Mazda Miata Rx7 Specs and Review

Mazda produced two car models that seemed similar to each other, mainly because of their names. These cars are the Mazda Miata and the Mazda Rx7. These two cars are both sports cars. In this article, I’ll review the Mazda Miata Rx7 specs.

With better handling and a lower center of gravity, the Mazda Miata Rx7 is a fast sports car. The Mazda RX7 is also an affordable sports car. They are manufactured by the same company – Mazda Motor Corporation. One car is faster than the other.

With its small 1.6-liter B series engine producing 116 horsepower, the Mazda Miata Rx7 is a fun and nimble car. The Mazda RX7 is also a sports car but is a bit heavier. Both cars can perform well on the track, although the Miata offers more relaxed driving because of its lighter weight.

Read on to learn more about the Mazda Miata Rx7, its specs, and some reviews.

Mazda Miata Rx7 and Mazda RX7 Specifications

Mazda Miata Rx7

Mazda Miata Rx7

Offers Better Handling

For those looking for a fast sports car, a vehicle they can consider is the Mazda Miata. It offers better handling and has a lower center of gravity. This car has a rotary engine which enables it to provide a low-shine performance.

Launched in 1989

Mazda launched the Miata in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show. Mazda produced its first generation from 1989 to 1997. This sports car is slightly similar to the Lotus Elan of the 1960s.

Its NB version is the only generation with a factory-built turbocharged variant – the Mazdaspeed MX-5.

Remarkable Fuel Mileage

This car’s fuel mileage is also remarkable. Its engine is also mounted on the front of the rear wheels improving its rotation and traction, making driving easy. Its power delivery is linear and even, and the response of its throttle is better than the rotary midrange.

Powered by a 1.3-L Turbocharged, Four-cylinder Rotary Engine

This sports car is powered by a 1.3-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder rotary engine. It is also a competitive race car.

Mazda RX7

First Production Model

Meanwhile, the Mazda RX7, although also a sports car, is still affordable. Its first production model is the FD. There were 1,152 of these cars sold in Europe. Some of its specs include the following:

  • Power-assisted steering,
  • Cruise control,
  • Twin oil-cooled coolers, and
  • Rear storage bins.

Similar Design to the Mazda RS-R

Its design was similar to the Mazda RS-R. But this car has stiffer strut braces and suspension. The final version of the RX7 came with a blacked-out section between the rear hatch and the window. Plus, it has special stickers as well.

RX7’s Predecessor

The Mazda Cosmo was the predecessor of the RX7, which was also powered by a rotary engine. Its engine is simpler and easier to build. It is also more powerful but lighter than a gasoline engine. This car won the Swedish Rally in 1987 and 1989. It also placed third in the Acropolis Rally.

Launched in 1978

Mazda launched the RX7 in 1978. It was the first mass-market sports car of the car manufacturer. It became the best-selling car powered by a rotary engine in history. This car boosted Mazda’s success on the race track to record levels.

Won the Le Mans Race

It also won the Le Mans race – the only race car powered by a rotary engine that earned this distinction. The Mazda RX7 is also the only race car in the world powered by a rotary engine.

Rear-wheel Drive with Two-door Hatchback

The Mazda RX7 is a rear-wheel drive, two-door hatchback, turbocharged, 1.3-liter, naturally aspirated rotary gasoline engine. Its FD version is equipped with two sequential turbochargers. It has a reputation for being the fastest car on earth.

This sports car was very popular in its heyday. Its popularity was carried over to its successor, the Mazda Miata Rx7, when Mazda launched it.

Mazda Miata Rx7 Review

Faster Than the Mazda Miata Rx7

The Mazda RX7 is faster than the Mazda Miata Rx7. But the Miata is more fun to drive than the RX7. While the smaller wheels and shifter of the Miata make it more challenging to maneuver, it is easier to handle than the RX7.

Affordable Sports Car

While the two sports’ steering wheels and other vehicle controls are similar, their wipers, tires, and brakes differ. The Miata’s attractiveness lies in the fact that it is a sports car that is relatively affordable.

More Comfortable Ride

Its ride is much more comfortable than that of the Mazda RX7. Its engine is more common, which makes it more fuel efficient.

Regarding performance, the Mazda Miata Rx7 may not be as impressive as the RX7. But this sports car will still make you feel like you’re the king of the road.

Greater Fuel Economy

The Mazda RX7 is bigger and heavier than the Mazda Miata Rx7, so maneuvering it is easier. However, since the Mazda Miata Rx7 is smaller, it can deliver a greater fuel economy. The fuel tank of the Mazda Miata Rx7 is mounted at the front of the rear wheels.

More Rigid Suspension

Mazda Miata Rx7’s suspension is also more rigid, making it more fun to drive. However, the Mazda RX7 is faster on the race track than the Mazda Miata Rx7. This is primarily due to the bigger engine displacement of the Mazda RX7.

Can Deliver 116 HP

The Mazda RX7 has an engine that can deliver 255 horsepower, while the Mazda Miata Rx7 can only produce 116 hp. Inside the engine compartment of a Mazda RX7 is a compact Wankel rotary engine.

Interior with Class-leading Technology

With its wide body kit, its performance on the track and the road is greatly enhanced. Its interior also features class-leading technology, making it great for daily driving.

The most striking features of the Mazda RX7 are located in the rear. It has a sleek and streamlined design similar to the Japanese RX7. Its tail lights are also stylish and blend well with the lines of the Mazda Miata Rx7.

Again, what does Mazda Miata Rx7 offer? Mazda Miata Rx7 offers better handling and a lower center of gravity at an affordable price. It also gives a comfortable ride and a greater fuel economy.

Mazda Miata Rx7 Vs. Mazda RX7

mazda miata rx7 price

When you are talking about the issue of Mazda Miata vs. Rx7, you need to know their differences. How do they compare with each other? Firstly, the Mazda RX7 can produce more power than the Mazda Miata Rx7. It also offers a more relaxed driving position.

However, the Mazda Miata Rx7 can get better mileage than the Mazda RX7. The primary reason is that the Mazda Miata Rx7 is lighter than the Mazda RX7. This is one of the reasons why the Mazda Miata Rx7 is so popular today.

Additional information will give you a clearer picture of how these two cars compare:

1. Mazda RX7 Came First

The Mazda RX7 came was first developed by Mazda before it produced the Mazda Miata Rx7. Mazda manufactured the RX7 from 1978 to 2002. The first variant of the Mazda RX7 came with rear-wheel drive. A compact rotary Wankel engine powered it.

Mazda eventually replaced this car with the 323 four-wheel drive with a wider body kit. Mazda manufactured the Mazda Miata Rx7 from 1992 to 2002.

There were 68,589 of these cars made during this production run. It is equipped with a front-wheel drive and a two-door hatchback body style.

2. Speed and Performance

Engine Displacement

The Mazda RX7 is faster than the Mazda Miata Rx7 because of its bigger engine displacement. However, Mazda Miata Rx7’s overall packaging is better than the Mazda RX7.


The Mazda Miata Rx7 has an inline, four-cylinder engine and a great clutch. However, the engine of the Mazda RX7 is more powerful because of its bigger size.

Mazda RX7’s Automatic Transmission

In terms of performance, the Mazda Miata Rx7 is better than the Mazda RX7. But its automatic transmission and its rotary engine have many issues. Repairing a Miata can be more difficult than repairing an RX7.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed of the Mazda Miata Rx7 is also lower than that of the Mazda RX7. In many respects, the Mazda RX7 is faster than the Mazda Miata Rx7.

Engine’s Efficiency

The turbocharged engine of the RX7 is more efficient than the Miata Rx7. It is easier to accelerate and brake. In addition, the RX7 has a higher horsepower rating than the Miata Rx7. Both engines are turbocharged.

3. Reliability

The Mazda RX7 is more reliable than the Mazda Miata Rx7. It is also more oil-tight than the Miata Rx7. However, the engine oil of the RX7 is not as durable because it needs to be changed more frequently than the Miata Rx7.

4. Price

Mazda RX7 is more expensive than Miata. Its price can range from $7,600 to $11,700.

How much is the Mazda Miata Rx7 price? Some say the Mazda Miata Rx7 and the Mazda RX7 are similarly priced.

They say that these two cars’ used car market prices range from a low of $1,000 to a high of $7,000. On average, some say that the typical second-hand price for these cars is about $3,500.

 Is Mazda Reliable?

Can You Convert Miata to RX7?

There is a car enthusiast who converted a Miata Rx7 to RX7. The owner of this Mazda Miata has upgraded their car with a bigger turbo kit. They also redesigned the car interior with tall shifters and new digital gauge clusters.

The car’s exterior was also upgraded with a new roof and grill. This upgraded Miata Rx7 shares many controls with the RX7. However, its tires and windshield wipers are different. They also boosted the car’s performance using a new wide-body design and a wide-body kit.

What Does a Mazda Miata Rx7 Look Like?

Well Blended

The Mazda Miata fusion looks fresh from the factory. It appeared on a page of an auction site in Yahoo! Japan. Altogether, the mash-up looked well blended if you look at it from the rear.

Updated Appearance

The mashed-up Mazda is the first-gen Miata Rx7. The fusion that was performed on it updated the appearance of the popular Mazda sports car. It was put up for sale by the owner when it appeared on the auction site.

Right-hand Drive Car

Doing this type of project is not that easy. Being made in Japan, naturally, it is a right-hand drive car. Looking at it from certain angles at the front, the rear of this Mazda Miata Rx7 is sloping down a bit too much compared to a regular Miata Rx7.

Perhaps the builder, in their desire to blend everything well, had to position the quarter panels the way they looked. Some have suggested that cocking up the panels a little bit might have avoided the sloping down stance of the car.

Equipped with Front Air Dam and a Vented Front Fender

However, this condition does not take away the harmonious look of the car. The builder also added a sprinkling of body items which they probably got from an aftermarket source. They included a front air dam and a vented front fender.

Has a Low Cambered Suspension

This Mazda Miata Rx 7 also has a low, cambered suspension, made possible by installing a Cusco suspension. Some people who saw the auction site post suspected that this Miata Rx7 is a totaled or probably even a theft recovery car.

Although that is still alright, provided the bent parts were replaced, and every crumpled thing was pressed out.

Sometimes it is easy to tell if a car has been hit hard. Check if its decklid is crashed into the middle of the rear quarter.

If it were hit hard, the shut lines would either be narrower or wider at one corner in relation to the other corners. You must look for such things if you buy a used Miata Rx7.

Equipped with a 1.8-L Engine

This particular Mazda Miata Rx7 already has 100,000 miles on its odometer. While that is not a terrible number, the shell of a Miata Rx7 is not that weak. The power source of this car is a 1.8-liter engine.

So, it must be a 1994 Mazda or a later model. If that’s the case, it can deliver 128 horsepower. Unlike the original Mazda Miata Rx7, it is not sure if a Wankel rotary engine powers this car.

Has a Stock Tail Light

As a matter of interest, this car has a stock tail light. It is still the original tail light issued by Mazda from the factory. When this post was written, this particular tail light was listed in the Museum of Modern Art catalog. Its object number is 242.1998.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

mazda miata rx7 body kit

A topic this specific will trigger some questions in your mind. Perhaps, you will be able to get the answers below:

Is the Mazda RX7 the Same as the Mazda Miata Rx7?

Mazda RX7 and Mazda Miata Rx7 are different from each other. While they are both manufactured by Mazda and share almost similar names, they are not the same. Mazda first developed the RX7. It had its production run from 1978 to 2002.

After the RX7, Mazda built the Miata Rx7. Mazda started making and selling this car in 1992. Its production run lasted until 2002

What’s the Difference Between the Mazda Miata Rx7 and the Mazda RX7?

Mazda Miata Rx7 and Mazda RX7 differ in the size of their engines. The Miata Rx7 has a smaller 1.3-liter engine that can deliver 116 horsepower.

In contrast, the engine of the third generation of the Mazda RX7 is bigger. It can produce a maximum power of 237 bhp.

How Similar Are the Mazda Miata Rx7 and the Mazda RX7?

Mazda Miata Rx7 and Mazda RX7 are both categorized as sports cars and are equipped with Wankel rotary engines.

How Much Are the Mazda RX7 and Mazda Miata Rx7?

The price of a used Mazda RX7 is usually higher than the price of a used Mazda Miata Rx7. It can range somewhere between $7,600 and $11,000. However, some say that the prices of these two cars are not much different.

They say you can get both cars at a price ranging from a low of $1,000 to a high of $7,000. On average, some say you can get them at $3,500 apiece.

In Closing: Specs and Review of Mazda Miata Rx7

The Mazda Miata is a fast sports car because of its lower center of gravity and better handling. It’s the same with the Mazda RX7. The Mazda Motor Corporation manufactures them.

The Mazda Miata has a small 1.6-liter B series engine that can deliver 116 horsepower. It is nimble and fun to drive. The Mazda Rx7 is also a sports car but is a bit heavier. On the track, these two cars can perform well. But the Miata is more relaxing to drive because it is lighter than the RZ7.