AutoZone Battery Prices – How Much Are AutoZone Car Batteries?    

Some people think that the prices of car batteries at AutoZone vary so much. This can be true since AutoZone offers a wide variety of car batteries. In this article, I’ll discuss AutoZone battery prices – how much are AutoZone car batteries?

AutoZone offers a wide range of prices for car batteries. Their prices usually range from $69.99 to $465.99. The actual price depends on the size and grade of the battery. Admittedly, these prices are higher than what you can get at Walmart. However, the batteries sold at AutoZone are really of good quality.

You might wonder if AutoZone’s car battery prices are not overpriced in-store. Even certain AutoZone products are sold online at lower prices. Some people want to buy their car batteries at a brick-and-mortar AutoZone store for safety and surety.

Read on to learn more about the prices of car batteries at AutoZone, the battery grades they are selling, and their respective prices.

AutoZone Car Battery Prices

AutoZone Battery Prices

AutoZone sells different brands of car batteries. These brands include:

The table below will give you the price of AutoZone batteries for each battery brand and battery-grade that they sell at their retail outlets:

Battery BrandBattery SizePrice per Unit
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 34 750 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 78 750 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 35 585 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size H8 850 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 24F 750 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size H6 750 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 124R 700 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size H7 770 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size H5 650 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 65 750 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 96R 600 CCA$209.99
Duralast Platinum EFBGroup Size 27F 810 CCA$209.99
EconocraftGroup Size 78-E$69.99
EconocraftGroup Size 26R-E$69.99
Odyssey Battery 31-PC2150TGroup Size 31 1150 CCA$465.99
Odyssey Battery 75-86-705Group Size 75DT 708 CCA$273.99
Odyssey BatteryODP-AGM35 675 CCA$273.99
Odyssey Battery 96R-600Group Size 96R 600 CCA$286.99
Odyssey Battery 48-720TGroup Size 48 723 CCA$273.99
Odyssey BatteryPC925MJT 380 CCA$250.99
Odyssey Battery 94R-850Group Size 94R 850 CCA$298.99
Odyssey Battery PC680MJTGroup Size 16 170 CCA$172.99
Odyssey Battery PC925LMJTGroup Size 28 330 CCA$249.99
Odyssey Battery 31-PC2150MJTGroup Size 31 1150 CCA$501.99
Odyssey Battery PC1200Group Size 42L 540 CCA$278.99
Odyssey Battery 25-PC1400TGroup Size 25 850 CCA$295.99
Optima AGM Red Top Battery 35Group Size 35 720 CCA$259.99
Optima AGM Yellow Top Battery D27FGroup Size 27F 830 CCA$349.99
Optima AGM Red Top Battery 34RGroup Size 34R 800 CCA$289.99
Optima AGM Yellow Top Battery D31AGroup Size 31 900 CCA$379.99
Optima AGM Yellow Top Battery D51Group Size 51 450 CCA$279.99
Optima AGM Yellow Top Battery D51RGroup Size 51 450 CCA$279.99
Optima AGM Blue Top Battery D27MGroup Size 27 800 CCA$349.99
Optima AGM Blue Top Battery D34MGroup Size 34 750 CCA$314.99
Odyssey Battery 31-925SGroup Size 31 925 CCA$385.99
Odyssey Battery 65-PC1750TGroup Size 65 950 CCA$344.99
Odyssey Battery 34R-PC1500TGroup Size 34 850 CCA$339.99
Odyssey Battery 31-PC2150SGroup Size 31 1150 CCA$465.99
Valucraft Battery 25-VLGroup Size 25 490 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery H5-VLGroup Size H5 525 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 26R-VLGroup Size 26R 510 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery H6-VLGroup Size H6 615 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 58-VLGroup Size 58 500 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 51-VLGroup Size 51 410 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 26-VLGroup Size 26 450 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 96R-VLGroup Size 96R 500 CCA$99.99
Valucraft Battery 36R-VLGroup Size 36R 600 CCA$99.99
Optima AGM Red Top Battery6V 800 CCA$239.99

How Do You Ask for a Price Match at AutoZone?

Car Battery Brands Available at AutoZone

autozone spares battery prices

Price Range

If you know the prices of car batteries at Walmart, you will notice that they are lower than the prices at AutoZone. At AutoZone, car battery prices range from a low of $69.99 to a high of $465.99. As you can see, the actual price of a car battery primarily depends on its size or grade.

Even if their prices are higher than Walmart’s, the car batteries sold at AutoZone are really of good quality. If you consider the other features these batteries offer, you will even say that they are amazingly affordable.

Free to Choose Car Battery Brands and Sizes

AutoZone will allow you to choose from different battery brands and sizes to shop for car batteries. With all these battery choices on their shelves, there should certainly be a battery that is just right for your car at a competitive price.

The shelves of AutoZone have at least five brands of car batteries, namely:

  • Duralast
  • Optima
  • Odyssey
  • Econocraft
  • Valucraft

Each brand has several battery grades available for purchase. There are at least 46 different car battery grades and sizes at AutoZone that you can choose from. 

Best Car Batteries at AutoZone

Not all batteries are equal, as they say. So, if you are shopping for a car battery at AutoZone, you will want to know the best batteries you can install.

Here are some of the batteries that you can consider, along with the key details that you need to know:

1. Duralast Platinum H7 AGM

This is a Duralast battery class with a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) performance of about 850 amperes. It can go up to 1000 amperes for general cranking. It is a starting or starter battery.

Its Reserve Capacity (RC) performance is about 140 (in minutes). The manufacturer’s warranty for this battery is 90 days. It can last up to three years.

2. Duralast Platinum H8 AGM

This battery class has a CCA performance of about 900 amperes and can even go up to 1000 amperes for general cranking. Its RC performance is about 170 minutes. The warranty period for this battery is 90 days. It can last up to three years.

3. Duralast Platinum 35 AGM

This type of battery offers a CCA performance of about 650 amperes for cold cranking. But it can go up to 810 amperes for general cranking. Its RC performance is about 100 minutes. Its manufacturer warranties this battery for 90 days. It can last up to three years.

4. Duralast Platinum H6 AGM

The CCA performance of this class of battery is approximately 760 amperes, but it can reach up to 950 amperes for general cranking. As far as RC performance is concerned, it can provide about 120 minutes. The warranty for this battery is also 90 days. It can extend its life up to three years.

5. Duralast Platinum 65 AGM

This battery type offers a CCA performance of approximately 750 amperes, but it can go up to 935 amperes for general cranking. It has an RC performance of about 120 minutes. The battery warranty given by the manufacturer for this unit is 90 days. It can last up to three years.

6. Duralast Platinum 24F AGM

This class of batteries provides a CCA performance of about 710 amperes. It can reach up to 885 minutes for general cranking. The RC performance of this battery type is around 120 minutes. Its manufacturer warrants it for 90 days, and this battery can last up to three years.

7. Duralast Platinum 78 AGM

The CCA performance of this battery is approximately 740 amperes and can reach up to 925 amperes for general cranking. This battery has an RC performance of about 115 minutes. It is warrantied for 90 days by its manufacturer, and its life can extend to three years.

8. Duralast Platinum 33 AGM

This battery class can provide a CCA performance of about 740 amperes and reach up to 925 amperes for cold cranking. The RC performance of this battery is around 115 minutes. Its manufacturer guarantees it for 90 days. Its lifespan is three years.

9. Econocraft 26R-E

This is the battery you need if you are looking for one that can deliver over 450 cold-cranking amps. It can provide a CCA of 510 amperes with 635 CA. It also comes with a 90-day warranty. Its life can reach up to three years if used (not abused) and cared for regularly.

10. Econocraft 78-E

This battery can provide a CCA performance of 600 amperes and about 750 CA. Its warranty covers it for 90 days. As for its service life, it can last up to three years.

While this is the cheapest alternative in AutoZone’s battery model lineup, it still utilizes state-of-the-art technology in providing energy proportionate to its weight.

11. Odyssey 31-PC2150T

This is a high-end battery in AutoZone battery shelves. It is also an AGM battery with pure lead instead of lead alloy.

There are also more lead plates in this battery type than other batteries in its class. It can provide a CCA performance of 1,500 amperes. Its Hot Cranking Amperes (HCA) is around 1545 amperes.

12. Odyssey 34-78PC1500DT

This is one of the expensive batteries in AutoZone. This is because it can provide a CCA performance of 850 amperes. Plus, its life can extend up to four years. That’s the battery’s warranty period. Its RC performance is around 135 minutes.

Again, how much are AutoZone car batteries? The AutoZone car batteries cost between $69.99 to $465.99, depending on the brand, size, and grade. These batteries are high-quality batteries with at least three years of warranty.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Car Battery at AutoZone

autozone battery purchase

With so many varieties and sizes of batteries at AutoZone, it will be easy for you to be confused as to what battery you need to buy. I scooped up this guide so you won’t have any difficulty once you are already inside their store.

Every battery has its unique features and capacities. You can check them in car battery reviews. So, you just need to assess your requirements and counter-check them with what a specific battery can provide.

So, here is a guide that you can use to select the right battery for your needs correctly:

1. Choose a Battery with Enough Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is important to consider when buying a new car battery. It is the juice that allows the battery to run continuously. This is like when you forget to turn off your headlights, but the battery will still have enough juice to power your starter. It also determines how the battery will last.

So, you need to choose a battery that offers the best reserve capacity within your budget. You will save yourself a lot of problems that can come from forgetting to turn off your lights or any device that uses electricity inside your car.

2. Consider the Performance of the Battery

Batteries were used in the past only to power the starting motor of the vehicle. Over time, the battery cells were designed to do more work. Today, the modern car battery supplies power to all the electronics used by tech-laden cars.

If the original battery were called to do this kind of work, it would collapse in just a short time. Your car will be forced to stop in the middle of the road because of a lack of juice.

So, if you are a person who wants all the electronic bells and whistles inside your car, you should choose a high-performance battery.

AutoZone sells a wide variety of these battery types. These batteries are designed so they can satisfy all the electrical power that your car’s electronic devices need.

3. Climate

Not all batteries are the same. There are batteries designed to perform in cold weather climates and batteries that work better in hot and humid climates. In other words, you need to consider where you are regularly driving your car before choosing the battery to buy.

Batteries for the U.S. Northern Region

In North America, batteries that work well in the northern regions are labeled north. They are designed to withstand the harsh weather in these cold regions.

The cold-cranking amps of these batteries are higher, so they won’t have any difficulty powering up the starter motor even in extreme cold.

Batteries for the U.S. Southern Region

In the same way, some batteries are designed to operate in hot weather conditions. Usually, these batteries are labeled south. If you live and drive in the U.S. southern region, you need to buy these battery types.

4. Location

Your regular driving route will also influence your choice of a car battery. Are you driving on smooth or rough roads regularly? If most of the roads you are driving on every day are not well paved, you need a battery that can withstand vibrations.

AutoZone sells these Optima batteries that are perfect for off-road conditions. They are built with cells that have very stable coils. These cells can take your car’s vibrations from the rough roads. They are also completely sealed, so there’s no possibility of leaking.

5. Lifespan

Another important thing that you need to think about is the battery’s life expectancy. You would like to buy a battery that you can use for a couple of years before it conks out. If the battery is worth every penny, it should last approximately three years.

The battery shelves of AutoZone have plenty of batteries that can last at least three years. You will be able to get all your money’s worth if you buy one of these batteries.

6. Warranty

One of the considerations that you need to think about when buying a car battery is the warranty that it comes with. Check if the battery you are considering comes with at least three years of warranty.

If you buy your car battery at AutoZone, the minimum warranty you can get is three years. Most of the cells they are selling come with this kind of warranty. AutoZone also sells several batteries that come with extended warranties.

They also come with a replacement warranty if the cells fail within a certain period. So, you have to choose a battery with a strong warranty to ensure that you’ll have no headaches when it conks out while you are out there driving.

7. Consider the Battery’s Weight

Car batteries are heavy. On average, they weigh about 40 pounds each. That’s because they are comprised of heavy metal components and filled with liquid or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes housed in a heavy casing.

So, if you are a weekend mechanic and a DIYer, you need to consider its portability. Choose a battery that will not be too heavy for you to carry. Nearly all modern batteries are fitted with carrying handles. Most of the car and truck batteries sold at AutoZone have carrying handles.

8. Maintenance

There is wisdom in choosing a maintenance-free car battery. If you are a busy person, there will be times when you will forget to top up the distilled water in your standard car battery – if that’s what you are using now. What will happen is that your battery will underperform.

AGM Batteries

So, to avoid this situation, just choose a maintenance-free battery. These batteries are called AGM batteries. They don’t need topping up of water. Instead, they use a catalyst in the form of platinum. 

The platinum helps replace the lost water during charging because it converts the hydrogen formed into water. These batteries are also fully sealed. That means there is no need for you to check the water level. Even if you want to, you can’t because the battery is completely sealed.

9. Disposal of Old Battery

Old batteries present a hazard to the environment if not disposed of properly. The chemicals inside them can damage our environment severely, so they need to be disposed of in the right way and in the right place.

Battery stores, like AutoZone, will accept your old battery when you buy a new one. That takes care of the proper disposal of your old battery. There are many states where you will be required to pay a core charge of around $20 if you don’t bring your old battery when buying a replacement.

This procedure encourages car owners to dispose of their old batteries correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Batteries Are Sold at Autozone?

AutoZone sells five brands of car batteries. They are Optima, Duralast, Econocraft, Valucraft, and Odyssey.

Are Batteries Cheaper at Autozone than at Walmart?

Walmart has the lowest prices on car batteries. Walmart batteries are 10% to 25% cheaper than AutoZone’s batteries. But AutoZone’s batteries are of better quality and better performance.

Does Autozone Pay Money for Old Batteries?

AutoZone is willing to pay for your old batteries if you drop them off at their outlets. They are doing this to protect our environment.

Does Autozone Charge a Dead Battery?

AutoZone will charge your dead battery so you can go on with your trip. They will first test your battery to see if it’s still okay. If it is just discharged but is still technically sound, they will charge it so you can still go on your way.

Who Owns Autozone?

AutoZone is owned by AutoZone, Inc., a Memphis-based automobile parts retailer. It maintains more than 2,700 stores across 39 states in the U.S.

Conclusion: AutoZone Battery Prices

The car battery prices at AutoZone vary widely. There are batteries on their shelves that cost only $69.99. But there are also car batteries that go for $465.99 each. The actual price of a battery at AutoZone depends on its size or grade.

You may wonder if AutoZone is overpricing its car batteries in-store. Shopping for the car battery you need in a brick-and-mortar store is surer and safer.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why their prices are higher. The more significant reason is that their car batteries are better in quality.

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