Are NAPA Batteries Good?

Consumer Reports and a review gave glowing accounts of NAPA batteries as the best car battery in the market. How can we be sure about this? Are NAPA batteries good? Let’s take a look.

Looking at the industry in general, NAPA battery is one of the battery brands that is most trusted. This brand offers a wide selection of premium car batteries for different car makes and models. All NAPA batteries are made of high-quality materials, enabling them to provide long-lasting service.

While most automotive batteries can’t last batteries, NAPA batteries are. It is not uncommon for NAPA batteries to provide service to their owners for an extended period.

Read on to learn more about NAPA batteries, if they are worth your money, and some relevant reviews.

Are NAPA Batteries Good?

are napa batteries good

If you look at the industry, you will realize that NAPA battery is one of the most trusted brands. This brand offers various automotive batteries for different car makes and models. All NAPA batteries are made of high-quality materials that make them durable and tough.

While automotive batteries generally last only a few years, NAPA batteries differ. It is not unusual for these batteries to give their owners more than the usual years of services that average types of batteries can provide. They can serve their owners for extended years of service.

This could be gleaned from the reviews and reports of independent product testing organizations like Consumer Reports. This product tester ranked one of the NAPA battery models, notably the NAPA 84 series, as the best battery you can buy today.

Another product tester,, a website where consumers can get the latest product reviews, listed Napa as the best battery in the market.

One good thing about NAPA batteries is that one of its models, the NAPA Legend Professional, comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty. NAPA batteries are also manufactured in the United States.

Types of NAPA Batteries

If you need a new battery, you can consider a NAPA battery. This battery brand comes in various choices that can be used in the different car makes and models.

With this wide array of options, you find the battery that perfectly suits your car’s needs. What are your NAPA battery options?

1. NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery

This NAPA battery is an excellent option because it enables you to reduce the frequency of battery recharging. That will save you money and allow you to have a stress-free operation. This battery will ensure that you’ll always be able to have strong starting power each time you turn your ignition key.

A NAPA battery is strong and tough since it is made of a reinforced polypropylene material case. So, you can use it not only for passenger cars but also for commercial vehicles. You can also easily install it from one vehicle to another because it has strong handles.

This NAPA battery can also recharge its power faster than other batteries of the same size. It is also spill-proof and maintenance-free.

2. NAPA Legend Battery

Are NAPA Legend batteries good? You can have confidence in this NAPA battery to provide you incredible power to start your engine and keep it running without any problem. Its reliability is exceptional, and it will not break down prematurely.

NAPA used the latest computer technology in its manufacturing process. This made it a finely crafted product that can operate without problems. It also comes with sufficient reserve capacity. So you can use it to provide the electrical requirements of your vehicle’s connected devices.

This battery also comes with durable handles. So, it will be easy to transfer it from car to car if you need to.

3. NAPA Power Battery

This NAPA battery model offers considerable power at an easy-to-reach price. So, if you are working on a budget and want to buy a reliable battery, this NAPA Power battery is the one you should consider.

While you can easily afford this battery, it is also maintenance-free. It can also provide a strong and reliable starting capacity. This battery comes with a flush cover reducing the risks of accidental spills. It is a feature that ensures that your vent will not appear loose.

This feature will also be handy for many cars makes and models. The mounting or installation of this battery is also hassle-free. It also comes with packing handles. These handles make shipping and mounting of the battery also trouble-free.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the NAPA Battery?

are napa car batteries good

To be able to make a wiser decision, you need to consider this NAPA car batteries review. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of this battery. By weighing its pros and cons, you’ll be able to determine whether it’s a good buy:


1. Provides Sufficient Power

The NAPA battery is an excellent option if you need a new battery since it is designed to provide sufficient power, so you will always have a trouble-free drive. This battery offers a good combination of reliability and affordability.

2. Has a Tough and Strong Casing

NAPA batteries are housed in casings that are tough and strong. These housings are made to minimize spills. They are designed with the latest technology, which ensures that they can function no matter what the weather is outside.

3. Affordable

Batteries with these remarkable qualities will usually cost a lot. However, NAPA batteries are priced within easy reach of the average car owner. One more thing that makes it attractive to consumers is its warranty period.

4. 18-month Warranty

Every NAPA battery is provided with an 18-month warranty. This warranty covers factory defects. If the flaw is found to be the fault of NAPA, you will be given a full or partial replacement of the unit.

5. Available in NAPA Outlets All Over the Country

You can easily buy a NAPA battery near you. There are about 6,000 NAPA outlets all over the country. There should be one NAPA outlet in your locality.


1. Short Warranty Period

Like all consumer products, NAPA batteries also have their disadvantages though only a few. One of the cons of this battery is its warranty. NAPA only comes with a short warranty period – only a total of 18 months. Other battery brands cover their products with 2-year warranties.

2. Prone to Damage

Another downside of the NAPA battery is its service life. NAPA battery users say the life of this battery seems to fluctuate. This makes them prone to damage when exposed to extreme weather, abuse, and stressful operating conditions. 

3. More Expensive Than Other Brands

Some consumers also say that the prices of NAPA batteries can sometimes be higher than other brands of car batteries of the same size.

Again, are NAPA batteries good? NAPA batteries are one of the most trusted brands in the market due to their durability and long service life due to high-quality materials. This brand offers consumers premium batteries for different car make and model.

Who Makes NAPA Batteries and Where Are They Made?

Since 2009, NAPA batteries have been made by DEKA Batteries in the United States. East Penn manufactures the batteries. Aside from NAPA batteries, this company also manufactures Deka batteries, which are popular with consumers.

East Penn was established in 1946. Over the years, this company earned the respect of consumers. It is now one of the most respected battery makers in the United States.

This battery manufacturer is committed to producing high-quality batteries. It is also known to maintain high environmental standards in its manufacturing facilities. 

There are also some reports which say that Johnson Controls also manufacture NAPA batteries. This company is said to be the manufacturer of two-thirds of the lead-acid batteries being marketed worldwide.

East Penn and Johnson Controls are both based in the United States. So, if they manufacture NAPA batteries, this battery brand is made exclusively in the United States.

Will NAPA Install My Battery?

are napa legend batteries good

One question that may linger in your mind is if NAPA battery will install your battery if you buy it from them. Yes, if you buy a NAPA battery from one of their outlets, the tech staff in that outlet will install your new battery – if you request it.

So, if you don’t know how to install a car battery, you should buy your NAPA battery at a NAPA Auto Care Center nearest you. The battery experts in that car service center know all the intricacies of installing a new battery – correctly.

This is the most convenient way to have your new battery installed. However, if you know how to install it and have the required tools (which is only the usual), you can certainly do it yourself – in your own time.

Are NAPA Batteries Made in China?

NAPA batteries are exclusively made in China despite the rumors that they are manufactured in China. Many people suspect that Chinese factories are making NAPA batteries because many consumer products sold worldwide are made in this country.

East Penn and Johnson Controls are said to be the actual manufacturers of NAPA batteries. Both these companies are based in the United States. So, all NAPA batteries are made in this country and not elsewhere.

Do NAPA Batteries Come with a Warranty?

All NAPA batteries are covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers 18 months or one and a half years. This warranty entitles you to have your battery replaced if it is found to have factory defects or is damaged from the moment you purchased it.

You will get a partial or complete battery replacement if the battery problem is not caused by abusive use or poor maintenance. It is unclear if you are also given an option of a full or partial refund of your money. 

NAPA Batteries Review

Here are some reviews of the three classes of NAPA batteries:

1. NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery

This battery is a good choice because its recharging time is less than what other brands of batteries required. It also offers excellent cranking power, which means you can rely on it to start your engine every time you turn on the ignition key.

It is also housed in a very durable battery casing. The battery case is made of improved polypropylene material. This battery is also spill-proof and maintenance-free.

2. NAPA Legend Battery

NAPA Legend battery reviews say it offers a dynamic starting power. This means you can adjust its starting power. It is also very reliable and can guarantee you a trouble-free drive. Computer technology was used in its manufacturing process.

This battery has considerable reserve power. It is designed to supply the requirements of a vehicle with lots of connected devices. It also comes with a strong handle that makes it easy to carry and transport from vehicle to vehicle.

3. NAPA Power Battery

This is the most affordable NAPA battery, but it is by no means less quality. It is the battery that is most suited for the vehicle that does not have very many connected devices and electronic features.

This NAPA battery also has a high starting capacity for its specs and is maintenance-free. It has a flush cover which reduces the risks of accidental cuts.

This battery also has a ventilation system that prevents it from getting loose from its bolts. The NAPA Power Battery also comes with packing handles making it easy to transport and install.

In Closing

Considering the battery industry in general, we can say that the NAPA battery is one of the most trusted automotive batteries available today. There is a wide selection of NAPA batteries for all car makes and models.

All NAPA batteries are made of high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. While most batteries can only last a few years on average, NAPA batteries usually provide their owners with more extended service periods.