Does Advance Auto Install Batteries?

Advance Auto is a well-known retailer of auto parts and accessories. If you need a battery, you can buy it from their store. But does Advance Auto install batteries?

If you need a battery for your car, you can buy it from Advance Auto, and they will install it for free. They offer this free battery installation in most of their locations. Their technical staff can even install the battery in their parking lot.

If you don’t know how to install a battery on your car or don’t have the time to do it, you can buy one from Advance Auto. You won’t have to worry about installing it. Does Advance Auto charge batteries? Aside from battery installation, they also offer free testing and charging for different types of batteries.

Read on to learn more about the free battery installation of Advance Auto and how the installation process works.

Does Advance Auto Install Batteries?

does advance auto install batteries

If you don’t know how to install a car battery, or if you don’t have the time, don’t worry. Buy your new battery from Advance Auto, and you don’t have to trouble yourself in installing it. They will do it for free and can even do it in their parking lot.

Advance Auto offers this free battery installation service at most other locations nationwide. But you have to buy the battery in one of their stores in the country. Aside from this free installation, they also offer free battery testing and charging for different types of batteries.

If you bought your battery from Auto Zone or Walmart, you can’t go to Advance Auto to have it installed. Advance Auto will not install it because it seems their policy is only to install batteries bought from one of their locations.

Advance Auto sells different kinds and grades of batteries. They offer batteries for passenger cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. So, if the battery you want is for your vehicle, they will have the right one.

While they will install batteries for free, you might wonder about the average battery cost at Advance Auto. On average, their batteries range from $150 to $250.

The actual price of the battery depends on its brand and type.

Do All Advance Auto Locations Offer Free Battery Installation?

While most stores of Advance Auto offer free battery installation, not all of them do. That’s based on information coming from the company itself. So, you have to ask the Advance Auto store where you intend to purchase a battery before you go there to be sure.

You can buy a battery from an Advance Auto outlet nearest you if you need it. And if that store does not offer a free battery installation service, you have to go to your trusted mechanic to install it.

What Are the Types of Batteries Available at Advance Auto?

does advance auto parts install batteries for free

Advance Auto sells different kinds of batteries in all their locations, including the following:

  • Dry cell
  • Wet cell
  • Valve-regulated
  • Deep cycle AGM

As you already know, if you purchase any of these batteries at their stores, they will install them for free.

You should consult your owner’s manual for the kind of battery your car needs to be sure of the type you need to buy. Or if you still have the old battery on your vehicle, look at its specs and kind, so you are sure what to buy.

Advance Auto carries the Diehard battery brand. It started selling this brand in December 2019 when it acquired it from Sears Roebuck & Company for $200 million.

But this company also sells different battery brands, including:

  • Cardone
  • Braille Battery
  • Exide
  • Johnson Controls
  • AutoCraft

In addition, Advance Auto not only sells passenger car batteries.

They also sell batteries for farms and trucks, motorcycles, marine engines, electronic batteries, and lawn and garden batteries.

Does Advance Auto Install a Battery Bought Online?

Most people today want to do their shopping online. If you are like this, you may want to buy your new battery from an online retailer like Amazon. Now, the question is, will Auto Advance install it for you at home once your battery is delivered?

Or if you want to buy the battery from Advance Auto online, will they install it for you once they have delivered it? It is possible that Advance Auto won’t come to your home to install the battery.

However, they will deliver the battery to your address if you order it from them online. You should also understand that some of the batteries they offer online don’t have a ship-to-home option. If that is the case, you must pick up the item at their nearest location.

Once the item is ready, you will be instructed where to pick it up. Most likely, the Advance Auto location will be nearest you. You can then choose to have it installed at that location or bring the battery home for later installation by your mechanic.

Advance Auto will provide the installation instructions online if you are a DIYer and want to install the battery yourself. However, if you haven’t done it before, it’s better to give the installation job to your trusted mechanic or a qualified tech staff of Advance Auto.

Advance Auto Battery Installation Process

Advance Auto typically follows a pretty straightforward process of installing new batteries. But before they install the battery, you should buy one from them or have it at hand. Of course, it is understood that you still have your old battery installed in your car.

So you should bring this old battery to the store. It would be best if you recycle it properly, which is the best way to replace it. The tech staff at the store will remove this old battery and start the process of installing your new battery:

1. Test the Old Battery

First, the battery tech will test your old battery. They will check if it is dead. They will also check for underlying reasons why your old battery died.

2. Disconnect the Unserviceable Battery

Once they have confirmed that the battery is entirely unserviceable, the tech will disconnect it from your car and remove any corrosion that has developed on the battery terminals.

3. Install the New Battery

After cleaning everything up, they will install your new battery and connect all its electric cables. Once all connections are secured, they will test the battery to ensure it works correctly.

4. Disposal of the Old Battery

Once everything is working okay, they will dispose of your old battery. They will follow the laws and regulations of your locality.

It is also understood that you are supposed to leave them your old battery and use the new one to drive your car unless you want to bring it home with you for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Can You Get a Discount at Advance Auto?

does advance auto replace batteries

Advance Auto offers discount coupons to get your new battery at a lower price than usual. Just ask the store where you are buying the new battery for an Advance Auto Parts Battery coupon.

You can use a coupon to get a cheaper battery with a higher capacity. Advance Auto is known for its quality products that are available at attractive discounts. The discount is given through a Promo Code. You can get a 20% discount on your battery purchase.

Again, does Advance Auto install batteries? Advance Auto offers free and quick battery testing and installation.

Will Advance Auto Pay for an Old Battery?

Does Advance Auto buy old batteries? Some suppliers don’t offer customers money to turn in their old batteries. Not with Advance Auto. If you return your old battery to Advance Auto to get a new one, they will give you a $10 gift.

However, if you do this, you may not be given a cash return by the store. This is true whether the battery was bought from Advance Auto or another battery outlet.

Advance Auto gives a cash incentive to encourage their battery buyers to return their old batteries. The discount goes to the core fee on the price of a new battery. Advance Auto charges this core fee to all their battery buyers.

How Long Is the Service Life of a Battery from Advance Auto?

Usually, the life of a new battery lasts for about three years. This is true wherever you buy the battery. However, the length of service a battery can give depends on how you use and take care of it.

You should follow some rules to gauge the life of your battery. If it reaches a capacity of 50%, you are advised to replace it even if you continually keep it on a full charge. Your battery changes will be more frequent than three years if your car uses too many electronic gadgets.

To make your battery last longer, choose a deep-cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries are better and longer lasting than standard batteries because they produce constant and lower power levels, not shorter power bursts like regular car batteries.

4 Free Services Advance Auto Offer

Aside from free battery installation, Advance Auto also offers other free services on their outlets. These free services include the following:

  1. Battery checks and testing
  2. Battery recycling
  3. Battery charging
  4. Battery cleaning

 If you ask another retailer for these services, they will charge a fee of about $30. That’s what you can save at Advance Auto if you go there to buy your new battery.

Who Makes Batteries for Advance Auto?

In December 2019, Advance Auto announced that it had acquired the DieHard battery brand for $200 million. The previous owner of this brand is Sears & Roebuck.

Globe-Union Battery originally developed this battery brand for Sears. It seems Sears bought this brand from Globe-Union Battery in 1967.

Sears revolutionized the manufacture of batteries in 1967. This company launched Diehard Battery, a battery made of a translucent plastic case with thin walls. Diehard batteries are 50 percent thinner than the standard black rubber-type battery cases.

The Diehard Platinum battery scored 5/5 for its battery life, reserve capacity, and Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA). That means every time you need a new battery for your car; you will get upgraded technology and durability if you buy a DieHard battery.

In Closing

Do you need a new battery and don’t have the time or the know-how to install it? You can buy your battery at Advance Auto. They offer free battery installation in most of their locations. The technicians at Advance Auto can even install your battery in their parking lot.

You can also install the batteries you bought from Advance Auto if you know how. However, since they offer free battery installations, it will be more convenient for you to take their offer. The installation will be done more according to their standards.