Does AutoZone Price Match? (Amazon, Walmart, Others?) 

AutoZone is one of the stores worth checking out if you need batteries, engine oil, radiators, and other car parts. It is one of the leading automotive components suppliers in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. With its wide network and high-quality products, many people are asking – does AutoZone price match? 

Yes, AutoZone price matches. However, this only applies to products in their physical stores and not online. Additionally, they will price match only in-store products available within a certain range. Plus, the products should have the exact specifications, including the warranty. 

Read on to learn more about AutoZone price matching and some alternatives that should be on your radar. 

Does AutoZone Price Match? 

does autozone price match

Autozone Has a Price Match Policy

Yes! AutoZone has a price match policy. However, take note of its limitations. So, not all items will be eligible for this benefit. You must know the terms and conditions to avoid a frustrating situation. Below, we’ll talk about the basics of AutoZone price matching. 

Limited to In-Store Sales 

The most important thing to note is that price matching is limited to in-store sales. If you bought from their online store,, the purchase will not be eligible for a price match.

The same thing is true if you buy from AutoZone’s physical store, but the product you want to price match is from an online competitor or seller, such as Amazon. 

AutoZone has over 6,000 stores, most of which are in the United States. With such a wide network, you have a lot of choices on where to buy a product if you want it to be covered by the company’s price matching policy. 

Applicable Only on Selected Competitors

More so, AutoZone’s price match applies only to selected stores. Before you head to the store and match the price of a specific item, you should know if it is covered under the company’s policies to avoid a frustrating situation.

Advanced Auto Parts and O’Reilly are some stores that AutoZone will price match. The policy can differ from one store to another. It is best to head to AutoZone and talk to one of their employees, so you will know what companies within the vicinity are covered by their price matching benefit. 

No precise information is available online regarding how near the store should be. The company does not provide an exact radius to determine which stores are covered. The best thing that you can do is to ask the salespeople at AutoZone. 

Priced Matched Products Should Have the Same Specs and Warranty 

The company is particular when it comes to what they will price match. You should not only look at the general category. For instance, a Brand X battery will not necessarily be matched with the same Brand X battery from another physical store.

Aside from the same features, the warranty should also be the same. If the battery warranty differs between the two, the price match will not work. 

The products that are priced matched should have the same specifications. This condition is also often applied to other companies, not just AutoZone. 

AutoZone Must Have the Product in Stock

Another important consideration is that the product you want to match must be available in the store. If not, then no matching will happen. As earlier mentioned, the product in stock should be identical to the one you want the store to price match. 

Proof of the Product At a Lower Price

You should not just walk into an AutoZone store and tell them that you want a price match without proof that someone is offering the same product at a lower price.

You need to show them evidence. This can be a receipt, a product photo with a price, or an advertisement. The company will have a process to verify the proof provided. 

What Is AutoZone? 

Established in 1979

While we are already on the topic of price matching at AutoZone, let us give you a quick background of the company. This will give you an idea of why it is a great store and why many people are interested in knowing if they are offering a price match. 

Since its establishment in 1979, AutoZone has grown considerably. Backed with over four decades of experience, it is now one of the leading distributors and retailers of automotive accessories and replacement parts in the United States.

Has More Than 6,400 Stores

It has more than 6,400 stores, not just in the U.S. but also in Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Services Offered

Aside from their extensive product selection, AutoZone offers many services, including battery installation, testing, check engine light code reading, and key duplication. Nonetheless, they do not provide oil change

Many of you are probably curious, what makes AutoZone great? 

It has a prominent marketing strategy that has captivated the attention of its target market. They are known for being exceptional in their promotions. 

Has Competitive Prices

Not to mention, it also has an extensive network, making its stores easily accessible. There are thousands of physical locations, making them a top competitor of the largest auto parts sellers in the country, including Costco, Discount Tires, Sam’s Club, and O’Reilly.

More so, they have competitive prices. They also do price matching, as mentioned in this guide, although such has several limitations.

One-stop Shop for DIY Repairs and Maintenance

Plus, it is a one-stop shop with almost anything you need for DIY repairs and maintenance. You can enjoy year-round discounts and savings

Car Battery Brands Available at AutoZone

How Do You Ask for a Price Match at AutoZone? 

Price matching at AutoZone is straightforward. You will love the easy process, even if it is your first time. First, you must visit the store and talk to one of their people. Price matching is a common service, so most of their employees will probably be able to help with your concern.

To make it seamless, make sure that you prepare before you visit the store. First, you need proof that you found another similar item (same brand, model, specs, and warranty, among other things) at a lower price.

AutoZone will not process your request for a price match without proof. 

After you file your request, the company representative will check their store to see if the product is available. If it is not in stock, your request will be denied.

Once the availability is confirmed, your request will now be granted. You will receive the most competitive price currently available. 

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon?

does autozone price match amazon

The price match policy at AutoZone is clear – it only covers products bought from physical stores. Amazon, however, is an online platform. Because their products are sold only online, they are not covered by price matching at Amazon. 

It is easy to find low prices on Amazon, especially during Black Friday deals. Unfortunately, you can never use such as the basis for requesting a price match at AutoZone. 

Meanwhile, Amazon itself does not also have a price match policy. According to Amazon, they continuously research their competitors’ prices, ensuring they have competitive prices, and hence, they are not offering price matching. 

Again, does Autozone do price match? AutoZone does price match with local competitors, such as O’Reilly, Napa, and Walmart. But, it does not offer price matching with stores outside the area and those online.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart? 

Yes, AutoZone’s price matches Walmart’s. However, certain conditions must be met. Among others, the most important thing is that the product should be from a physical store rather than an online purchase.

It should also be within the same area. Plus, it should be a similar product, including the brand, model, warranty, and technical specs. 

Walmart should be on your radar if you are looking for a company that offers price matching. It is even better than AutoZone because Walmart will price match products from its physical stores or e-commerce platform. 

Walmart stores will match only the prices that you will find at

Meanwhile, will price match products from other online retailers, including AutoZone, Amazon, Home Depot, Kmart, Lowes, O’Reilly Auto, Target, and Walgreens. Items on promo, however, are excluded from the price match. 

Does AutoZone Price Match Rock Auto? 

Rock Auto is an online retailer like Amazon. Because the business is primarily conducted on an e-commerce platform, the company is not covered by the price match policy at Rock Auto.

Although, we have heard some stories from customers and employees who said that AutoZone’s price matched Rock Auto. There is no harm in trying, so you might give it a shot. 

Nonetheless, unlike AutoZone, Rock Auto does not offer price matching, even if it is a similar product from an online retailer.

Rock Auto proudly claims that they have the lowest prices, so they are probably already offering irresistible deals in their online stores, which is why they are not matching the prices of their competitors. 

Does AutoZone Price Match Advanced Auto Parts? 

Advanced Auto Parts is very much like AutoZone. They both have a vast network of physical stores across the United States.

You can expect AutoZone to price match similar items from Advanced Auto. Most of their stores are only a few meters apart, so there is a high chance that you will get a price match. 

Like AutoZone, customers can also enjoy a price match when buying their item at Advanced Auto Parts, subject to the terms and conditions.

They will price match comparable or identical products available on the same day on the website or store of a competitor. A team member will verify, making sure that the match is valid. 

Does AutoZone Price Match O’Reilly? 

Yes, AutoZone matches the price of O’Reilly. However, the products from the two stores often have similar prices, so there is a rare need for matching. If the price at O’Reilly is lower, however, you can approach an employee at AutoZone, who will gladly match the price after verification. 

Like AutoZone, O’Reilly also has a price match for products available in their physical stores. Meanwhile, if you buy from their online platforms, expect no price matching, even if the products are identical. 

How to Get the Best Prices at AutoZone 

While price matching is a great way to get the best available deals in your area, there are many other things that you can do. Below are some tips for enjoying the best prices at AutoZone:

1. Follow AutoZone’s Social Media Pages

Follow their social media pages and sign-up for email alerts. This way, you will be among the first people to know when there are seasonal sales and promotions. 

2. Talk to Their Employees

They can give you suggestions on alternate products or secret deals that you can take advantage of. 

3. Check AutoZone’s Website

Check out their website. There is a dedicated portion for Top Deals. Here, you will see offers like Buy 1 and Get 1, a great way to save money on your next purchase. 

4. Look for Coupons

You can find many of them online, making you eligible for a certain discount percentage. Apply them upon checkout in AutoZone’s online store. 

Frequently Asked Questions – AutoZone Price Match 

does autozone price match walmart

Does AutoZone Price Match Online? 

No, AutoZone does not price match products available online. They only match the prices of products in stores within an allowed location. If you research online, there is no price match policy because it is inexistent. 

What stores do AutoZone Price Match? 

AutoZone’s price matches physical stores within a certain range of their location. Some of these stores include O’Reilly, Walmart, and Advanced Auto Parts. Nonetheless, certain conditions must be met, including purchasing in-store and having the same specifications. 

What Other Stores Offer a Price Match? 

Aside from AutoZone, Walmart, O’Reilly, and Advanced Auto Parts are other sellers offering a price match. They are available only for products available in physical stores. 

In Closing – Does AutoZone Price Match? (Amazon, Walmart, Others?)

Are you thinking of shopping at AutoZone? If yes, then you are probably curious about their price match policy. They will match a lower price, but certain conditions must be met. For instance, it should be purchased from a physical store.

The price you want AutoZone to match should be from a product available at a physical store within a specific range. Plus, the products should be similar, including their specs and warranty. 

Aside from AutoZone, we also talked about some stores offering price matches, such as Walmart, O’Reilly, and Advanced Auto Parts. Their price match applies only in their physical stores and with similar products. 

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