Ford F150 Overland Build, Specs, and Review

If you own a Ford F150, you can use it for hard labor and pleasure. You can build an overland truck with it so you can take it to places you’ve not before. This article will discuss the Ford F150 overland build, specs, and review.

The Ford F150 is a good truck for overlanding. It has enough payload capacity, consumer-friendly packaging, available features, and attractive pricing. So far, the truck has the specs and features you can modify to make it a good overland vehicle.

Car camping requires a tent, storage spaces, a few bottles of water, and a cooler. You will also need extra fuel, a strong jack, a puncture repair kit, etc. All these things, you should be able to pack in a Ford F150 overland.

Read on to learn more about the Ford F150 overland build, some sample builds, specs, and some reviews.

Ford F150 Overland Build, Specs, and Review

Ford F150 Overland Build

If you are thinking of building an overland truck, consider the Ford F150. This truck has enough payload capacity, functional consumer packaging, great features, and attractive pricing.

You don’t need fancy things to build an overland truck from a factory-issued truck. A suitable tent, a few bottles of water inside a cooler, a strong jack, vehicle recovery gear, a good air compressor, extra fuel, and a shovel are some basic things you need to incorporate into the truck.

The overland truck must be built so that you can live and spend your days in or around the vehicle. This setup is very different from regular or even extreme off-roading. Some weight loads and balancing issues come into play in overlanding.

You might think that an overland build is costly. It does not have to be. On average, your cost will depend on how stylish you want your overland truck to be.

It will also depend on the weight, speed of travel, and so forth. If you do it on a Ford F150 4×4, you can expect the cost to be somewhere in the vicinity of $5,000.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Ford F150 Overland Build

Use It for Outdoor Travel or Overlanding

There is a good reason why the Ford F150 is a popular truck in the market. It is so versatile that you can use it in many ways. While it is designed to do hard labor, nothing will prevent you from using it for outdoor travel or overlanding.

Carefully Consider Your End Goal

You will only get the most out of the overland build of your Ford F150 if you think about how you will use it first. So, your choices at the start of the overland build will decide how much you can get the most out of your Ford F150.

Don’t start your build by buying things just for their ‘pretty’ looks. The right thing to do is to carefully consider your end goal and then fit the things that you need at the start to fill up that goal.

If you don’t do this, you might end up with things and equipment that are not really useful but only serve to put unnecessary weight on your Ford F150.

Choose a Setup That’s Perfect for You

Avoid setting up a rig like the one you saw your friend using. It is better to start as simply as your budget permits. You can easily add on as you gain more experience and knowledge about overlanding.

But whatever you buy, try not to buy cheap. Always go for the quality that you can afford. If you build a Ford F150 for overlanding, you will eventually drive it in off-road conditions.

So, you need to use only strong equipment you can depend on and take to whatever type of traveling you plan.

Features of a Sample Ford F150 Overland Build

Now, let’s dive into a sample of a Ford F150 overland build. This overland build was primarily dictated by necessity. The owner needs a large and comfortable enough rig to accommodate a tall person.

Suspension System

This truck is a 2019 Ford F150. One of the essential things that you will notice in this overland build is its suspension system. It combines a front coilover kit of Bilstein 6112 with a couple of 5100s at the rear lifted about 2 inches up.

Cooper All-terrain Tires

The owner also mounted fresh Cooper all-terrain tires on the truck, replacing the stock matte black Methods wheels wrapped around. These tires lifted the truck 5 inches at the front and 3 inches at the rear. This setup gave the overland truck an aggressive look.

Has a Decker Drawer System

The truck has everything the owner needs in the utility area if they go on a long trip. It has a Decker Drawer System in its bed. There is also a custom-built bed rack. It can fit in a Cascadia Vehicle Tent (CVT).

Can Hold a 12-volt Fridge

This truck also has its rear switch changed to a platform that can hold a 12-volt fridge. Generally, this Ford F150 overland truck is excellent for busy city life and camping and fishing trips outdoors.

The owner built this overland project because they were always interested in the outdoors. So, they decided to make an overland truck with a Ford F150 to reach hard-to-access places.

Can Accommodate a 6’4 Guy

The owner is a big guy. He is 6 feet and 4 inches tall. All the midsize trucks that he looked into were not big enough for him. He was looking for a truck with extra room, power, and capability. His search led him to a Ford F150.

He took so many hours of research for the ideal wheel combination that would give the truck the best looks and capability. The owner also wanted the truck to be off-road capable without spending too much.

He also stopped himself from doing so many modifications to the truck. Once he got settled on his choices, he buckled down to work.

Sample Ford F150 Overland Build Specs

2003 ford f150 overland build

The overland Ford F150 that this owner built was just suitable for him. It has the right specs that enabled him to take the truck anywhere he wanted. This vehicle is just right for him. However, it might not be the ideal overland truck for you.

What you need to remember when building an overland truck is to buy quality and to stay away from cheap modifications.

Choose the right specs for your Ford F150 overland build. This way, you can avoid breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.

Take a look at the specs of this overland truck:

Engine5.0 liters, with no modifications
Wheels and Tires 
Wheels18-inch rims, Method NVs plus 18 mm and 5 and 3/4 inches backspacing
TiresCooper ST Maxx 295/70r18
Suspension/Lift Height Modifications 
Front SuspensionBilstein 6112s, leveled at 2 inches
Rear Suspension5100s
AccessoriesControl arms and stock leaf spring
Interior Modifications 
Short Backseat ChangedSwapped for 54 quarts 12-volt fridge Austranvik brand
Added FeaturesDownhill Assist
 Midland GMRS radio
Exterior Modifications 
 Decked drawer system
 CTV Mt. Shasta
 RCI 10 ga steel Full Skid Plate Package
 GMRS antenna
 Tepui Awning
 Full LED retrofit
 Handmade aluminum bed rack
 8 gallons WaterPort Weekender

Again, is the F-150 good for overlanding? A low-to-mid-spec Ford F-150 can cater to the needs of people who are into off-roading or overlanding.

Other Samples of Ford F150 Overland Build

The above overland build is just a sample of what an owner of a Ford F150 has accomplished. Below I’ll talk about overland Ford F150 truck builds:

1. BTR Edition Ford F150 Tremor

The owner of this overland truck build has packed it with many upgrades. They include the following:

  • A Ford Licensed Accessories Yakima roof rack with a rooftop tent that can be used for sleeping,
  •  A built-in shower
  • A fully functional kitchen
  • A bike rack
  • A Pro Power Onboard generator
  • A Ford Performance Parts fridge
  • A freezer
  • A film projector for late-night movie watching
  • It has a spacious and comfortable cabin
  • It can handle off-road terrain and

2. Ford F150 Baja Camper

This overland build has a compact design but can still provide functional living space. Some of the critical features of this Ford F150 overland build are the following:

  • The custom composite exterior shell has a cool roof that pops up
  • The back door can be folded down
  • Air suspension to make the vehicle ride smoother
  • A kitchen with a special cooktop, a freezer, and a fridge
  • Queen bed situated at the top of the cab.
  • 30-gallon fresh water tank for cleaning, cooking, and washing
  • Solar array and inverter on the roof for electrical power needs, with energy stored in lithium batteries

3. Ford F150 of Truck Brigade

This overland build is performed on a regular 2016 Ford F150 four-wheel drive. The owner lifted the truck and mounted one pair of BFG 35″ KO2 AT tires. They also swapped the factory shock absorbers with a couple of Fox Shock.

Here are the other critical features of this Ford F150 overland truck build:

  • Decked drawer system that can be arranged according to the desires of the owner
  • A storage system that can store plenty of items can withstand the heavy blow and can be easily accessed
  • Adventure Series Tri-Layer roof tent
  • Several decked storage boxes on the side of the truck provide ample storage space.
  • Front and rear bumper

4. Ford F150 Overland Build of Jeff Bettenga

This overland build was performed on a 2015 Ford F150 XLT 3.5 Ecoboost. Jeff lifted his truck 2 inches with a leveling kit. The key modifications are the following:

  • Suspension – Bilstein 6112 adjustable shocks at the front (with springs set to a maximum of 2 inches); 5160 Remote Reservoir rear shocks, with an additional single leaf that was added so the truck can handle the extra weight
  • 17-inch wheels Vision Raptor 372
  • Goodyear Duratrac 35-inch tires
  • Overland equipment and camping – Autohome Maggiolina Extreme RTT tent; OVS Nomadic 270 awning; two 500 watt hours portable power stations; 30 inches LED light bar on the front bumper; portable diesel heater; Costway Fridge; 6 buttons switch panel; Diode Dynamic SSc1 spot pod lights.
  • Mounting, Recovery, and Armor – DIY Raptor liner bed; two traction boards installed on the bed rack; DIY clear vinyl paint protection; Thule Xsporter bed rack for RTT
  • Miscellaneous – 6 gallons, DIY portable onboard water reservoir; DIY rear seat storage drawers; YAESU FTM-7250DR ham radio; DIY rear seat fridge rack and recovery gear storage; Builtright dash mount with two tablet mounts.

5. Ford F150 Overland Build of Jeff Bettenga

This overland build was performed on a 2018 Ford F150 XLT. The owner equipped this overland truck with a roof tent so they could sleep in it whenever they were outdoors. They can also easily put up and take down this roof tent. Here are some of the modifications they made to this overland truck:

  • Suspension, Tires, and Wheels – Rough Country 6 inches lift from 4Wheel Parts; Yokohama Geolanders tires
  • Overland Equipment and camping – Roofness Sparrow rooftop tent; under-the-seat Velcro panels for private storage; Swing cases to get easy access to the most often used camping gears
  • Mounting, Recovery, and Armor – RSI SmartCap Safari Rack; RSI SmartCap

6. Ford F150 of Cody Streeter

This is an overland build performed on a 2019 Ford F150 STX Crew Cab with four-wheel drive. Here are some of the owner’s modifications:

  • Suspension, Tires, and Wheels – Bilstein 6112 leveled struts at the front (set to maximum height); Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir shocks at the rear; 315/70r17 BF Goodrich Ko2 tires load range; 17-inches Ford Raptor off-road wheels; Stage3Motorsports auto springs with additional leaf; Rough Country U-bolts
  • Overland Equipment and camping – KB Voodoo high-rise crossbars; Diamondback Cover SE Tonneau; Tepui Kukenam Sky3 tent
  • Mounting, Recovery, and Armor – Re-badged Fenders to replace Chrome; EVERBILT machine screws; RCI full skid plate package; Freedom Chariot Rock Defenders for shock mount; Built Right Industries panel; Smitybilt Hi-lift jack.
  • Miscellaneous – Rough County seat covers; Custom Dog platform; Blue Ridge overland gear vision organizers; ProClip USA cellphone and GoPro mount

What Makes the Ford F-150 the Best-selling Pickup Truck in the US?

Frequently Asked Questions

ford f 150 fx4 overland build

Here are the answers to the most often-asked questions about building a Ford F150 overland truck. If you need some more information about this topic, you may get them by reading these answers:

Is It Good to Perform an Overland Build on a Ford F150?

The Ford F150 is an attractive vehicle for performing an overland build. The desirable features of this truck that are good for an overland build are its consumer-friendly packaging, available equipment and features, payload capacity, and powertrain options.

What Do I Need for a Ford F150 Overland Truck?

 There are certain things that you need to have for an overland truck. You are taking your Ford F150 somewhere outdoors, not just for a day but perhaps a couple or two or even a week.

So, the first thing you need will be a sleeping place. Most of the Ford F150s are modified to have a tent for sleeping. You will also need something to eat while you are out there. So, you will need a portable refrigerator.

With that, you will need something that will provide power – an electric generator. You will also need lots of storage space for your gear, food, and so forth. So, you get the drift.

If you want to build an overland truck, think of what you will need to survive outdoors. Everything should also be portable.

Do I Need a 4×4 Ford F150 for Overlanding?

It would be much better to build an overland truck with a 4×4 Ford F150. Such trucks will be competent in handling rigorous and hilly terrains. That’s mostly what overland trucks are made for. However, this is not necessary.

Most people don’t engage their 4x4s most of the time. So, it can do if you have a regular Ford F150 that is still strong and sturdy. Just be sure you don’t take it somewhere muddy where the hills are too steep to climb.

Do I Need to Lift My Ford F150 to Make It a Good Overland Truck?

The point of overlanding is that you want to go to remote places you haven’t gone to before. So, it will be most practical to lift your F150. In that way, it will be capable of doing that. Not lifting your F150 will limit the places it can go.

In Closing: Specs and Review of Ford F150 Overland Build

If you are thinking of an overland truck, one of your best options is the Ford F150. This truck has enough payload capacity, available features, consumer-friendly packaging, and attractive pricing.

So far, the truck has the specs and features you can modify to make it a good overland vehicle.