What Does AFS Off Mean on a Lexus?

Being an expensive vehicle equipped with high-tech electronic components, the dashboard of a modern Lexus is full of lights. Even an experienced driver can be confused about what these lights can mean when they come on. In this regard, what does AFS Off mean on a Lexus?

When you see the AFS Off in the dashboard of a Lexus, it is warning you that the adaptive front lighting system of the car has stopped working or the system is malfunctioning. The best way to fix this issue is to contact your Lexus dealer.

The AFS of a Lexus adapts the level of the headlamp to how your car is sitting. It ensures that your headlights will not point too high if you carry heavy weights in your trunk. This is legally required for all vehicles with HID or LED lamps, so you should not disable it.

Read on to learn more about the meaning of AFS Off in Lexus cars, what the AFS does, the causes of why it comes on, and how you can reset it.

What Does AFS Off Mean on a Lexus?

what does afs off mean on a lexus

Malfunctioning Adaptive Front Lighting System

If the AFS Off suddenly shows up in the dash of your Lexus, it means your vehicle’s adaptive front lighting system has stopped working or there is a malfunction. The best fix for this issue is to contact your Lexus dealer and have them check and correct the cause.

Controls the Headlamp’s Level

This system controls the level of the car’s headlamp to how it is sitting. The purpose is to ensure the headlight will not point too high if the vehicle carries heavy weight in its rear trunk.

This is legally required for all cars using HID or LED lamps. You can’t disable it, or you will go against the law.

Senses the Vehicle’s Height

This warning light senses the changes in the vehicle’s height because of the loading and driving conditions of its luggage and passengers. It automatically adjusts the vertical aim of the headlight’s low beam to compensate for the vehicle’s load.

This system turns off when you put your gears in reverse. Apart from adjusting the low beam of your headlights, the AFS also makes the headlights swivel in the direction where you are turning your Lexus.

So you will have more illumination of the road ahead instead of just beaming the light straight ahead.

Car Brands with AFS Feature

The AFS is used by Lexus vehicles and is a common feature of other cars manufactured by Toyota, Mazda, Honda, and other popular vehicle brands.

Other car manufacturers have different names for their AFSs, such as Dynamic Light System for Porsches and Adaptive Cornering System for Genesis vehicles.

What Is AFS in Lexus Cars?

Adaptive Front-Lighting System

If you have a luxurious Lexus, it is most likely equipped with an AFS, which is short for Adaptive Front-Lighting System. This system consists of several modules, sensors, and actuators to enable the headlights of a Lexus to move left or right according to where the driver turns the vehicle.

Ensures Superior Visibility When Approaching Curves

This system ensures superior visibility when you are approaching curves and intersections. It adjusts the directions of the headlights’ light axis automatically according to the speed of your car and the degree of the angle of the tire as you turn and controls the steering wheel.

Activates Upon Approaching a Speed of 6 Miles per Hour

The AFS starts to operate when your car approaches and maintains a speed of 6 miles per hour or higher. A Lexus safety feature lets you see the road ahead better when the light outside is low. In addition, the AFS also prevents your headlights from dazzling drivers of oncoming traffic.

Can Detect Oncoming Traffic

The system has sensors that detect oncoming traffic and adjust your headlights’ beam pattern accordingly. In this way, you can avoid possible road accidents. It will adapt your headlights according to the weather, speed, and road conditions.

For instance, when you are making a turn, the AFS will focus more light on the road you are turning to. So you can see more of the road where you are going so you won’t hit the curb or any pedestrian or object on the corner.

Adapts to a Poor Lighting Condition

Another example is when you are driving into a garage with inadequate lighting. The AFS of your Lexus detects this darker lighting condition. It will adapt to this lighting condition and automatically triggers its B-xenon headlights to come on so you will have more pavement illumination ahead.

Automatically Operates

The AFS operates automatically, and you don’t have to do anything to make it work. Your vehicle will do all the work for you. But it would be best to ignore the AFS Off warning light when it suddenly appears on your dash.

Get Help from a Car Tech

Whenever this warning light shows up on your dashboard, the OBD II diagnostics of your vehicle will store the corresponding trouble code. If you bring your car to the dealer, the car tech will connect their OBD II scanner to your car’s computer.

From there, they can tell the exact cause of the problem. This procedure will take less than 30 minutes to perform. The car tech knows the best way to fix this issue and will apply the fix promptly so you can have your Lexus working again efficiently.

What to Do If the AFS Off Comes on Your Dash?

what is afs off lexus

For your safety, you should not ignore the AFS Off warning light. You should also be prepared for what you need to do if this happens while you are out there driving. So, when the AFS Off light comes on, here’s what you need to do:

1. Slow Down

The first thing you need to do is to slow down and pull up your vehicle on the safe side of the road.

2. Turn Off the Engine

When you have already parked your car safely, turn off its engine. Wait a few minutes, and then turn on the engine again.

If the AFS Off light blinks again, the system has stopped working. It may not blink when you start the engine, but it could flash again while driving.

3. Bring the Car to the Dealer

In both cases, you should bring your car to your dealer so they can check it, pinpoint the actual cause, and apply the necessary fix.

You can still drive your car with its AFS Off light blinking. When it comes on, the infotainment screen of your Lexus will also display the message “Check Adaptive Front Lighting System.” Even with this light on, your car’s normal lighting features will still work.

Again, what does AFS off mean on a Lexus? AFS adjusts the headlamp’s level depending on how the vehicle sits. This system is a requirement for vehicles with LED or HID lamps.

Why Is the AFS Off Light On?

There are several reasons why the AFS Off light will appear on your dash. Here are some of the most common causes that trigger this light:

1. AFS Issues

The problem could lie within the system itself. Several things can go wrong. Software issues or loose wiring connections could cause it to activate.

2. Bad AFS Sensors

The AFS uses several sensors to detect the condition of the road, road angle, and oncoming traffic. Even if only one of these sensors goes bad, it is enough to trigger the AFS Off warning light.

3. Broken Headlight Bulb

If only one of the headlights is busted, it will not provide sufficient light to make the system work efficiently. The AFS Off light will also turn on if this is the case.

4. Low Voltage of Car Battery

If your car battery cannot produce the correct voltage, the AFS Off warning light will also turn on.

Two common reasons the battery cannot generate the right voltage are a malfunctioning alternator, and a headlight left activated overnight.

How to Turn Off AFS Light?

Perhaps you have an important reason to disable the AFS light without bringing your Lexus to the dealer. While you are not advised to do it, this is entirely possible. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Locate the AFS Fuse

The AFS operates electronically. It has a dedicated fuse on the car’s fuse box. You can locate the exact fuse on the box by consulting the operator’s manual of your Lexus.

2. Remove the Fuse

Once you find it, use your hand or a small pair of pliers to remove it from its receptacle.

3. Disconnect the AFS from the Car’s ECU

The electronic components of your Lexus are all connected and controlled by your car’s ECU, including the AFS. To disable this system, you have to disconnect it from the ECU. Refer to the operator’s manual to locate the connection point of the AFS to the ECU.

Remember that there are consequences to disabling the AFS of your Lexus. For one, your car’s emission level will be adversely affected. You are advised not to disable your AFS if you live where the emission laws are very restrictive.

How to Deactivate the AFS Off Light on My Lexus?

what is the afs button on a lexus

There is also a way to turn off the AFS Off light if you want to reset it. Here’s how you can do this:

1. Update the AFS Software

If an AFS software problem causes the issue, you need to update or upgrade the software. Bring your Lexus to your dealer so their car tech can check and update your car’s AFS. Once your AFS is updated, you won’t see the AFS Off light on your dash anymore.

2. Inspect the Level Sensors

If your car has already seen thousands of miles, its AFS sensors could be dirty or debris-covered. This condition can also trigger the AFS Off warning light.

What you can do is inspect the AFS sensors and check for debris. If they are covered with dirt, clean them and see if this will reset the warning light.

3. Check the AFS’s Wiring Connections

If any loose connections are in your AFS, the AFS Off warning light will also turn on. So, check for loose connections in your system and tighten the loose ones or replace the faulty wires.

In Closing

If the AFS Off warning light comes on the dash of your Lexus, it means your vehicle’s Adaptive Front Lighting system has stopped working. The best way to fix this issue is to contact your Lexus dealer and have them check and perform the required repair.

Lexus cars use the AFS to adapt the level of their headlamps to the way they are sitting. This system was designed so the vehicle’s headlight will not point too high if it carries heavy weights in the trunk.

All vehicles with HID or LED lamps must have this system, so disabling it is illegal.