Yamaha WR250X Specs and Review

The Yamaha WR250X dual-sport motorcycle is well-known for providing a mix of reliability and performance. In this Yamaha WR250X review, I’ll list all of its specs and features so you can decide if it is the right bike for you.

The Yamaha WR250X is a motorbike that belongs to Yamaha’s WR motorcycle line. It is a road bike (as opposed to an off-road bike) that comes with the following specifications:

  • Engine Type – single cylinder, four-stroke
  • Displacement – 250 cc (15.26 cu.in.)
  • Maximum Power – 30.3 hp. (22.1 kW) at 10,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque – 23.7 nM (17.5 lb.-ft.) at 8,000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 80 mph
  • Seat Height – 35.2 in. (894 mm)

The Yamaha WR250X is part of Yamaha’s WR line of motorcycles. One of its siblings, the WR250R, is more of an off-road-biased dirt bike with off-road wheels and tires. Comparing the WR250R vs WR250X, the WR250X is designed with specs and more adapted components for on-road conditions. 

Read on to learn more about the Yamaha WR250X, its background, its key features, some of its pros and cons, and its full specs.

About the Yamaha WR250X


Yamaha Motor Company first produced the Yamaha WR250X from 2007 to 2008. Its very first model was launched in 2008. There were several model iterations throughout the following years going up to the year 2014. 

Here are some of the important details of the Yamaha WR250X as it went through its different model transformations from 2008 to 2014:

1. Yamaha WR250X Model 2007 – 2008

Yamaha Motor Company basically states that the 2008 WR250X is a mixture of the DNAs of the company’s YZ and WR motorcycle models. The combination of the two models produced a real dual-sport bike.

This makes the WR250X perfect for riders who want faster speeds on the pavement and can still hit dirt roads once in a while. The WR250X is a relatively lightweight bike, so it offers easy maneuverability as well as agility. So, it has all the properties that enable it to handle both the pavement and the dirt road.

The frame of the Yamaha WR250X is both slender and brawny, making weaving through tight traffic relatively easy. Yamaha engineers have revised its frame components to make it rigid and reduce its weight simultaneously.

These design revisions made it easier for 2008 WR250X to perform precise cornering. Additionally, this motorbike comes with adjustable Kayaba suspensions allowing you to do all the kinds of setups that you would want with it. This is great for custom-oriented riders.

2. Yamaha WR250X Model 2009 – 2010

Yamaha says that the 2010 WR250X inherited the genes of the WR endure and the YZ motocross motorcycles. This motorbike utilizes the best that these two bikes can offer. It is the perfect machine for those who want to ride mostly on the pavement.

This Yamaha WRr250X supermoto enables those who love the WR250R (a dirt bike). It has the same character, weight, feel, and WR250R’s size but with an enhanced grip and a street-oriented design.

Its 250 cc fuel-injection engine comes with many electronic enhancements that control its intake and exhaust. This setup enables the engine to achieve optimal combustion resulting in improvement in its power range. The electric starting system is a standard feature for 2010 WR250X – an added convenience.

This motorbike also has a WR-style enduro instrument panel that offers a dual-mode display. The Basic mode has the speed, self-diagnostic function, trip meter, and clock. In the other mode, called measurement mode, there is a distance-compensating trip meter, stopwatch, and other indicators.

3. Yamaha WR250X Model 2010 – 2011

Overall the Yamaha WR250X 2010 to 2011 has basically the same specs, features, and capabilities as the 2009 to 2010 model. It appears that Yamaha Motor Company did not make any major change in the design and character of the WR250X model 2009 -2010. So, most of the specs and features of this year’s model are almost the same as that of the previous year.

4. Yamaha WR250X Model 2011 – 2012

Yamaha Motor Company placed the WR250X Model 2011 -2012 in the category of enduring/off-road. This motorbike is not a pure enduro but is a dual-purpose motorcycle designed for riders who engage in both types of riding but would choose to ride more often on off-roads than on pavements.

The Yamaha WR250X Model 2011 -2012 also inherited the genes of the WR endure and the YZ motocross machines. It also combined the best qualities of the two. All the other features of the previous model years are carried over to this generation of motorcycles.

5. Yamaha WR250X Model 2012 – 2014

The Yamaha WR250X Model 2012 -2013 is also classified by its manufacturer as an endure/off-road motorbike. This model is designed for supermotard drifting aggressions. Its 250 cc engine can rev a maximum of 10,000 rpm to produce maximum torque and power that can safely carry the rider through sliding corners.

2012 to 2013 WR250X model is also perfect for the track as well as on city streets. It can also be used for commuting in the city. This motorbike also offers features and capabilities that are both adapted to newbies and experienced riders.

The Yamaha WR250X 2014 model has an aluminum frame that comes with race specs and race suspension. But this bike also has good fuel efficiency. It can take on the city pavement as well as the tracks quite well.

Yamaha WR250X Key Specs and Features

yamaha wr250x

The key specifications of the Yamaha WR250X have basically remained the same through its many years of production. These key specs are the following:

  • Engine Type – four valves, liquid cooled single cylinder
  • Engine Size – 250 cc
  • Maximum Power – 30.3 hp. at 10,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque – 23.7 nM at 8,000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 80 mph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 2 gal. (7.6 ltr.)
  • Tank Range – 120 miles
  • Seat Height – 35.2 inches
  • Bike Weight – 300 lb. (136 kg.)

The Yamaha WR250X motorbike has many features that offer lots of advantages to riders, both newbies and veterans. But some of the key features that you need to know are the following:

  • Powerful engine
  • Compact 16 bit ECU
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Lightweight exhaust system
  • Frame That’s Lightweight
  • Lightweight swingarm
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Radial sports tire

Detailed Features of the Yamaha WR250X

Following is a more detailed discussion of the functional features of the Yamaha WR250X motorcycle:

1. Powerful Engine

This liquid-cooled engine of the Yamaha WR250X can crank 30 hp. and generate 17.5 lb.-ft of torque. It also offers super convenience in starting the motor because it has an electric starter. Fast restarts in any gear are also possible because of the engine’s automatic decompression system.

2. Compact 16 Bit ECU

The compact ECU of the Yamaha WR250X comes with 3D ignition mapping to adjust the engine’s power characteristics. It provides optimal timings at all RPMs to enable quick engine response.

3. 6-Speed Transmission

The transmission system of the Yamaha WR250X offers a wide gear ratio, which is designed for racing, both on and off-road. For improved reliability, it uses a “shower type” lubrication system.

4. Lightweight Frame

This motorbike has a compact and lightweight semi-double-cradle aluminum frame. Its mainframe is made of cast aluminum. Forged aluminum is used beneath the mainframe under the steering head. There are also separate detachable down tubes that are made of thin-walled high tensile steel.

The design of this frame enables this dual-sport motorcycle to have a low center of gravity. This results in razor-sharp handling and a light feel. It also enhances stability and causes less fatigue for the rider.

5. Lightweight Exhaust System

The exhaust system of the Yamaha WR250X motorcycle comes with a compact 3-stage expansion type upswept muffler with a honeycomb converter and a stainless steel header. This setup reduces the bike’s exhaust emissions.

This exhaust system also maximizes engine power. It also allows trouble-free oil filter replacement. A cleanable screen-type spark arrestor is also included, and heat shields protect the rider and passenger.

6. Great Suspension Performance

The Yamaha WR250X comes with a 46 mm, adjustable inverted Kayaba cartridge fork. This fork provides great suspension performance. The travel of the front wheel is 10.6 inches. Adjustments of the front fork include a 19-way rebound damping and a 20-way compression damping.

7. Lightweight Swingarm

The swingarm of the WR250X is made of aluminum and is tapered as well. Its components are a mixture of forged, cast, and extruded aluminum. The rear part at the chain adjusters is forged, the cross member at the front is cast, and the main swingarm is extruded. 

Full Specs of the Yamaha WR250X

yamaha wr250x specs

As has already been mentioned, all the year models of the Yamaha WR250X have basically the same key specs. The only minor differences they have throughout their production years are the dimensions of certain components. But with their power, capabilities, main dimensions, and fuel efficiency, they are practically the same.

With that said, here are the full specifications of the Yamaha WR250X 2014 model:

Engine typeSingle cylinder, four-stroke
Displacement250.0 cc (15.26 cubic inches)
Power30.3 HP (22.1 kW)) at 10000 RPM
Torque23.7 Nm (17.5 lb.-ft.) at 8000 RPM
Valves per cylinder4
Cooling systemLiquid-cooled
Fuel systemInjection
Fuel controlDouble Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
Fuel consumption3.31 liters/100 km (30.2 km/l or 71.06 mpg)
Greenhouse gases76.8 CO2 g/km. (CO2 – Carbon dioxide emission)
Fuel capacity2.00 gallons (7.57 liters)
Engine oil capacity1.59 US quarts (1.50 liters)
Transmission type, final driveChain
Chassis, Suspension 
Rake (fork angle)25.0°
Trail76 mm (3.0 inches)
Front suspensionInverted fork
Rear suspensionSingle shock
Wheels, Tires 
Front-wheel travel10.6 inches (269 mm)
Rear-wheel travel10.4 inches (264 mm)
Front tire110/70-17
Rear tire140/70-17
Front brakesSingle disc. Hydraulic disc. Hydraulic disc
Diameter11.7 inches (298 mm)
Rear brakesSingle disc
Diameter9.1 inches (230 mm)
Seat height35.2 inches (894 mm) If adjustable, lowest setting
Overall height46.9 inches (1191 mm)
Overall length83.3 inches (2115 mm)
Overall width31.9 inches (810 mm)
Ground clearance10.2 inches (259 mm)
Wheelbase56.1 inches (1425 mm)
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc.:299.8 pounds (136.0 kg)

Yamaha WR250X Pros and Cons

This review will not be complete if we don’t discuss some of the pros and cons of the Yamaha WR250X:

The Pros

Build Quality and Reliability

The build quality of this motorbike is good. It is also very dependable. Its components and alloy frame look great, and its overall style is also nice. If driven properly, its engine will operate without so many issues. But its oil level needs constant monitoring as it has a relatively smaller engine.

Ease of Ride

The Yamaha WR250X is one of the easiest motorbikes to ride. It will only take many riders about 5 minutes to get used to its handling characteristics. In terms of maneuverability, the Yamaha WR250X can score 10 out of 10.

The Cons

Not Friendly to Passengers

This motorbike is really great for solo riding. But once you allow a passenger at the back, this bike seems to struggle in the acceleration department.

Pause in Acceleration

In accelerating this bike from a stop and its engine has not warmed up yet, there is a noticeable pause before it picks up the speed.

Conclusion: Yamaha WR250X Specs and Review

The Yamaha WR250X is a road motorcycle made by Yamaha Motor Company. It belongs to the WR motorcycle line of Yamaha. This motorbike has the following key specs:

  • Engine Type – single cylinder, four-stroke
  • Displacement – 250 cc (15.26 cu.in.)
  • Maximum Power – 30.3 hp. (22.1 kW) at 10,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque – 23.7 nM (17.5 lb.-ft.) at 8,000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 80 mph
  • Seat Height – 35.2 in. (894 mm)

This motorcycle is part of the WR motorcycle line of Yamaha. Its sibling, the Yamaha WR250R, is more for off-road use. When comparing WR250X vs WR250R, the former specs are more adapted to on-road conditions while the latter is more for off-roading.