How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh? [Smart Car Weight]

Smart Cars have become very popular due to their small size and excellent handling. One of the most common questions before buying a Smart Car is how much it weighs. How much does a Smart Car weigh?

A Smart Car weighs 1550 pounds on average for the first, second, and third-generation models. It weighs a bit heavier for the latest generation at 1850 pounds.

Read on to find out more about the dimensions of a Smart Car, its features, and the amazing reasons you should get one.

How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh?

how much does a smart car weigh

Smart Cars were made small and light for various reasons, with lots of science to back them up.

The Smart Car first, second, and third-generation models weigh about 1550 pounds on average. It weighs a bit heavier for the latest generation at 1850 pounds. The Smart Car has an average length of 106.1 inches and an average width of 61.4 inches. It has a wheelbase of 73.5 inches.

Compact and Light

The Smart Car was designed to be compact and light to require less gasoline to function. The Smart Car’s weight affects fuel consumption. If a Car is heavy, it will use more gasoline than a car that’s light.

Trivia: One other term used for car weight is “curb weight.” This term was coined because it refers to the car without passengers and sitting by the curb.

Designed to Carry Two People

The Smart Car is designed only to carry two people, including the driver. It was made this way to keep the weight low. Weight distribution in Smart Cars is excellent, and so they can perform better and go faster. Also, this feature is important in a car because the car’s stability depends on it.

Weight Distribution

A Smart Car has a weight distribution of approximately 50/50. This means that the weight is very evenly distributed between the back and the front. Although small and light, safety was never compromised when the Smart Car was created.

In fact, it allowed for more safety features like having a Tridion steel body interior that protects better from car crashes because it had low weight.

When a car has a good weight distribution, the wear and tear are usually also even. Imagine a car that is heavier in the front. The front tires and the front brakes will, naturally, wear down faster than in the rear. When you change the front tires and brakes, it’ll be better than the rear because they’re brand new. This may cause an imbalance in the car’s total performance.

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About Smart Car USA

Smart Cars are basically “smarter” than ordinary cars because they use advanced technology and advanced electronics. Smart Cars were first produced by the carmaker Smart USA. Swiss watch company, Swatch and luxury car company Mercedes-Benz teamed up in the early part of the 90s and came up with Smart USA.

From the time they rolled out the first-generation models, these cars quickly became popular as people saw how technologically advanced they were. As they released new generations for the cars, they came up with more innovations and made them much more efficient.

These Smart Cars use so much less gasoline, so they prove to be good for the pocket and the environment as well.

Smart Cars and Stability

The Smart Car, as we mentioned, has an even distribution of weight. This gives the Smart Car driver an edge with better handling and wheel control. Weight plays a big factor in stability.

This theory is proven with vehicles doing wheelies or lifting their front tires of the ground. When a vehicle can do this, weight is focused on the rear of the car.

On the flip side, if the car’s weight is focused on the front, you may feel like the force is all towards the car’s front if you suddenly brake. This shows why even weight distribution is significant.

Smart Cars and Safety

It’s common for consumers to wonder about the safety of a Smart Car, what with the weight and size it has. Smart Cars actually take pride in the safety features they have to offer.

A standard Smart Car will have four sets of airbags, placed strategically, plus headrests that can prevent whiplash injuries if a rear collision ever happens. They come equipped with comfortable bucket seats and modern seatbelts.

We mentioned earlier that the Smart Car has an enclosed interior in Tridion steel, making it secure and solid. The Tridion casing will protect the occupants if it crashes at speeds 70mph and lower. The car’s engine is at the rear, and so you can design the front with a crumple zone to offer further protection.

Yes, the Smart Car may be light, but it didn’t scrimp on safety features, for sure.

Smart Cars and Fuel Efficiency

The Smart Car has an average of 40 mpg for city driving. It can get to 70 mpg for driving on the freeway. Standard size cars can go an average of 20mpg. Smart Car models are totally electric-powered, so they don’t need fuel at all. These models can get to approximately 80 miles for a single charge. You can also recharge it in less than an hour to reach an 80% battery charge.

Smart Car Dimensions and Specs

smart car weight

The Smart Car was officially named ForTwo because, yes, as we all know, it seats only two people. What it lacks in size, it makes up in design and performance. Let’s take a closer look at its dimensions and specs:


The fuel-powered ForTwo runs on a 3 cylinder, 1.0-liter engine. Its engine can do 70 horsepower at 5,800 RPM. It has a torque of 68-foot pounds at 4500rpm. The Electric Drive, the ForTwo EV boasts of a 55kw motor that runs on a battery pack that’s 17.6kWh. The electric version can give you 47 horsepower with a torque of 96-foot pounds.

Exterior and Interior

The ForTwo has 2 models – the coupe and the convertible. These two had similar dimensions. Both had a length of 106.1 inches and a wheelbase of 73.5 inches. They also had a width of 61.4 inches and a height of 60.7 inches.

Storage space at the rear was 7.8 cubic feet. Headroom for the driver and passenger measured 39.7 inches, and legroom measured 41.2 inches. Not bad for a compact car.

Again, how much does a Smart Car weigh? A Smart Car or Smart Fortwo weighs approximately 1,500 pounds. Its length, width, and height are 8 feet, 5 feet, and 5 feet, respectively.

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Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Car

There are many benefits to getting a Smart Car. Let’s take a look at these benefits and notice the small thing (pun intended):

1. Parking Is Easy

The Smart Car has an average length of 106.1 inches or a little over 8 feet. A car that size makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and makes parallel parking a walk in the park. It’ll fit in spaces that are too small for regular-sized cars.

2. Great Fuel Efficiency

The Smart Car provides supreme fuel efficiency with a little less than 50mpg for city driving and above 65mpg for driving on the freeway. The Smart Car has a fully electric model that requires zero fuel, so carbon emissions are very low.

3. Well Built

The smart USA is a subsidiary of the European company Mercedes Benz. That alone speaks volumes. Mercedes Benz is popular for its well-built cars, so you can be assured that you’re getting the same with your Smart Car.

4. Comfortable Interior

Small doesn’t necessarily mean uncomfortable. The Smart Car has bucket seats designed for comfort and safety. It is also more spacious than it looks, allowing for good legroom in both seats. There’s also the option of going for the four-door Smart Car, a model that’s slightly bigger than the ForTwo.

5. Offers Good Value for Money

The Smart car costs anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the model. The full-electric models start at $25,000. True, you can get a second-hand car for less than that amount. But, then, the Smart Car is a car from the makers of Mercedes Benz, and it’s a good way to save up on fuel expenses. Brand new versus second-hand, go figure.

6. Option to Go Fully Electric

The fuel-powered Smart Cars show impressive fuel efficiency with 50 to 70mpg. Now, imagine a Smart Car that totally doesn’t need gas. The Smart Car has a fully electric model that requires less than two hours for a full charge! The company actually has plans to manufacture only electric cars because of the high demand for them.

7. Can Weather Through the Storm

You’ll be surprised at how the Smart Car can get you through bad weather. Yes. It’s no 4×4 and, of course, can’t breeze through rough terrain, but it can certainly drive through rain, snow, or sleet. During the winter season, all you need to do is change the tires to snow tires, and it will get you through the season.

8. It’s Stylish

There’s something about the way the Smart Car is built that makes it look stylish and classy. It’s a car you can use for work every day, yet stylish enough to drive into a fancy restaurant.

FAQs on the Smart Car

weight of a smart car

IsIs There a Smart Car That Can Sit More than Two People?

Yes, the Smart ForFour, as the name implies, can seat four people. It’s slightly bigger than the ForTwo and weighs about 2645 pounds. It has a range of between 90 – 160km.

IIs the Smart Car Expensive to Insure?

The gasoline-powered Smart Car will have insurance rates that are the same for any gasoline-powered car.

However, the fully electric models will be more expensive to insure. In some states, it could be 21 percent more than what you would pay for gasoline-powered cars. Roughly, car insurance could be anywhere from $3500 to $4000 annually for these models.

Can a Smart Car Be Towed?

Yes, you can tow the Smart Car. In fact, because of its size and weight, it’s easy to tow behind any RV or any vehicle that’s bigger than the Smart Car.

What Kind of Transmission Does the Smart Car Have?

The Smart ForTwo offers you a choice of 5-speed automatic or manual transmission. The manual transmission is slightly different from your normal manual transmission vehicles, as it has a computer-operated clutch. It comes without a clutch pedal, and you’ll need to shift manually through the stick shift or with paddles located behind the steering wheel.

Does the Smart Car Have Storage Space?

Although the car’s cargo space isn’t that huge, it had a storage area that’s 21 inches deep, 39 inches wide, and 27 inches tall. If you’re driving alone and need more storage space, you can use the passenger seat for more storage as you can tilt it flat.

Conclusion: Smart Car Weight

A company that’s a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz manufactures the Smart Car, so you’re sure that it’s well built and come with an array of features.

Smart Cars weigh 1550 pounds on average for the first, second, and third-generation models. It weighs a bit heavier for the latest generation at 1850 pounds. Its dimensions are average length – 106.1 inches, average width o- 61.4 inches. It has a wheelbase of 73.5 inches.

If you’re thinking of getting a Smart Car, we gave a few reasons why it’s a good idea to do so. Yes, the Smart Car may be small and light, but it’s definitely not lightweight for features and performance.

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