help you keep the FZ6 under the speed limit. At the front are dual 298 mm discs with 2 piston calipers for the 2004 to 2006 model years and four-piston calipers for the 2007 to 2010 model years. The rear brake is a 245 mm disc with one piston caliper. The ABS option was also made available in the recent models of the FZ6.

7. Acceptable Fuel Efficiency

The R6 engine of the Yamaha FZ6 consumes gasoline at an acceptable rate. In regular drives, it will consume measured amounts of fuel. It will normally consume one gallon of fuel for every 37 miles. That’s about 6.3 liters for every 100 kilometers.

However, when you pin the throttle and the revs are climbing high, fuel efficiency is thrown out of the window. Your mileage will dive if you always twist the throttle every time you take the FZ6 on the road.

Yamaha FZ6 Specs and Review

The Yamaha FZ6 is one of Yamaha Motor Company Limited motorcycle models. It was launched in 2004 and enjoyed a reasonably lengthy production run that lasted until 2010. During its time, it was considered a good beginner bike even if it can produce tremendous power reaching about 98 horsepower.

The Yamaha FZ6 is a 600 cc in-line, four-stroke gasoline engine that can produce from 94.54 to 98 hp at 12,000 RPM. It can reach a top speed of 135 mph, all things being considered.

The Yamaha FZ6 is a comfortable middleweight motorbike with a wet weight of about 459 pounds or 208 kilos. It has a riding position that is more upright than slanted. This makes it touring friendly.

With its engine and its frame design, many bikers consider the FZ6 as a good all-around motorbike. It is also a good-looking bike overall.

Yamaha FZ6 Specs

yamaha fz6 specs

Here are some of the specifications of the Yamaha FZ6 that is important for you to know:

  • Engine type: 600 cc, liquid-cooled, inline, four-stroke, four-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Maximum horsepower: 98 hp. /73 kW. at 12,000 RPM
  • Maximum torque: 46.5 lb.-ft./63.1 Nm at 10,000 RPM
  • Seat height: 2000 to the 2006 year models – 31.5 inches/800 mm; 26.6 in.; 2007 to the 2010 year models – 31.3 in. /795 mm.
  • Overall length: 82.5 in. /2095 mm.
  • Ground Clearance: 5.7 in. /145 mm.
  • Wet weight: 456 lb. /207 kg.
  • Average range: 118 miles /190 kilometers
  • Fuel capacity: 5.1 US gal. /19.4 liters
  • Front suspension: 43 mm telescopic fork, 5.1″ (130 mm) travel
  • Rear suspension: Single shock, adjustable preload; 5.1″ (130 mm) travel
  • Brakes: Front – 2004 – 2006: Dual 298 mm floating discs w/2-piston slide pin-type calipers; 2007 – 2009: Dual 298.0 × 5.0 mm (11.73 × 0.20 in) floating discs w/4-piston monoblock calipers
  • Brakes: Rear – 245 × 5.0 mm (9.65 × 0.20 in) mm disc w/single-piston caliper

Full Specifications of the Yamaha FZ6

The following table will give you the full specs of the Yamaha FZ6. It includes everything from the details of the engine up to the description of the other parts of the motorcycle:

Model NameYamaha FZ6
Bike TypeCruiser
Production2004 to 2010
Engine Type599 cc., Inline four, four cylinders, DOHC, 16v, liquid-cooled gasoline engine
Power98 bhp. (72kW) @ 12,000rpm
Torque49 lb.-ft. (63Nm) @ 11,700rpm
Transmission6 speed, chain final drive
Bore x Stroke65.5 x 44.5 mm.
Fuel TypeGasoline
Mileage and Performance 
Top speed140 mph
Average fuel consumption43mpg
Max range to empty (theoretical)192 miles
Reserve capacity30 miles
Tank size5.1 US gal. /19 liters
Front brake2 x 298mm discs, two-piston calipers (four-piston on S2)
Rear brake245mm disc, one-piston caliper
Rider AidsABS optional
Front suspension43mm telescopic forks
Rear suspensionMonoshock
Rear suspension adjustmentAdjustable spring preload
Dimension and Weight 
Dimensions6.87 ft. x 2.48 ft. x 3.56 ft. (2095mm x 755mm 1085mm) (LxWxH)
Seat height2.6 ft. /795mm
Wheelbase4.72 ft. /1440mm
Ground clearance0.476 ft. /145mm
Dry weight412 lbs. /187kg
FrameCast aluminum twin spar

Yamaha FZ6 Pros and Cons

To complete this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Yamaha FZ6. Overall, it is a great motorbike for beginners, but it still has some drawbacks:


  • The FZ6 is fast. It can speed from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.7 seconds. To reach the quarter-mile, it only needs 12.3 seconds. Its power is predictable and addictive.
  • Its integrated center stand makes it easy to work with. This configuration also helps in tucking it away discreetly when not in use.
  • It has an upright position that is great for those who don’t want to lean forward as they ride.


  • ABS is only optional. It would be great if it were standard on all models.
  • It can only go as far as its 5.1-gallon tank will allow. That is a bit low at 112 to 124 miles (180 to 200 km.).
  • The instrument cluster is just barebones. It does not light up at night as well.

Conclusion: Yamaha FZ6 Review

The Yamaha FZ6 is one of the motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. It is propelled by a 600 cc in-line, four-stroke, and four-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine can produce 94.54 to 98 horsepower. If given the right conditions, this motorbike can achieve a top speed of 135 miles per hour.

This Yamaha motorcycle is regarded by many as a beginner’s bike. Its lightweight makes it very easy to maneuver. The upright riding position of the motorcycle also makes it look good on the road.