What Does YMMV Mean? [YMMV Acronym Definition]

A common term you might hear at a car dealership or repair shop is YMMV. What does YMMV mean? 

YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary.” Car dealerships originally used this saying to describe how much mileage a car can get. However, YMMV is now used by companies selling products and services to indicate that the results are different from one person to another.

The usage of YMMV is most common in the automobile industry. However, YMMV is also commonly used in the credit card industry to refer to products or services available to certain people. YMMV is also be used in sharing experiences, writing reviews, and expressing an opinion. 

Read on to learn more about YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), and what YMMV means.

What Does YMMV Mean? [YMMV Acronym Definition] 

ymmv meaning

YMMV means Your Mileage May Vary. It is an acronym that you will commonly encounter in the automobile industry, especially in online advertisements. This means that while the ad is as truthful as possible, it isn’t definite. This is because the actual results will vary from one case to another. 

When automobile manufacturers advertise their vehicles, they often indicate their mileage. This is a gauge of its overall performance and fuel efficiency, among other things. Nonetheless, the mileage given may not be the same for all people. Therefore, as the disclaimer, they will add the acronym YMMV in their marketing materials. 

YMMV is a slang term that has been around since the 1970s or 1980s, even before the internet was prevalent. At that time, vehicle manufacturers promote mileage as a way of beating the competition. Nonetheless, driving conditions are different, so there is no way to provide an exact mileage. This was when the use of YMMV became popular. 

From text messages to online advertisements, the use of YMMV became more popular. Today, you can see it in promotional materials and reviews, tweets, message boards, and online forums. 

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency mandates new vehicles to go through emission tests. These tests will measure mileage in both highway and city driving. However, it is almost impossible to come up with the exact numbers. Hence, YMMV is often used to indicate that things may be different in your specific situation. 

Examples of Using YMMV 

To better understand the YMMV definition, let’s talk about some of its practical examples and uses in real-world conversations. 

Example 1

Lexus NX 200T For Sale 

Price: $32,999

Fuel Economy: 24 mpg (City), 32 mpg (Highway) *YMMV 

The example above is a simple ad that describes the basics of a Lexus NX2005 that is for sale online. The fuel economy shows the average consumption for city and highway driving. The addition of the YMMV initials at the end, however, means that these are not absolute numbers. 

While fuel economy is based on standard tests, they mimic typical conditions. Nonetheless, it can be different from one person to another. Factors like the specific location, weather, vehicle condition, and fuel type can make the mileage different. Hence, the use of YMMV. 

Example 2

Ben: I have been driving a Tesla 3 and enjoying how efficient it is. 

Jon: How is the mileage? 

Ben: It is around 150 MPGe for city driving, but YMMV. 

In this example, Ben is telling Jon how he loves his Tesla 3. Jon then asked him about its mileage, and Ben said 150 MPGe (miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent). Ben followed up by saying that Jon’s experience can be different. 

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YMMV Meaning in the Automobile Industry 

ymmv means

While the use of YMMV has its roots in the automobile market, it is an everyday slang in other conversations:

1. Comparison and Review of Products 

Another popular usage of YMMV is when comparing the performance of different products, not just vehicles. You will often encounter it in buying guides and product reviews. It shows how the experience of the reviewer may be different from the experience of other people. 

Example 1

“This phone has an exceptional battery, which can last throughout the day, but YMMV.”

The statement that includes YMMV means while the reviewer or writer enjoys a whole-day battery for the phone, this may not be the exact case for others. For instance, if you use mobile data more than Wi-Fi, then your battery will drain more. Likewise, if you are on call for hours, the battery will also deplete quicker. Hence, your mileage may vary. 

Example 2

Sam: Have you tried ordering food at Grubhub? How was it? 

Anne: Yes, I did. It arrived late and the food does not look appetizing, but YMMV. 

In the conversation above, Anne shared that she had a bad experience with Grubhub, noting that her order was late and did not look presentable upon arrival. While she was unhappy, she also knows that Sam’s experience can be entirely different, which is why she used YMMV at the end of her statement. 

YMMV is also commonly used in the credit card industry to refer to products or services available to certain people.

2. Explaining How to Do Something 

If you are trying to explain a process to someone, but the steps can vary while still achieving the same result, then this is another instance where you can use YMMV. 


“I love making tacos with my version of pineapple salsa. However, most of my customers still prefer the taste of the classic tomato salsa. So you can choose whatever you want for your recipe. YMMV, but it will still taste great as long as you have fresh seasoned ground beef.”

This example shows that one can either use tomato or pineapple salsa when making tacos. It does not matter since the tacos will still taste amazing as long as it has fresh meat as its main ingredient. 

3. Differences of Opinions 

Using YMMV is also common when expressing a disagreement. This initialism shows different opinions between two people who are talking, often via chat. It is almost similar to saying IMHO or, in my honest opinion. It shows how you are respectful enough to recognize that your opinions are different. 

Example 1

“I am not a fan of Kanye’s music. I find it too mainstream, and as an artist, he seems to be too full of himself. But such is just my opinion. YMMV.”

In this example, the speaker shares how he does not like Kanye’s music or him as a person. While he has some strong opinions about Kanye, he respects that you might have something different to say. 

Example 2

“I hate Thailand. It is so crowded and touristy. Everywhere I go, all I see are hedonistic backpackers. Parties are wild. People are crazy. I did not have a nice experience when I last traveled, but YMMV. It’s probably because I have been to the wrong cities in the country.”

Similar to the first example, it is also an expression of a different opinion. The person did not have a pleasant experience during a trip to Thailand. Nonetheless, that individual also admits that it is because he has been in the wrong places. Thus, the use of YMMV is a declaration that the other person’s experience can be slightly different. 

4. Sharing an Experience 

When you want to narrate an experience that can be different from other people, you have another good instance to use YMMV in your statement. You can use it when writing a comment or a message in an online discussion forum, among other platforms. 

Example 1

“I love this hotel, but I assume I was unlucky with my neighbors. They were partying all night, and I can hear the noise in my room. So I was not able to sleep well. But they have nice facilities and an accessible location. So you might want to give it a shot. YMMV.”

The conversation above is also similar to sharing a review or expressing an opinion. You are narrating an experience of your stay, but you are well aware that you might just have been unlucky with your neighbors. You know that your friend can have a more pleasant stay. 

Example 2

Mary: How was your new gym trainer? 

Ali: He was good and patient with me. I have been with him only for a month but have already made significant progress. I believe you can enjoy the same results. However, YMMV depending on the effort you exert. 

In this example, Ali is sharing how she had great results with the help of her gym trainer. However, she also knows that Mary may not exactly enjoy the same outcome as she had as this is highly dependent on how much effort she will put into working out.

Again, what does YMMV mean? What is the YMMV acronym definition? The acronym YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary.” Car dealerships originally used this saying to describe how much mileage a car can get. YMMV is now used by companies selling products and services to indicate that the results are different from one person to another.

The usage is most common in the automobile industry. Nonetheless, you can also use it in sharing experiences, writing reviews, and expressing an opinion. 

Other Possible YMMV Acronym Meanings

YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary.” Your Mileage May Vary is the most popular YMMV meaning. Nonetheless, it can also have other uses, including the following:

1. Your Method May Vary 

This refers to using different procedures when two people are talking. The outcome may be the same, but how the result is obtained can vary from one person to another. 

2. You Make Me Vomit 

It is commonly used to show how someone is getting sick of another person. This means that you are annoying or gross. For instance, you might have been doing something immoral or illegal, enough to make another person hate you. Or probably, you look and smell disgusting. 

3. Young Men’s Macho Vehicle 

In this instance, the use of YMMV refers to flashy and muscle cars that are often indicative of machismo. However, they have a different appeal and will turn heads on the road because of the vehicle’s handsome appearance. 

Other Automobile Slang and Acronyms You Need to Know 

what does ymmv mean
Full Dealer Service History

Before wrapping up, let’s quickly talk about other slang acronyms in the automobile industry, other than YMMV, that you might encounter:


This means full dealer service history. Like YMMV, this is another acronym that you will often see in ads for automobiles. It means that your purchase will come with a full record of everything the dealer has done to the unit. It is a must-have when buying a second-hand vehicle. 

2. LSD 

Most of you will probably think about drugs upon hearing or reading about LSD in online forums. Nonetheless, in cars, it means Limited Slip Differential. It is a vehicle additive that can do a lot to improve the overall performance.

3. ONO 

In the car advertisements, ONO means or nearest offer. This means that the seller is willing to consider a different price from the original but closest to their asking price. Meaning you have the chance to haggle. It is also used alternatively with OBO (or best offer), which means the same thing as ONO. 

4. POA 

Some sellers do not advertise the price of the cars they are selling. In many instances, you will see POA on the ad, which means the price of the application. This means that you have to get in touch with the seller before disclosing the price of the vehicle. Some might find this as a red flag. 

5. VGC 

When you are buying a second-hand car, this is one abbreviation that you will often see in the advert. This is because it stands in excellent condition. This means that the car is still as good as new. However, it is in an exceptional state from the interior to the exterior, which also commands a premium price. 

Conclusion – YMMV Meaning

What is YMMV? What does it mean? YMMV means your mileage may vary. It is an acronym most commonly used in the automobile industry. It means that the mileage of a specific vehicle may differ from one person to another. Certain factors can result in these differences, such as the road condition, weather, and state of the vehicle, among other things. 

It is often used to indicate that your experience can be different or a way of saying, in my opinion. Aside from automobiles, it is also used to review products or services or express a difference in opinion. 

As noted in this discussion about YMMV, it can mean other things beyond your mileage may vary. It can also mean “your method may vary,” “you make me vomit,” or “young men’s macho vehicle.”

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