Subaru Super Coolant Review

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The best coolant you can put into your engine should last more than 100,000 miles or five years. There is one coolant that can last that long. You will see this in the Subaru Super Coolant review.

The Subaru Super Coolant is formulated to provide long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion for all the cooling system components of cars, especially for certain Subaru models. It is a pre-diluted antifreeze or engine coolant designed to prevent the use of water with poor quality, leading to the failure of a vehicle’s cooling system.

Subaru manufactured the Subaru Super Coolant for the 2008 Subaru WRX STI and all the 2009 model year of Subaru vehicles. This particular coolant has a blue color. Subaru sells it in 1-gallon containers with some showing a large “S” in the middle with a red cape on the letter S. Subaru warns that you should not mix it with another type of coolant.

Read on to learn more about the Subaru Super Coolant, what’s special about it, how it works, and if it’s the coolant that you need for your car.

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Subaru Super Coolant Review

Subaru Super Coolant review

Protection from Rust and Corrosion

The Subaru Super Coolant is a pre-diluted antifreeze or engine coolant. Experts formulated this coolant to provide long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion for the components of vehicles’ cooling systems, especially certain Subaru cars’ models.

Mainly for the 2008 Subaru WRX STI and 2009 Subaru Vehicles

This super coolant prevents you from using poor quality water, which often leads to the failure of your car’s cooling system. Experts mainly designed this coolant for the 2008 Subaru WRX STI and the 2009 model year of Subaru vehicles.

Available in 1-gallon Bottles

The color of this coolant is blue. It is available in 1-gallon bottles, with some containers having a large “S” letter in the middle. Subaru says that you should not mix this coolant with any other type of coolant.

Organic Acid Technology

The Subaru car operator’s manual advises owners only to use Subaru engine coolants in the Subaru cars regularly. The Subaru Super Coolant uses the Organic Acid Technology, which extends its service life twice as much as the older coolants. There are even cases where the coolant has lasted more than 100,000 miles or about five years.

Do You Need the Subaru Super Coolant?

Blue vs Green Subaru Long Life Coolant

If you have a 2009 Subaru vehicle, you will want to use the blue Subaru Super Coolant. That’s according to Subaru. But if your Subaru car is a 2008 model, you should use the green Subaru Long Life Coolant. Based on Subaru’s recommendations, it appears that these two engine coolants are not the same.

Pre-mixed Blue Super Coolant

The blue Super Coolant is available as pre-mixed. So, you don’t need to distill it with water, or measure the amount or do anything special to make it work. The only thing you need to do is to fill the coolant tank with it. Also, this coolant is an upgraded version of the Subaru Long Life Coolant.

Long Life Coolant Lacks Some Coolant Properties

The Long Life Coolant lacks some coolant properties that could make them effective in newer Subaru cars. Feedback from Subaru dealers probably influenced the company to create a new coolant formulation or improve the old one. So, they developed a new or an improved version of the old coolant to make up for the required cooling properties.

What Is Anti-Freeze and How Does It Work?

what is subaru super coolant

Before you can appreciate the qualities of the Subaru Super Coolant, you first need to know what a coolant or antifreeze is and how it works.

Antifreeze Components

The majority of the antifreeze used in automotive vehicles has either propylene glycol or ethylene glycol. Subaru’s Super Coolant and Long Life Coolant both contain ethylene glycol. They also have certain amounts of diethylene glycol and some proprietary corrosion inhibitors.

Pump the Coolant Inside the Engine’s Cooling System

You must pump the coolant inside the engine’s cooling system so it can perform its function. Do this so that it can absorb the heat produced by the engine as it runs. Then the coolant goes to the heater core. This is the part that heats the car’s cabin when you turn on the heater.

Then the coolant goes to the radiator, where heat is dissipated to the air outside. From the radiator, the coolant goes back to the pump and then repeats the cycle.

The Subaru Super Coolant is an antifreeze agent. It contains ethylene glycol, which makes it great as a cooling substance since it is only water-soluble.

How Full Should the Coolant Overflow Tank Be?

How the Subaru Super Coolant Works

Makes Coolants More Effective

The Subaru antifreeze makes engine coolants more effective. Water is the main agent that cools the engine of your car. You should pump it through the engine to absorb the heat and expel it safely out of your car.

Maintains Optimum Working Temperature

Doing this enables the engine to run in good condition and helps it maintain its optimum working temperature. If the engine gets too hot, its parts can seize, break or warp. This could spell disaster and can cause extensive damage to your engine that may require extensive and costly repairs.

Using Water as a Coolant Has Its Limits

To some extent, water can prevent a car engine from seizing and its parts from warping or breaking. But water has its limits when used as the only cooling agent to an engine constantly running at scorching temperatures.

Again, what does Subaru Super Coolant offer? Experts formulated the prediluted ethylene glycol-based Subaru Super Coolant to protect your car’s cooling system components against corrosion and rust.

What Will Happen When You Only Use Water as a Coolant?

If you only use water as your engine coolant, these things will usually happen:

1. Water Can Boil

If the engine gets too hot, the water circulating tubes or pipes could boil. This will create air pockets which will eventually cause the engine to overheat. Air does not flow as water does. And it does not absorb heat as much as water does. So the engine won’t have the cooling substance it needs to operate continuously.

2. Water Can Get Cold

If it’s cold outside, water inside your car will also cool down. It will expand and will freeze given enough time. Ice particles do not flow easily as water does. Since they are hard, they could damage the internal parts of the car’s cooling system.

3. Water Can Oxidize Metal

Water contains oxygen. Constant contact of water with metal will oxidize the metal over time. Rust will develop, and given enough time; corrosion will destroy the oxidized parts of the engine. Small corroded parts circulating in the cooling system are hazardous to the engine.

The flow of water will no longer be smooth, which will lead to increased friction. If not corrected, heavy damage to the engine will result.

Thus, water is not enough because of the limitations that I have discussed above.

Advantages of Subaru Super Coolant Antifreeze Over Water

The Subaru Super Coolant antifreeze has overcome these limitations of water. It does its work in the following ways:

1. No Boiling

It will not boil no matter how high the engine temperature is as it runs. This coolant raises the boiling point of water. If it does not boil, it will not introduce air inside the cooling system of the engine. So, it can maintain its cooling capabilities regardless of the temperature of the engine.

2. Coolant Will Not Freeze

It may get cold, but it will not freeze. This super coolant can cause the freezing temperature of the water down to -34°F. If it will not freeze, there is no possibility of tiny pieces of ice particles interrupting the smooth flow of the coolant in the cooling system. There will be no hard ice particles that can destroy its internal parts as well.

3. Contains Rust Inhibitors

It contains rust inhibitors. So, there is no possibility that rust and corrosion will damage the metal parts of the car’s cooling system. No oxidation will occur because the rust inhibitor contained in the Subaru Super Coolant has already taken care of it.

What Is So Special About the Subaru Super Coolant?

subaru long life coolant vs super coolant

Classified as an ASTM D-3306 Coolant

The Subaru Super Coolant is an excellent cooling substance because it is classified as an ASTM D-3306 coolant or antifreeze. What this means is that this coolant does not contain any supplemental coolant additives.

Subaru does not want these SCAs to be used in any of the engines they manufacture. Most likely, this is due to the horizontal design of Subaru engines. It always keeps the head gaskets of the engine submerged in the coolant.

Can Last Ten Years

Subaru claims that the Super Coolant can last ten years before it needs service or replacement. But Subaru strongly recommends that you don’t mix this new coolant with any other kind of coolant because it will change or degrade its capacity to protect the engine.

Meaning, if you plan to have a mechanic repair your car’s cooling system, or if you will top off the overflow canister during a routine oil change, you must still use the Super Coolant.

Genuine Subaru SO A868V9270 Super Coolant

An example of the said coolant is the Genuine Subaru SO A868V9270 Super Coolant:

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This coolant can provide cold-weather protection up to -62°F. It is also compatible with non-metal surfaces. This coolant also protects metal parts against corrosion because it contains an organic corrosion inhibitor.

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Pros and Cons of the Subaru Super Coolant

To determine whether this Subaru Super Coolant can help your car engine perform more efficiently, you need to consider its pros and cons:


  1. Since this coolant is designed in such a way that it can extend its service life, you will be able to reduce the hazardous waste that is commonly generated during routine maintenance.
  2. By using this super coolant, you can potentially save money on engine maintenance costs.
  3. By reducing the amount of hazardous waste, you are also doing your part in protecting the environment.


  1. This Subaru Super Coolant is more expensive than standard engine coolants.
  2. Since this is a special coolant made specifically for Subaru vehicles from 2009 and up, there is a chance that it will not be available in just any car service center or gas station across the country.
  3. The service life of the Subaru Super Coolant, according to its manufacturer is 10 years. In that case, you may have to wait 10 years for this super coolant to be serviced since you cannot mix it with just any other coolant in the market or you will have problems with the cooling system of your engine, or the engine itself.

Conclusion: Subaru Super Coolant Review

The formulation of Subaru Super Coolant is designed to provide long-lasting protection from corrosion and rust for all the components of your car’s cooling system. It is specially designed for certain models of Subaru vehicles.

The Subaru Super Coolant is an antifreeze or engine coolant that is already pre-diluted. This is to prevent the use of water of poor quality, leading to the failure of the vehicle’s cooling system. Subaru also advises that you should not mix this super coolant with any other kind of coolant.

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