Where Are Toyo Tires Made – Are They Good?

You may have a car with a potent engine complete with the most advanced tech, but if its tires are not worth anything, it won’t be able to get you too far. Your car needs a set of Toyo tires to complement its modern accouterments. Where are Toyo Tires made – and are they good? 

Toyo tires were initially made in Japan. The original manufacturer is Toyo Tire Corporation, a Japanese tire and rubber products company. Today, the Toyo tires installed in cars in the United States are made in Toyo Tire’s state-of-the-art facilities in Bartow County, Georgia, U.S.A.

Toyo Tire is known for the consistency of its tires. The tires produced by this manufacturer are of high quality, have remarkable performance, and have good looks. One of the advanced technologies this tire manufacturer uses is the Nano Balance Technology which modifies rubber compounds on the molecular level.

Read on to learn more about Toyo tires, where they are made, and who makes them.

Where Are Toyo Tires Made?

Where Are Toyo Tires Made

Initially Made in Japan

Toyo tires were initially made in Japan. Toyo Tire Corporation, a Japan-based company that manufactures tire and rubber products, made the original Toyo tires. Their Japanese name is Toyo Taiya Kabushiki-gaisha.

Who Makes Toyo Tires Today?

The Toyo tires that you see mounted on cars running the streets and highways in the United States are made by Toyo Tires U.S.A. at their state-of-the-art tire plant in Bartow County, Georgia.

Has a Reputation for Producing High-quality Tires

Toyo has a reputation for producing high-quality tires with good looks and excellent performance. This company sets aside millions of dollars for technology and engineering to produce rubber compounds and related materials.

Nano Balance Technology

Toyo tires use Nano Balance Technology. This tech allows Toyo Tires to modify the rubber compound to make tires at the molecular level.

That’s one of the reasons why Toyo Tire Corporation can offer premium tires for almost all vehicle makes and models, including those used in commercial trucks.

Some Sizes and Models Are Made in China

Some sizes and models of Toyo tires are also made in China. Toyo Tire’s new factory in China produces high-performance tires.

This factory also utilizes Toyo’s unique and modern production processes used in the United States. It is a process that minimizes inconsistencies in the quality of the finished tire products.

Toyo Rugged-Terrain Tires

One of the Toyo Tire models 100% manufactured in the United States is the Toyo Rugged-Terrain tires. These are tires suitable for 4×4 vehicles. They offer great performance for both 4×4 and 4×2 vehicles. Lastly, these tires are for rugged terrain since it offers extra durability in any season.

Are Toyo Tires Good?

They appear to be if you will base your assessment on the ranking some reviewers have given to Toyo tires.

There are tire reviewers who rated Toyo tires at 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. These reviewers liked the sturdy options offered by Toyo Tires for S.U.V.s and trucks. Special mention is Toyo Tire’s Open Country line model, which they have rated highly.

Toyo Tires Brief Historical Background

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Was Established in 1966

Toyo Tire U.S.A. was established in the country in 1966. It represents the quality, innovation, excellent service, and performance that Toyo Tire has been popular for the past 70 years.

Offers an Extensive Selection of Premium Replacement Tires

Toyo Tire U.S.A. offers an extensive selection of premium replacement tires for almost every vehicle make and model, including S.U.V.s, high-performance cars, light trucks, and commercial trucks.

Many Toyo tires that you see mounted on the vehicles in the country are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities located in Bartow County, Georgia.

Toyo Tire Corporation in Japan

Toyo Tire Corporation in Japan was the original manufacturer of Toyo tires. The Japanese name of this company is Toyo Taiya Kabushiki-gaisha.

Started Exporting Its Truck Tires to the United States

This tire company was established in 1945. In 1963, Toyo Tire started exporting its truck tires to the United States. And in 1966, the company established itself in the United States as the Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corporation.


It holds its headquarters in Cypress, California, with its tire manufacturing plant in Georgia. Aside from making tires for all kinds of vehicles, Toyo tires have also made a name in motorsport racing.

Tire Manufacturing Plants

Toyo Tire is also maintaining several tire manufacturing plants around the world. The company has tire factories in countries like:

  • The United Kingdom,
  • Australia,
  • China,
  • Netherlands,
  • Canada,
  • Italy, and
  • Germany.

Are Toyo Tires Good?

where are toyo tyres made

Overall, Toyo tires are of high quality. Every tire in the Toyo Tire lineup has a specific formulation made possible by advanced technology.

The different elements that make up a particular Toyo tire determine its applicability, whether you can use it for daily drives or high-performance applications. What are these elements?

1. High-Quality Materials

Toyo Tire spends a lot of effort formulating the rubber compound and designing its tread patterns in making a particular tire.

With this approach, Toyo Tire has consistently created high-quality, good-looking, and excellent-performing tires. The company allocates millions of dollars to the engineering and design of its tire compounds and materials.

2. Advanced Tech Utilization

Toyo tire utilizes the most advanced technology and modern production processes. Some of the technologies used by Toyo Tire are:

Nano Balance Technology

This technology modifies the rubber compound at the molecular level

3D Observational Technology

Toyo tires zoom into the tire compound to examine and manipulate the entire structure.

In other words, tremendous science goes into the design and manufacture of Toyo tires. That’s why car owners who use these tires on their vehicles feel the difference.

Toyo tire does this to make its product good and durable. It also plays a major factor in the superb performance of these tires.

3. Superb Performance

According to many customer reviews on several tire forums and websites, Toyo tires deliver an above-average overall performance for passenger and truck tires. In other words, most users of Toyo tires are happy with the way these tires perform.

Two Primary Tire Designs That Utilize Advances in Technology

This is the result of Toyo Tire’s focus on two primary tire designs that utilize advances in technology. What are these two design aspects?

  • Braking performance measures how well a tire slides and brakes in dry and wet conditions.
  • Rolling resistance is how a tire affects a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Toyo Tires Use Precise Computer Simulations and Actual Real Road Tests

Toyo Tire engineers use precise computer simulations and actual real road tests that make it possible for their tires to perform well. With these strict trials and tests, Toyo Tire can produce less noisy tires on the road and tires that improve vehicle handling.

4. Toyo Tire Reputation

From its inception in 1945 to its current operations worldwide, Toyo Tire has carefully built its reputation as a maker of high quality, good-looking, and durable tires for almost all kinds of vehicles. This brand has earned a lot of respect among truck and car owners alike.

When people talk about Toyo Tire, you will surely hear the following:

  • Extensive tire research and development
  • Strong brand loyalty
  • Tires that have won awards for environmental performance
  • Massive presence and market share in the truck and car sales, shows, and so forth

5. High Industry Rating

Experts use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration grading system to assess passenger and truck tires. All Toyo tires are graded with this system prescribed by NHTSA, which they call Uniform Quality Grading or UTQG.

This grading system assesses non-specialty tires for their performance in three categories:


This is a rough estimate of the lifespan of a tire. Experts determine treadwear grades by comparing the tire of a manufacturer to a control tire with a 100 rating.

For instance, if a manufacturer says that its tire has a 500 treadwear rating, it should last five times more than the control tire. According to SaferCar.gov, almost all passenger tires fall within the 300 to 500 rating.

Temperature Resistance

this is a measurement of the heat resistance of a tire. The rating is from highest to lowest, starting from A, B, and C.

Depending on the designed use of a tire, it should be able to withstand high or low temperatures. Experts usually design performance tires to handle higher temperatures and have higher ratings since they can rotate faster or at higher speeds.


This is the measurement of the effectiveness of a tire’s grip on wet pavement. Traction grades are also rated from highest to lowest, starting from A.A., A, B, and C. High-quality tires usually have an A rating.

The table below will enumerate the UTQG grades of several Toyo Tire samples. This data was based on the study made by SaferCar.gov. The figures and data will show you the high ratings of Toyo tires: 

Tire ModelType of TireTreadwear RatingTemperature ResistanceTraction Rating
Toyo Versado NoirStandard touring
Toyo Extensa HP IIHigh-performance
Toyo Proxes 4High-performance
Toyo Open Country AT IIAll-terrain
Truck and SUV

As you can see, all these Toyo tires have a high rating of A for temperature resistance and traction. One tire type, the Toyo Proxes 4, even has a double A-rating for temperature resistance. Additionally, all Toyo tires also give a high treadwear rating, with the highest at 620 and the lowest at 300.

Again, where are Toyo Tires made? Toyo tires offer premium replacement tires for light trucks, luxury vehicles, SUVs, commercial trucks, and high-performance cars. The company builds these tires in their factory in Bartow County, Georgia.

Actual Customer Reviews

where are toyo commercial tires made

You will get a better idea of how good or how bad a Toyo tire is by reading the reviews of those who have used these tires. Overall, the reviews are mostly 4.0 and above out of 5.0 stars, although there are also a few negative comments about these tires:

Positive Reviews

An individual named Tuvasti asked their tire dealer for a tire that would not break their bank. The dealer suggested the Toyo Observe GS15. So, Tuvasti bought the tires and said they were the best after using them in winter conditions.

They were incredibly impressed with the tires’ combination of deep snow traction and remarkable dry road handling. From their comments, this reviewer is using the Toyo tires in their midsize four-wheel-drive sedan.

Another person going by the name of Holmes says that they need some tires more suited to the terrain they are traveling to their hiking destinations. The Toyo tire closest to their need is the Open Country AT III, available at an affordable price.

Toyo tires delivered their order after two or three days, and they have used the tires ever since. So far, they said that they are satisfied with the tires’ performance and the peace of mind they have gotten from using the tires.

Negative Reviews

An individual named Kent says that Toyo tires are the noisiest tires they have used in a car. Kent was attracted by Toyo promotional materials that claim Toyo tires are ultra-quiet. But Kent says that the tire sounded like they just mounted some aggressive mud tires on their Cadillac.

Another person named Rob has an unsatisfactory experience with their use of Toyo tires. They say they are the worst they have encountered on wet pavement. According to this reviewer, these tires will put you in dangerous situations.

They say that the tires will break loose in turns on wet surfaces, making take-off impossible without spinning them. This person says that they will never repurchase these tires.

How Much Does a Set of Toyo Tires Cost

A set of Toyo tires is very affordable if you compare it to the industry average. For instance, the Open Country AT II’s cost is $115 and $325, depending on the tire size. The most affordable Toyo tire costs a little more than $50.

Some of the more expensive Toyo tires can only cost upwards of $850 for one tire. The actual price depends on the tire type, vehicle type, and tire size. Higher-priced Toyo tires are some of the priciest tires on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the often asked questions about Toyo tires. Reading them will help you get a better picture of Toyo tires, just in case you think of buying them:

Are Toyo Tires Good Quality?

Toyo Tire is popular for producing high-quality tires consistently. These tires also look good and perform well. Toyo spends millions of dollars formulating and designing their rubber compounds and tire treads.

They also use advanced tech such as Nano Balance Technology to modify the rubber compounds of their tires at the molecular level.

Where Are Toyo Tires Made?

Many Toyo tires are made in the United States at their state-of-the-art tire plant located in Bartow County, Georgia. But Toyo Tire also manufactures tires in different parts of the world.

The company operates tire factories in countries like Japan, Germany, Canada, China, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Toyo tires made in Japan are built in three Japanese tire factories, one at the Kuwana manufacturing plant, another at the Hyogo manufacturing plant, and a third at the Sendai manufacturing plant.

Most of the mounted Toyo tires on U.S.A. vehicles are made in the United States, particularly in the Bartow County, in Georgia.

What Is the Ranking of Toyo Tires?

Automoblog has rated Toyo tires at 4.0 out of 5.0 stars because they liked their tires designed for S.U.V.s and trucks, especially the Open Country line tires.

Toyo tires also received high A ratings for their temperature resistance and traction. As for treadwear rating, the lowest received by Toyo tires is 300, and the highest is 620.

Are Toyo Tires Premium?

Toyo Tire is also a brand of premium tires with sizes and models that can fit a wide range of vehicle applications. This tire brand has an extensive list of suitable tires for S.U.V.s, light trucks, crossovers, luxury vehicles, and even sports cars.

Are Toyo Tires Expensive?

A typical set of Toyo tires is very affordable than the industry average. One popular model set, Open Country AT II, can range from $115 to $325, depending on the tire size.

The cheapest Toyo tire you can get is slightly more than $50. But the highest priced Toyo tire can cost upwards of $850 just for one tire only.

In Closing: Where Do They Make Toyo Tires?

Toyo Tire Corporation, a tire and rubber products manufacturer, originally made the Toyo tires.

The mounted Toyo tires you see on the cars that roam the streets and highways in the United States are made by Toyo Tires U.S.A. in its state-of-the-art factory in Bartow County, Georgia.

Toyo tires are popular for their consistency, good looks, and performance. The company spends millions of dollars using the latest technology and engineering to produce good-quality tires.

For instance, they use Nano Balance Technology to modify the rubber compounds (they use to make tires) at the molecular level.

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