Murdering Out a Car – Murdered Out – Definition and Meaning

You might get the wrong notion if it’s the first time you hear this word. You don’t have to worry because it does not involve killing something or someone. In this article, I’ll discuss murdering out a car – murdering out – definition and meaning.

The meaning of murdering out a car is when it is all black. It has black aftermarket wheels, windows, and accessories.

In the auto industry, when you hear the term “murdering out a car,” it doesn’t mean someone or something is being killed. The term only means to “blackout” a vehicle or to kill all the lights, so it will be hard to detect. It is making the car as black as you can make it.

Read on to learn more about what is meant by murdering out a car and the relevant details you need to know about this term.

Murdering Out a Car – Murdered Out – Definition and Meaning

murdering out a car
Nightshade Edition of Toyota

What is a murdered out car? It is a car painted black, and its aftermarket wheels are also black. Its windows are also in black tint, and all its aftermarket accessories are black.

This is why those in the auto service business call “murdering out a car” “blacking out.” It doesn’t mean to make the car unconscious but to kill the vehicle’s lights so it can avoid detection. The car’s color is just being covered with black as close as possible.

The term seemed to have originated in the 1990s from the Death Row Records photoshoot. In that photo shoot, all the subjects were wearing black clothes. They were also standing on a wall that had a black background.

Murdering out a car means completely modifying the car by painting it black in its entirety.

You can spray-paint the vehicle with flat black paint, not including its mirrors, windows, and lights. Apart from the exterior, every inch of space in the car, including the trim logos and the door panels, are all black.

It refers to a car that was given a complete blackout treatment. They include black paint, wheels, blacked-out chrome trims, and no bright decals or stripes.

Are Murdered Out Cars Cool?

This depends on who is answering the question. It boils down to personal preference. Some people think that a black-colored car is cool. In contrast, some believe that cars with lighter colors are cooler. It all depends on their mental conceptions about colors.

But it can’t be denied that an all-black or all-white car attracts attention. An all-black car can often impart sinister things since most people associate black with something dark and sinister.

However, many think a car painted with a black coating is sexy. If you are one of these people, you will welcome the opportunity to black out your ride if given a chance and the budget. But before you do that, ensure that it won’t be against the laws of your state.

How to Murder Out a Car

If somehow you think a murdered out car is cool, and you want to do it on your car, here’s the primary way of doing it:

  • If the color of your rims is not black, change them all to black.
  • Tint all the windows of your car with black. Black-tinted windows are essential to blacking or murdering out a car. It will streamline the obvious dissection caused by the glass windows to the car’s exterior.
  • Change all chrome trims to all black.
  • Give a matte black finish to the car’s exterior parts.
  • Change the car interior to all-black colors.

Is It Illegal to Murder Out Cars?

Against Calfornia Laws

It appears that murdered out cars are against California Laws. But some people do it because blacking out a car is a car styling trend. It is an effective way of getting the attention of others while being able to maintain your privacy.

However, since there are states, such as California, which make murdered out cars illegal, you have to think twice before doing it.

California makes it illegal to murder out a car. While it will attract people’s attention, it will also attract the attention of those you don’t want. In California, your vehicle may be flagged down by law enforcers.

Traffic Officers Usually Pull Over Blacked Out Cars

Most often, traffic officers will pull over blacked-out cars on the streets because a car being blacked out all over also attracts suspicion. You should also remember that different states have different regulations against tinted windows, tinted headlights, and tinted taillights.

While there are states where blacked-out cars are not illegal, it is still a concern because of the suspicion it will attract.

Law enforcers are wary of vehicles running on the streets with completely black windows. They would like to see the vehicle’s occupants, especially if they are on patrol at night.

Keep in mind that a legitimately murdered out car was given a complete blacking-out treatment. In other words, they don’t have bright trims, chrome, or bright lights. As they run on the streets, they will surely attract attention, especially the law enforcers.

Check with the Local Police Before Deciding to Murder Out Your Car

That’s why you should check with your local police before murdering your car – if you don’t want to be pulled over every time you drive it.

Again, what does murdering out a car mean? A murdered-out or blacked-out car is all black. It has black exterior paint, wheels, logo, chrome accents, windows tint, taillights, etc.

What Is the Blackout Package?

murdered out car meaning

Chrome Blackout

You can buy a blackout package if you want your car to be more stylish. Some car manufacturers offer this type of car package. But these cars come at a high price. Among the most popular of these packages is the chrome blackout.

If you choose this package, the carmaker will wrap the chrome trims of your car with black vinyl. You can derive two benefits from this choice. It will not just make your car stylish black, but it will also protect its original paint.

Some car manufacturers go beyond the standard methods of blacking out a car. They go beyond the conventional way of applying rubberized coating on the vehicle or spray painting. The blackout versions of Cadillac and BMW even have black badges.

Consider the Cost

There are factors you need to consider first, such as the cost. Only a few cars come out of the factory, wholly murdered. So, most probably, you have to have the car custom-made. And this comes at a very high price.

So, if you want your car to be completely black outside and inside, you should be prepared for the extra expense. Even if you go to an aftermarket source and an independent car service to do the job on your factory stock car, you will have to spend a significant amount to complete the project.

Prepare At Least $1000 or Even More

To ask an independent car service center to undertake this project, you must prepare at least $1,000 or even more. If you have the DIY skills, experience, and proper tools, perhaps you can do it yourself. But it will still cost you quite a lot.

Should You Murder Out Your Ride?

A car with black paint is more difficult to maintain than gray, red, or other colored cars. Dirt on a black car is easily seen. So, it makes black cars look dirtier than other colored cars.

This is one thing that you need to consider before turning completely black all over. Another consideration is the cost. If your car did not come out black from the factory, you need to modify it to the degree of blackness that you want it to have.

The third thing you need to consider is your state’s laws. For instance, check with the authorities in your state regarding their restrictions against black tints on car windows and glasses, taillights and headlights, and anything you want to modify in your car.

If there are no restrictions and you are still okay with the first two considerations, by all means, go ahead with your project.

Examples of Best Murdered Out Cars

I would like to give some examples of murdered out cars. You can view these blacked-out cars on this webpage. These are some examples of blackout packages that certain car manufacturers offer. Such car types are gaining in popularity among consumers:

1. Nightshade Edition of Toyota

Toyota offers this blacked-out car on a number of its car models. The high-styled versions of these sedans look very good.

With this styling package, a Toyota Camry, or a Toyota Avalon, will benefit from their covert vision of black badging and alloy wheels. Toyota has even extended this blacked-out package to the following:

  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Tacoma

2. Night Edition of Hyundai

Hyundai offers a blackout package that they call Night Edition. This blackout package is available on the Hyundai Kona and the Hyundai Tucson.

The package provides black interior accents as well as gross black exteriors. All chrome on stock models is replaced with black colors. Some say that these limited-edition Hyundai cars are visual masterpieces.

3. Telluride Nightfall of Kia

Kia also offers a blackout package with its Telluride SUV. In stock form, this SUV is already popular among car buyers. It is a very reliable vehicle and is good to look at.

The new blackout package offers a clean style with several black-styled options. These include gloss black roof rails complete with a black inner bezel. If you’re inside this car, you are in for a classy ride.

4. Altitude by Jeep

Not to be left out, Jeeps also offers its Altitude model in a blacked-out style. These Jeep versions have elevated the rugged character of the vehicle to a level that most car buyers did not expect.

The murdered-out versions of this vehicle have glossy black exteriors which demand attention from onlookers. Jeeps with this blacked-out style are bolder in appearance. The seven-slot black grille and the 18-inch five-spoke black wheels of this blacked-out Jeep seem to be making a statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

murdered out car origin
Altitude by Jeep

To cap this article, I will give you the answers to the most often asked questions about murdered out cars. These answers will help you remember the points I discussed in this article:

What Do You Mean Murdered out Car?

There is nothing sinister about murdered out cars. It is a term used for vehicles covered with black paint or color. That means everything in the car, including its exteriors and interiors, is solid black.

These vehicles have black exterior paints, black tints on the windshield and the windows, black headlights and taillights, and so forth. The blackness of the car can come out of the factory or is done by applying the correct black color modifications on its exterior and interior parts.

What Does Murdering out a Car Means?

Murdering out a car simply means blacking it out entirely. Blacking out a car means making the color of everything in it as close to black as possible. It doesn’t mean killing the car or making it unconscious.

How Do You Murder out a Car?

There are several things you need to do to blackout a car:

  • Tint the windshield and all the windows of your car with black. Black-tinted windows are essential in blacking or murdering out a car. If you do this, it will streamline the clear dissection between the car’s exteriors and its windows.
  • Color the rim black if it is of a different color.
  • If there are chrome trims, change them all to black trims.
  • Change the interior of your car with black colors.
  • Change the car’s exterior parts to a matte black finish.

In Closing: Meaning of Murdering Out a Car

Murdering out a car means you will color it black entirely. It could also mean changing its wheels to black wheels from aftermarket sources. Additionally, the windows and all the car accessories are also black.

This term is used in the auto industry to make a car as black as possible. It does not mean murdering or killing someone or something. Murdering out a vehicle refers to blacking out a car, so it is hard to detect.