Gated Shifter: Description, Benefits, What to Know

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One problem with manual shifters is that you shift gears, over-shift, or miss a gear. In the past, they used gated shifters to answer this problem. In this article, I’ll discuss gated shifter – description, benefits, and what to know.

A gated shifter is composed of a series of paths, called ‘gates’ or stops, that control the free shifting of the transmission from one gear to another. This device does not just rely on the transmission system’s internal shift detents. So, it sequentially ensures the shifting of gears, avoiding accidental shifting.

Specific vehicles have been using gate shifters for a long time to prevent over-shifts and missed shifts. They are the favored gear shifters in certain vehicles, such as trophy trucks and drag cars.

Read on to learn more about gated shifters, a detailed description of them, their benefits, and things you need to know about them.

What Is a Gated Shifter

gated shifter

Allow Drivers to Sequentially Shift Gears

Gated shifters allow drivers to shift their gears sequentially, reducing the chances of accidentally shifting past or over one. Specific vehicles have been using these types of shifters for a long time. You can see them in vehicles, including trophy trucks and drag cars.

Advantages Over Conventional Gear Shifts

Their main advantage over conventional gear shifts is that they can prevent missed shifts and over-shifts. You can only sequentially shift the gates, so you can avoid the possibility of accidentally shifting to a much higher or much lower gear.

Also Called Manual Shifters

They are also called gated manual shifters since every gear has its slot inside a milled gate. Supercars have gated shifters. But as supercars have shifted to paddle shifters, gated shifters have declined in use.

Prevent Over and Missed Shifts

They can prevent over and missed shifts because their gears can only shift sequentially and not randomly. There are no chances that you can miss a gear or shoot past over one.

Exotic Cars Have Gated Shifter

These types of gear are almost always in exotic cars. So, even if you like this type of transmission, there is a slim chance that you can get an everyday car that has a gated shifter. Car manufacturers have decided that gated shifters are not for the mass market.

Located on the Gear Selector of Semi-automatic Vehicles

The typical manual shift gate is a car component that you will find located on the gear selector (gearbox or shifting control panel) of semi-automatic vehicles or cars with clutch-less transmissions.

A semi-automatic car with this type of gate will enable the driver to control their gear shifting manually. They can do it by just moving the gearshift up and down. There are modern everyday cars with this kind of transmission.

Short History of Gated Shifters

Born Out of Need

Gated shifters were born out of necessity. They were invented and deployed on early automobiles to guide the shift lever correctly.

Back then, the required positions of the shifters to consistently engage the gears were not as precise as they are now. Most often, gear shifting resulted in incorrect gear placements or missed gears.

With today’s technological advances, there is no need for gated shifters. Some people would like their cars to have them only for their looks and the nostalgia they derive from them. Gate shifters do not affect the efficient gear transfers of modern vehicles.

Primarily Found in Exotic Cars

Gate shifters were called gated manuals before since every gear slots or slips into a milled gate. They are primarily found in exotic cars. Initially, the gates were invented because high-performance cars only have small tolerances gearboxes.

Prevents Damage Due to Improper Placement of Gear

Improperly putting the gears in the right places will result in heavy damage. As a result, the car owner will have to pay expensive repair costs.

Car makers developed a solution similar to a parent guiding a child to ride a bike. The solution made it impossible for drivers to make wrong gear shifts.

As the training wheels in a bike prevent the child from falling, the gated manual shifter prevents drivers from damaging their gearboxes.

Manufacturer Restricted the Stick Shift Movement

They did it by placing a metal shield above the gearbox. This metal shield restricts the movement of the stick shift to specific places only.

All the places were able to be tolerated by the gear mechanism underneath. This made it impossible for drivers to put the gear selector in the wrong places where it isn’t allowed to go.

Gated Manual Development

Supercar owners and buyers applauded the gated manual’s development, primarily because of its artsy design and the clicking sounds it produced whenever the gear lever hit the end of each gate.

This setup gives the drivers an aural indication that matches their physical sensation when they correctly shift one gear to another, along with the throttle response.

In reality, car manufacturers installed a device below the gates that the lever can contact to prevent damage to the gates. This is the device that drivers feel and hear whenever they change gears.

More Reliable Gearbox Technology

However, the worth of gated shifters got lost when gearbox technology evolved. Today, gearboxes have become more reliable and more durable. They are also more precise than gated manual shifters’ technology.

Slower Than Modern Gearboxes Due to the Outdated Mechanical Design

Gated shifters are also slower when compared to modern gearboxes because of their outdated mechanical designs. So, as years went by, gated shifters went out of style. But, some car owners still use them due to their aesthetically designed metal works.

Makes Supercars Different from the Mass-marketed Vehicles

Again, you can find gated shifters in exotic cars. They are the car components that make supercars different from the mass-marketed vehicles of today.

Gated Shifters in Car Arcades and Computer Games

Interestingly, gated shifters have found relevance to kids who love to play car arcades and computer games.

Many of these computer games chose to use gated manuals for kids and kids at heart who want a racing experience that is as real as possible.

The inspiration came from Ferrari’s gated shifters in their 1990s cars. So, the gated shifters you can see today are artsier than racing techno.

What Is a Manual Shift Gate

gated shifter plate

In semi-automatic cars without the clutch, you will find the manual shift gate on the gearshift selector, the shifting control panel, or the gearbox. This gear shifter enables the driver of an ‘automatic’ car to manually control their gear shifting by moving the stick shift up and down.

However, the driver does not need to step on the clutch to shift gears. There is simply no clutch pedal in an automatic car. On some vehicles, plus (+) and minus (-) signs are indicated on the gated shifter plate. 

The driver places the stick shift to the slot with the plus sign if they want to accelerate the vehicle’s speed. If they reduce the speed, they transfer the stick shift to the slot with the minus sign.

Again, what is a gated shifter? A gated shifter is a kind of manual transmission gear selector. This gear selector has a metal plate that forces the shift rod through gates. Ultimately, a gated shifter makes shifting accurate.

Why True Gated Shifters Are Rare Today

Today, the entire car industry seems to think the manual gearbox is a thing of the past. Compared to thousands of automatic, semi-automatic, and CVT cars today, only a handful of them has manual gearboxes.

Associated with Luxury Cars

So, very few drivers today know how to drive cars with manual transmissions and how to use clutch pedals, except car enthusiasts and supercar and exotic car owners.

As the legacy of the manual car fades from history, its lasting image will be left behind – the gated shifter. In some vehicles, they will still click in their tiny metal housing as the drivers change the gears.

As they are now, gated shifters are accepted as de rigueur for expensive cars such as Lamborghini and Ferraris. They also look very cool.

Since they are now associated with luxury cars, gated shifters are considered trendy and stylish.

Right now, anyone who believes that gated shifters are only for special cars is correct. These shifters will help to get the gear throws more accurate and uniform. They can help drivers avoid over-shifting and missing gears.

Modern cars don’t have these kinds of issues with their transmission systems. Transmission technology has so far advanced that missing gears and over-shifting have become things of the past. They are no longer problems today.

Factors That Contributed to the Death of Gated Shifters

The following factors contribute to the rarity of gated shifters today:

  • Consumer preferences,
  • Financial considerations, and
  • Engineering.

The relations between these three factors influenced the development and marketing of gated shifters, making them viable only for exotic cars and supercars and not everyday cars for the mass market.

Also, today’s car manufacturers have embraced the concept that metal should not make contact with metal in cars since that can spell disaster.

Quick Shifting with Gated Shifters Is Impossible

That’s why CVTs are running high today in terms of market acceptance. You can’t do quick shifting with gear shifters. They are very linear and not as smooth as automatics.

B&M Automatic Gated Shifter

So, who else would need gate shifters? Only those owners of supercars, exotic cars, and car enthusiasts who love nostalgia. If you are thinking of installing a gated shifter to your vehicle, you can consider the new B&M Automatic Gated Shifter:

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This gated shifter can deliver rock-solid performance. It is compact and has a clean design. Made of heavy-duty steel, it should last a long time. It also has lots of useful features that make driving safe and enjoyable.

What Is the Difference Between eCVT and Standard CVT?

Benefits of Gated Shifters

Owners of supercars and drag cars would testify to the benefits of using gate shifters. After all, they are the ones who are experiencing the advantages of this type of gear shifting. There are several benefits to using gated shifters. They include the following:

1. Prevents Accidental Gear Changes

If you are driving a car with a gated shifter, you will have no problem with accidental gear shifting. For instance, if you inadvertently shift from D to N at highway speeds, you will lose control of your vehicle.

You won’t encounter this problem if your driving car has an RZR gated shifter.

It will be impossible for you to make mistakes in gear shifting because every gear has a particular slot or ‘gate.’ The stick shift won’t be able to enter a gate or equipment that is not right for the current speed the car is running.

2. Smoother Driving Experience

One of the main advantages of gate shifters is a smoother driving experience. This is possible because of the linear way gear changes are made. The slots or gates of this shifter only permit the gradual changes of gears.

In other words, you can’t change from first gear to third gear. The way the stick shift is set up prevents you from doing that. You can only change gears sequentially.

If you are in first gear and want to go faster, you must go to the second gear first and then to the third gear. This results in a smoother driving experience.

3. Gated Shifters Look Good

Cars with real gated shifters look very upscale. This is why Ferraris and Lamborghinis have them as de rigueur. Many gated shifters are designed artistically to go with the expensive nature of the vehicles they are equipped with.

Frequently Asked Questions

gated shifter cars

Gated shifters are not as popular today as in the past. So, you may have questions in your mind that you want to be answered. Perhaps, you will find the answers to your questions in the ones that are listed below:

What Do You Mean Gated Shifter?

A gated shifter is a car part that covers a car’s stick shift or gear selector. It is usually installed in a vehicle with manual transmission.

Instead of just depending on the internal shift detents of a manual transmission system, the gated shifter has a series of stops, or paths, called ‘gates’ to control the shifting from one gear to another.

What Is a Shift Gate?

A shift gate in a car with clutch-less manual transmission is a section of the gearshift selector or gearbox. This shift gate lets the driver control the gear changes by moving the gearshift up and down.

Typically, the gear selector will have a plus (+) or minus (-) sign on the gear shifter’s cover or panel.

Pushing the stick shift to the plus sign will change the transmission to a higher gear, and the vehicle will run faster. Conversely, pushing the stick shift to the minus sign will reduce the car’s speed.

How Does a Gated Shifter Work?

The basic working principle of gated shifters is sequential changes of gears. This means you can only shift the first gear to the second gear, the second gear to the third, and the third gear to the fourth, and vice versa.

The shifter’s gates will immediately prevent you from shifting from the first to the third gear. You have to pass through the second gear first before you can change to the third gear. The primary aim of this setup is to ensure that there will be no accidental gear changes to prevent accidents.

What Are the Benefits of Using Gated Shifters?

Car owners are enjoying several benefits with gated shifters on their vehicles. The benefits include:

  • Prevention of accidental gear changes
  • Smoother driving and riding experience
  • Gated shifters look good and enhance the looks of the car cabin

Why Are Gated Shifters So Few in Cars Today?

Gated shifters were invented when the transmission systems were still not as well developed as today. They were designed to enhance the driving safety of the vehicles of the past.

With the advancement in transmission technology, we now have vehicle transmission systems that are hundreds of times better than the transmission systems of the old. Naturally, old technology has to give way to the latest technology.

As a result, gated shifters were relegated to supercars, drag cars, and more expensive cars that only a few could afford. Now, they are used more for the show than for their function.

In Closing: What You Need to Know About Gated Shifters

Gated shifters ensure the sequential shifting of gears, preventing the chances of accidental shifting from a lower gear to a much higher gear.

To do its work, a gated shifter is composed of a series of paths called ‘gates’ or stops that control the transmission’s free shifting from one gear to another.

This device does not just rely on the transmission system’s internal shift detents. So, it allows the shifting of gears sequentially, avoiding accidental shifting.

Gated shifters were used in certain types of vehicles. Their popularity declined recently because of the advancement in automobile transmission technology.

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